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121 Eric
122 Apis
123 Igaram
124 Gonbe

Chimney was hilarious, but Gonbe took anything she said and squared it. I need his "meow" as a text tone.

125 Rock (Yeti Cool Brothers)
126 Dellinger
127 God Usopp V 1 Comment
128 Absalom
129 Doctor Hogback

I wonder why he did not go to any pirate crew

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130 Victoria Cindry
131 Hawkeye Mihawk

Strongest swords men in One Piece.

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132 Mr. 8
133 Miss Double Finger
134 Carrot
135 Akane
136 Gekko Moriah

Not the strongest one piece character at all but he is at least way more powerful than Bon Clay. After all, he could've killed all strawhats members except Luffy, people like Bon Clay got beaten by Sanji

137 Sniper King
138 Condoriano

Come on, you should all remember him! Coolest character and a total badass. 'enough said.

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139 Mocha

In my opinion, she was a pretty amazing character in Punk Hazard. Despite being so young, and being given drugs and all that, she was the one who was determined enough to make Nami decide to help all the kids, and plus, when she saves all the other kids from eating the candy drug even though it would have pretty much killed her, then I absolutely loved her. She was such a brave and kind girl, and she was like 8 or something.

140 Wanze

This character was hilarious! He used ' ramen noodles as weapons! This guy had me cracking up AND he actually posed a pretty big threat to Sanji! He was minor BUT HE STILL WAS GREAT

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