Trafalgar Law

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He is really handsome but he always hides his face, its kind of weird and in dressrosa he was very very thin corrupting his looks a bit, maybe Oda is not just a cartonist but a good to crate a world which seems so possible yet so impossible. Law is a extremely good guy and the only reason he is a pirate is because of Corazon who he mentioned as he told ' I lived my life till today, to obtain that man's long cherished ambition ' means all he was trying to do was keeping Corazon's pride alive. Even if he saved his life, Law is a extremely good guy to be like that and in doflamingo 's flashback I felt like he was the darkest thing I ever seen, whatever reason I know is a good guy cause I love him and if someone loves someone they know what they are, whether they are pirates or just cartoon carectors cause my heart and brain along my mysterious logic tells me he is the hottest and smartest yet nicest guy I ever knew.

Law should definitely be in the top 5. His devil fruit is my favorite (along with ace's) and fits him perfectly. He one heck of a strategist who stays a step ahead of his enemies. And let's not forget he saved luffy's life so obviously he's not a bad guy. Plus he's kinda hot.

Wouldn't you love to have this guy as your doctor? He'll fix any illness or body malfunction in not time! Seriously though, he has so many ties to so many other characters and seems so in depth. Every episode you get closer to the real Law. Not to mention he has a super cool look!

I LOVE Trafalgar Law. He is so perfect. He is smart, brave, strong, interesting, misterious and damn hot! Everybody love him.

The most Badass character ever! He can destroy a person life with his Badass devil fruit and he is even more stronger and Badass than zoro

He's just probably one of the hottest guys in one piece I would definitely break my legs so I can see the surgeon of death

There's no words. Just love him! A badass, powerful, cool but sometime cute, and a doctor! If only he was real:) And his hat makes him even go beyond the point of perfection!

Trafalgar Law... Well.. The name is epic, he finishes names with a ya-, and he has the best tattoos ever and I honestly don't like tattoos AND The Surgeon Of Death plus he looks badass with that mustache disguise.

He's just amazing. I can remember when I first saw law I fell in love with his character. I mean damn... He's so dark and just hot. I love him for making a alliance with luffy! Go for Law!

Law is an awesome character and he's really mysterious. He is smart, funny, and strong and he also saved Luffy so I think law should be number 1!

He is the definition of AWESOMENESS

This guy... Is the best. He is a genius, has one of the coolest abilities in the series and is a badass. He is deep down very kind hearted despite his rude exterior and keeps to his promises. Despite trying to be serious all the time he actually has a goofy side to him too like in Zou when he really wants to see the ninja do ninjutsu just like all the other goofballs. He also begins to assimilate into the bizarness of the Strawhats ( he doesn't like bread haha) he is a surgeon, got some major badass tattoos, and is a master of manipulation. And definitely has the most tragic and epic back story in the series. How could u not love it even though it was sad. He is the perfect mix of evil and good.

I just love law so much! Every new episode that comes out I just pray for something to be about law.

I love him he's awesome I can die for him he's just so hot and cute as well as a badass I think he deserves higher positions although I like ace more

Love Trafalgar Law, he's a badass and very strong! His abilities are just amazing and is a good guy overall! He has his funny moments with Luffy and the Strawhats! His alliance with them really makes One Piece Awesome! He definitely stands up to his name as the "Surgeon of Death"!

The best character in One Piece! Hot, cool, badass and strong! He's also so damn epic and he has one of the best devil fruits! Besides he made an alliance with Luffy (so I hope he's gonna stick around for a long time) and his past and connection to Doflamingo (the best villain so far) make him the greatest!

He is just that kind of epic guy every anime needs to have and also has amazing powers.

He's the best. That's just it. I wish he was in every chapter.

Second favourite character, closely losing to Zoro

I just love him. He's the best and I hope he'll stick around for a long, long time.

He is so cool and badass! I love him so much! This is the character I love most. - Thanisha40

Trafalgar law is a legendary character

He is such a good person. He saves Luffy and he also formed a alliance with the group!
He is so hilarious in the episodes and I think he should be #!

I really hope he is the next crew of op!

He's just so... Argh! Can't describe it with words! (blush) His DF ability is awesome seeing him bloodied and beaten break my heart (sob... Sob... )