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101 Tamanegi V 1 Comment
102 Piiman V 1 Comment
103 Blueno

Door guy served as gear second test drive

104 Mr. 3

He's super he helped get Ace out. :) At least Ace didn't end his life chained and shackled. So, thanks Mr. 2. You showed quite a bit of development...unlike a certain big red nose...

105 Mr. 4 V 1 Comment
106 Nefertari Cobra

Maybe I forgot how he looked like but I feel like he looks just like kyros

107 Gene V 1 Comment
108 Yasopp

I don't know much about him since he has like two five seconds scene but he has to be cool cause he is in shanks crew and I do not think that he is a coward like his son

V 1 Comment
109 Dalton V 1 Comment
110 Helmeppo V 1 Comment
111 Morgan V 1 Comment
112 Nero V 1 Comment
113 Kalifa

Her name almost sounds like Cauliflower.

V 1 Comment
114 Spandam
115 Bellamy

Bellamy Is a great friend and awesome character can't believe he is 96 on the list.

Bellamy though being a villain should be higher on this list solely for his loyalty. Doflamingo and his family constantly pick on bellamy and at a time even tried to have him killed. Yet through thick and thin bellamy is always loyal to the donquixote family and always will be.

V 1 Comment
116 Kokoro
117 Mr. 5
118 Gan Fall
119 Miss Merry Christmas

Hurry hurry up vote me!

120 Paula
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