Roronoa Zoro

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Roronoa Zoro, nicknamed "Pirate Hunter" Zoro, is a fictional character in the One Piece franchise created by Eiichiro Oda.


He's just the coolest in the world history. Cool can't even describe how cool he is. He is the definition of cool himself and even more! I love him 'cause I have no sense of direction but he got lost more than I did (somehow that makes me feel better, but that's human right?! ) I personally think that the green-haired King can defeat Luffy, the captain. He's just that good and awesome. Remember when he took all of Luffy's pain that made Luffy passed out. He took it all but still standing straight in the pool if his own blood while saying, "Nothing happened." Last man standing ladies and gentlemen. The KING

Choosing the best character of one piece is a very hard decision, there are a lot of great characters. The reason I think Zoro is the best is because of his calm atitude during the most difficult times. When the wolf crew was falling apart during the water 7 arc, zoro still didn't lose his cool. Also, he is very strong and loyal, and despite seeming cold hearted, the weaker members of the crew (not that they're weak) quicky rely on him. Zoro is amazing because he is actually very smart when needed, he is crazy strong and determined, he is very loyal and trustful, and also because he has some funny features too (like getting lost everywhere). His sacrifice to save his captain shows just how amazing a character he is! Besides, who would hate a Marimo..

What makes him the coolest?

Strength - Relies on his own power. Doesn't take a shortcut using Devil's fruit powers. He's the only one of the crew we see regularly exercising. This alone puts him right among the top in OP universe if you take out the fruit users

Skill - In addition to his raw strength, the man is exponentially more destructive with blades in his hands (and mouth). He is not afraid of losing a limb or two to achieve his goals.

Loyalty - Never once disrespected or allowed those disrespecting his captain to go scot free. Water 7 and Thriller bark are probably his most shining moments so far. Does a great job keeping the rest of his crew in line given such an unreliable captain. Never hesitates in taking one for the team. Is even willing to lay down his pride for the sake of his captain.

Humanity - Though he's quite a tsundere character, one gets glimpses of his humanity from time to time. Right from the beginning where the girl brings him ...more

He is a parallel to Luffy. Realistic, straight-laced, stern, taking people for who and what they are, mistrustful towards others around him, forming logical solutions even in the most dire situations... A true second-in-command and an absolutely incredible character.

What is up with people describing him as a badass? To me, his ass is just hot. He is an appealing character, because he is can be both grim and tough while being comical just the same. The twisted side of him just draws attention to the eyes of the audience. Also, I can't help but to mention how nice his mint green hair fits with his toned skin. His whole appearance and personality compliments the character, I believe.

Lol I couldn't help but laugh reading the top comments. Really, is there anything else to his character besides being a badass? Because that's literally all I got from it. Just compare it to the characters bellow and you immediately see the difference. But I guess that's representative of Zoro's character as a whole, he's known for being a badass, certainly not for his deep and nuanced personality. - Annabelle6

Truly an inspirational character...such loyalty and friendship for his 'nakama'...willing to sacrifice anything for them...and so strong! Sure, his sense of direction is not the most sharp, but his sense of direction in honor, friendship and loyalty is! Which is much more important. Truly destined to be the best swordsman! Luffy chose one hell of a great guy to stand beside him. Here's to One Piece, Luffy and Roronoa Zoro!

Man, he is the badass-est of all the badass-est badasses in the badass anime world, he's so daring, he's able to sleep through the most dangerous situations, he's always fighting the enemy off so the rest of the crew can run on ahead, he's a very loyal first mate, his green hair and triple earring thing and he's also a bit cute :3.

Zoro was the only person whom luffy searched and recruited. He decided to recruit him before he meets him. Since start till end zoro fan forever (sign: zoro goes straight)

If you don't like Zoro, then there something wrong with you! Zoro have survive even if he is wrench in blood, he respect his captain and always serious in battle. He incredibly strong and when he say he want to become the world strongest swordman, he mean it! He is my favorite character and everyone got to love him!

Zoro has always been the coolest and most lovable character in One Piece to me. Look, you can't hate a guy with hair THAT AWESOME. He's just always been an awesome, cool, strong, and funny character that I've always liked. One Piece just wouldn't be the same without Zoro.

For a while I came to like law more than Zoro but then I realized that it is just too easy to make a character strong, smart, powerful, cool and Mr. Perfect. There's originality to Zoro, unlike Law.

Even though he is leading after Luffy, he is my favorite character from this anime. He is funny, friendly, weird and crazy. Well I know Luffy also has this characteristics, Zoro has it in weird way which makes him unique. Zoro and Luffy are my favorites, but Zoro always comes in first place.

This man is capable of being a successful captain himself yet he's devoted to Luffy and doesn't care to lose his pride for the sake of Luffy. He is the best crew member in the world that any captain will desire for

Roronoa Zoro is the Second Strongest of the Straw Hat crew and he will become the Best Swordsman ever! Actually I love Monkey D. Luffy and Zoro just as much but Luffy has to be the best! He will definitely be the Most Badass and Best Swordsman and being ever in One Piece and all Anime!

He is the main reason why people should watch One Piece, his character development is just insane, and he is the most badass person I ever saw in anime!

I had doubts about which character I liked most, until episode 377. After that Zoro is, for sure, the best character in One Piece.

Zoro is so awesome, not even Chuck Norris wants to look at him, not even DEATH ever dares to take him! He is going to me the world's best swordsman, the most badass of the badasses, and he is the actual definition of "BADASS" and "AWESOME"

His character's sole purpose is to look cool. There are many better characters in One Piece. Luffy at least should be above him.

He is a hell of a swordman, second in command in the ship and probably the backbone of the show... I love it when he wears that green cloth over his head because that means he's going for real ass kicking

Pure bad-ass. Zoro is one of my all-time favorite anime characters. (and also my husbando) However as strong as he is, he is also believable with flaws. (His poor sense of direction for example) In any case, I absolutely adore him and always have. I remember in the first or second episode when he first showed up I knew he was going to be my favorite. And that hair, man... I just can never hate that hair.

Roronoa Zoro is the Man Among Men, the Badass of the Badasses, the True First Mate, and the man who will become the World's Greatest Swordsman. Roronoa Zoro truly has Unlimited Badass Works.

He's the Chuck Norris of the anime world. Besides, he's the only one that gets lost more than I; and that makes me feel better.

Roronoa Zoro...the greatest swordsman in the entire anime universe. Most awesome and most badass character in one piece. He is the vice captain of the straw hat pirates and his strength is and willpower is exactly equal to that of luffy. Well officially zoro hasn't yet defeated mihawk but I am damn sure that the next time they clash zoro will kick mihawk's ass.

I love the guy. He SO awesome, and I consider him really good looking AND I think he TOTALLY deserves this place.