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1 Brooke

Brooke is one of the strongest and most courageous characters I have ever seen. Her character development in this show is absolutely amazing. The way she grew throughout the show encourages me to be a stronger and better version of myself. I hope to have even a fraction of the courage she has.

Brooke is one of the best characters of all times. She improved so much and, for me, is the principal reason that I watched the series.
When we start watching OTH we begin to love several persons, but Brooke we learn to love along the episodes and we can't even thinking about this show without her.

One of the greatest and my personal favorite female T.V. character ever. Like Nathan she develops as each episode passes and is genuinely a character that you root for even if she isn't your favorite. Brooke Davis is the queen of One Tree Hill. Peyton can take a seat.

I love Brooke Davis! Her character development throughout the show is phenomenal and she has grown to become such a strong, beautiful, caring person, friend, wife, and mother. I'm so glad she finds happiness with Julian and the twins!

2 Nathan

Quite possibly one of the best characters I've seen. The development of him as each episode progresses is simple unmatched by other characters aside from Brooke. Hands down one of the best male T.V. characters.

He was the most developed character...Nathan Scott is an amazing character, selfless & simply irresistible...Love him Always & Forever

He is an amazing father and a great husband. Even though him and Haley have been through a lot they always try to make it better.

I feel nathan is the best because he is the funniest. And is the one who has been through the most adversity.

3 Haley

My favorite character of all time by far. I love the rest of the OTH Girls (Brooke and Peyton), but Haley's strength just inspires me. She goes through a lot, but she always gets past it, especially when her mother passed away in Season 7. She is such an amazing wife and mother. She is also a great teacher, music producer, singer, songwriter, and co-owner of Karen's Cafe. I love her relationship with Nathan (Naley is awesome), but I also love her friendship with Lucas, Brooke, and Peyton. Haley is the best! Number 1! (Plus, Bethany Joy Lenz's acting is amazing).

She is the most amazing character ever! She's a wife, mom, singer and music producer... And also really beautiful and strong! I really love her she is awesome!

Haley is so cute and I'm proud of her that she has grown to be an incredible mother and wife! She should have been on top, much better than Peyton and Brooke.

Haley is one of my fave characters she is kind hearted and talented she has a fab voice and an awesome family!

4 Lucas

Caring, funny, adorable character.
He's always doing what his heart tells him to do, and mostly taking the right decisions. OTH is special because of the diversity of characters, they're all so different and special and they're all role models (besides Dan & nanny Carry)

He has evolved to be a great person. He survived through the most difficult times without losing his way. He have always listened to his heart and made the right choice. His profound love for his close ones also hit the right cord.

Lucas Scott WAS One Tree Hill. He was the most central character to the series and his journey was the one we were meant to follow. I can't remember another likeable character on T.V. as Season 1 Lucas Scott.

Why is Lucas not 1 or 2? He is amazing and the most important character. Haley, Peyton and Nathan are great but shouldn't be higher than Lucas

5 Peyton

Finally one lead female character that is not your typical girly-girl. Complex character. Angsty, bad-ass, strong and independent, cool choice in art & music, awesome sense of dark and sarcastic humor, inspires other people when personally going through the toughest period in life, stands up for what is correct in spite of social stigmas and so dearly holds her beloved people closest to her heart.

Hilarie Burton's portrayal of her, especially during her toughest times melts my heart every time.

The character depth is almost unparalleled. So many tragedies occurred in her life in such a short span of time. Absorbed all of it and turned into an angsty, gritty character. On the surface, is reluctant to let people in but holds people she cares about so dearly to her heart. Awesome musical sense, inspiring and aesthetic artistic ability, cool friend, kick-ass attitude and costume. Last but not the least, awesome acting by Hilarie.

Without a doubt the best character on One Tree Hill, because she wasn't the slutty party girl, or the innocent girl without a problem. She was in between, but with so much more. She was strong, and brave, and independent and god was she beautiful. Peyton didn't sleep around with guys and go after them even though her best friend was clearly interested (we all know it was Lucas and Peyton since episode one and, let's face it, Peyton had him first), and she had being things to worry about then failing a test. She's the biggest inspiration I have ever seen, and her strength was beyond anyone's in the show.

