Top 10 Best OneRepublic Songs

The Top Ten Best OneRepublic Songs

1 Secrets

this is truly the best song of one republic. when I first heard it I went crazy over it and I still am!

I loved this song when I first heard it in the disney movie the socerer's Apprentice. Been a fan on One Republic since.

Definitely the best. I swear I walked around my house singing this for a month! When I first heard it even though I didn't know who it was is still couldn't stop listening to it.

Give me this song in 100 different genres and I'll still love it as my 3rd favorite by OR. This song is unbreakable...

2 Apologize

"I'm holding on your rope
Got me ten feet off the ground
And I'm hearing what you say
But I just can't make a sound"

It's just pure genius.

Stunning lyrics... someone's dying and the reason pleads him to forgive him, but he's already hanging on the rope, ten feet above the ground... makes me sad..

Why isn't this song at number 1? Mind blowing lyrics.. When ever I hear this song I get tears in my eyes cause of the awesome tune and everything.. Really heart touching..

This song does not just motivate you your self but it also motivates your spirit and helps you shape you into the person that you wish to become in the near future. Thank you so much One Republic you are my favorite band and you have taught me that I can be who and what I want to be if I work hard enough to get there!

3 Counting Stars

Love the rhythm in this song, and The lyrics is just epic. Gotta love it! Counting stars will never be the same again.

Its an up-tempo song, with great lyrics and a catchy chorus.

With its poetic Verses and catchy chorus, this should be at least on the top 10. This for me stood out more than "If I lose myself".

I LOVE IT counting stars meh favorite lately I've been I've been losing sleep dreaming of all the things that we could be baby I've been I've been praying hard instead of counting dollars we'll be counting stars I see a life like a swinging vine

4 Good Life

An amazing, uplifting song, really makes you value the time you got and the life you're in :) Love Tedder's voice

I've always loved OneRepublic, but when I heard this song in the movie 'Easy A' I fell in love with it. By far my favorite.

Just a great song nice to listen to something not about relationships that is still uplifting. Love to play it on the piano as well

This song is amazing. It just sounds absolutely amazing and makes me feel uplifted. It's my favorite OneRepublic song.

5 Stop and Stare

This song is a bit old, but it has not lost its awesome lyrics and music with a great story. It is only lost in the crowd of auto-tuning. I say "Stop and Stare" is one of the best songs that One Republic has ever given, competing with the new One republic's new songs, and even surpassing it if it were to be released as if new.

Really good to sing along with! Very emotional lyrics I COULD LISTEN TO IT ANY TIME!

"This town is colder now, I think it's sick of us... " It's great, but I think the song is not too catchy as Secrets or All the Right Moves

Amazing song! It really brings tears to my eyes! It really is quite beautiful and this should truthfully be number one! This song is inspiring and I never ever stop listening to it! This song probably made me turn into a One Republican. One Republic rocks and will always rock!

6 All the Right Moves

This song lifts me up in I'm sad
Thumbs up to this song.

Wow! Liked it like the best, it's good rhythm and chorus makes it perfect!

Me of myself sometimes. I love this song! I play the cello and I listen to this song as much as I can. The cello solo is totally amazing. I wish I could sing with the emotion that OneReplic manages to put in this song. I love it.

Love the organs at the beginning going straight into the main beat.

7 If I Lose Myself

The new single of OneRepublic. Its a new sound, but I like it very much. Should at least be top 5.
OneRepublic never dissapoints.

1r is my favorite band besides the Beatles
My top 5

5-stop and stare
4-good life
3-feel again
2-if I lose myself
1- counting stars

Well I had to fill in 2 so I put if I lose myself there but for 1 I would put both counting stars and if I lose myself
Can't stop listening to it

This is song is really new as of 2013. But it's going to go high on the list, I guarantee it. It's awesome!

I love this song so much, it deserves higher than a seven. AWESOME beat, incredible lyrics and meaning, and perfect vocals from Ryan Tedder. The beat seriously makes me want to dance! The original is better than the remix in my opinion (probably because OneRepublic make perfect songs and don't need their songs remixed), but I still LOVE the remix. This should be number three, and Good Life should be number two.

8 I Lived

This song is the best from Native. The lyrics is a wish for somebody. I simply love the lyrics and the catchy melody. This song is a masterpiece. It has to be top 10 at least!

I, I did it all. I owned every second that this world could give. I saw so many places the things that I did. With every broken bone I swear I lived.

My friend heard this song when she found out I had cancer and thought how it fit me. I have lived and loved and now will survive but it puts in perspective to always live and not just after you think all is over.

