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81 Fisher Tiger

One piece Lincoln or something

He was a cool guy who did a lot of good stuff, and he was Jimbei's captain. One of my favourite One Piece characters

Adventurer, leader of one of the strongest group of pirates ever (fishmen), fought against slavery.

82 Cavendish V 2 Comments
83 Baby 5 Baby 5

She was willing to kill herself for her enemy, that takes guts. Definitely the nicest and most generous character in One Piece.

She was a likable character she should be higher

84 Abdullah V 1 Comment
85 Benn Beckman
86 Duval V 1 Comment
87 Magellan V 1 Comment
88 Gecko Moria

Worst warlord, even buggy is better

I just like the Whole thing about him getting revenge for what Kaido did to his former crew. he's gotta have a Power-up after the timeskip

At first he was tough but then luffy beats him. Doflamingo 'kills; him after the battle of marineford, but later on jinbe implies he could be a live

89 Hachi

His food seems to be really delicious. I wish I could have some!

V 1 Comment
90 Boo
91 Rika

Probably the best character in one piece

92 Gaimon

Best extremely minor character

93 Ninjin V 1 Comment
94 Tamanegi V 1 Comment
95 Piiman V 1 Comment
96 Blueno

Door guy served as gear second test drive

97 Iceburg

I love the little mouse he keeps in his pocket. It's so cute!

X drake become a tyrannosaurus this guy tamed a tyrannosaurus

98 Mr. 4 V 1 Comment
99 Nefertari Cobra

Maybe I forgot how he looked like but I feel like he looks just like kyros

100 Gene V 1 Comment
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