I think peyton is the best character in one tree hill..She also has a big heart and loves Lucas Alto..She is also beautiful and a intelligence..She makes one tree hill the best
Team Peyton Sawyer

6 Dan

He's my favourite. Started out to be nasty to Lucas and was an idiot to Nathan who didn't give him the chance to live his own life. I started to dislike him when he killed Keith then he and Karen for close. But after he saved Jamie twice from Carrie he became my favourite character. I knew from the start it weren't him who kidnapped Nathan and how he took for a bullet for his son. Dan learned how to be a father. Then when Nathan,Deb and Hayley forgive Dan and shared that moment before he died was the best

Dan is definitely the best character, without him there wouldn't be any OTH... With all the drama that surrounds the 'brainless' teenagers, he's the only realistic character along with Brooke. Haley is probably the most annoying character on the show, just so fake... I hope she gets killed off!

His makeup with Nathan in "Danny Boy" will go down as the most emotional One Tree Hill scene ever. Best character in my opinion (tied with Nathan)

At first, he was a bad guy, but at the end of season 4, he must have guilty about what he did to Keith, but in season 5 through 9 he's a good guy.

7 Mouth McFadden

Overall best person on the show. So sweet, thoughtful and smart. I loved his friendship with Brooke. He's a loyal friend.

Mouth was the best. She so loyal and caring

8 Jamie Scott

Jamie is the cutest person ever! I love how he is so mature for his age, yet he still brings a childlike innocence to the show. His relationships with all of the other characters are amazing! And I love how awesome his parents are at raising him, especially Nathan when he's trying not to be Dan.

9 Julian

He is so cute and funny and always brightens up the show. I love how weird he can be, like at the poker game and his high fives. Love him!

10 Skills Taylor

Peyton: Find anything good over there skills?
Skills: Oh, I'm just pretending to be looking so I can hear all your business

(Also Skills)

If anyone has just cause why this couple shouldn't get married please say so now
Skills: Don't nobody say nothing!

(Skills agian)

Skills: Same old story. Whitey try to keep a brother down. Look, someone gotta tell the old man they don't call me skills because I'm really good at picking splinters outta my ass
Nathan: They don't call him skills because he's really good at picking splinter outta his ass
Whitey: Alright, "skills" lets see what you got. God forbid whitey should keep you down

He has so any great lines

LOVED IT, when he dated deb. Should've been in it more in seasons 1, 2, 3, 7, 8 and 9

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11 Quinn

I loved Quinn so much! She's hilarious and made the show so great! And I loved her and clay!

Toaster pastry you taste so good and yummy.

Quinn was annoying.

12 Keith

It's too bad that he died in season 3, but all an all, he was a great character.

HE FORGAVE DAN. It was so wonderful, I cried soon much

13 Whitey Durham
14 Jake Jagielski

So great first one on team to be nice to lucas

15 Millicent Huxtable

Hate her. Stole mouth's job, was too ugly to be a model, took drugs for no reason. Ruined owen and brooke, and got victoria in jail

16 Rachel

She's always SO funny! :-D

MOST ANNOYING BITCH EVER. THE actress got lucky with Jensen

17 Clay

Was weird when he had a kid, but he was a great character

Favorite character.

Great character

18 Quentin Fields

He started out as a guy you would hate to a guy you would love. His time on the show was short but important. He had such an impact on all the characters after he died. Q was an amazing character and he will be missed

19 Karen
20 Tim Smith
21 Chris Keller

Let's be real Chris Keller is quite a scene stealer and the only good thing to come out of season nine.

Deep down he was a nice guy, and I always wanted to see a Rachel /Chris Keller relationship

What can you say except he was an awesome comic-relief guy

Hi humor haha>> overall the chillest

22 Clay Evans
23 Deb
24 Ian Banks
25 Quinn James
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