This song is just so interesting! It's very uplifting and happy. I can't believe that it's not even iN the top twenty.

9 Say (All I Need)

This song gives me the chills.
The lyrics and music are amazing,
My Favourite OneRepublic song so far, it should be way higher up the list.

And now something from the Dreaming Out Loud album. The song is very subtle and worth listening and I like it very much.

This one the best song by OneRepublic.There is so much meaning in this song it should be under top 4

I just simply love this song and the lyrics

10 Love Runs Out

The lyrical genius on one hand and the classic melody played on that sexy piano on the other hand + powerful drums in the march tempo. Isn't this what music is supposed to be? Fun, catchy, entertaining, makes you want to move and it connects old and new genres of music.

Wow this song is awesome, the drums aah so powerful, this will become another great hit for OneRepublic.

HOW?! This is among their greatest. I didn't even think it was debatable that this is top ten material - forget that, why not top three or even top spot over all? Such a good song. As much as I loved Counting stars, this is what made me fall in love with OneRepublic.

This song for me was like love at first sight/listen. honestly, I couldn't stop after that. I downloaded it and played it again and again. and I haven't stopped.

The Newcomers

? Wanted

This is my 2nd favorite OR song because it's
1. Very gentle and calm
2. Slow and steady
3. Keeps the beat and lets you love it

The Contenders

11 Feel Again

Love This song. Cathcy melody. And it makes me feel again!
I Get goosebumps every time the Chorus starts:
"But with you, I feel again... "

Are you serious? There is no question that this should be number one. How is this number twelve? That's rediulous. This is probably one of my favorite songs of all time. It's so inspiring. Have you seen its music video? Amazing... I LOVE THIS SONG so MUCH!

Cool song. Makes me feel again

This should be in the top 5, for sure! It's so unique and the whole arrangement of instruments and voices just sounds so good. I love it! Seriously I can't say how much I love this song. One Republic has some great songs, and this is one of them.

12 Marchin' On

Yeah, another song from the Waking Up album. For me, it's just better. Okay, back to the song. It really builds the spirit within. In my opinion the original song is better than the Timbaland's remix, which is a very rare occasion.

Mood lifting and so east to relate to! Original is definitely better than the remix by Timbaland, powerful song and you can just never get tired of it!

I am completely obsessed with this song. The lyrics are so powerful and meaningful - an absolutely epic song!

This is my favorite song ever. It inspires me in a way that makes me get stronger every day despite all the setbacks I might have to face. It is very empowering: "we go where we go and we're marching on". So, do what you gotta do and keep fighting. No. Matter. What. You're a warrior and you're going to fight all the way because you're strong just like that! Face every difficulty and grow with it. In the end, you'll have scars and you'll have bruises, but you know what? Own them, soldier. You just have to "put one foot in front of the other" and carry on. I love this song deeply.

13 All Fall Down

This is one of their best songs out there... The intro is just breath-taking... This one should definitely be there in the top 10... Just loved it!

This is the one song I've heard that literally takes away my ability to think after a listen. What a piece; the acoustic progression, the cello, and the syncopated drums are awesome, but the backing vocal "ahh"s just pull it all together.

Seriously can't believe this song isn't on the top ten! It is DEFINITELY underrated!

This is a really good song. I love the lyrics. "Whenever your world starts crashing down, that's where you'll find me." The beat is really good too.

14 Mercy

Gotta love Mercy, should be at number one if you ask me. It's a shame it didn't chart well here... Or on the Hot 100

This song is amazing to me

This song is so beautifully haunting I'm very surprised its not in the top 5, it's such a lovely song. You can't help but be captivated by Ryan teddars incredible voice

So good. Really one of their best.

15 Something I Need

This is by far the best One Republic song out there. It is so catchy and I just overall love it so much, it's my favorite song. I'm really suprised it didn't get popular because its great.

I love this song! It's so uplifting and happy.

I love this song! So catchy!

This should should be in Top 10! Like seriously!

16 Life In Color

Awesome song! Makes me feel good inside. It is definitely one of my favorites.

This is an AMAZING song and my new favorite!

It was very hard for me to pick out one favorite OneRepublic song, but if forced to choose, I'd rather listen to this infectiously upbeat offering than any other. "Life in Color" by a nose!

This song makes me feel happy! The intro is just so breathtaking, and the chorus is perfect! HOW WAS THIS NOT A HIT SONG?!

17 Come Home

Very good song Ryan tedder shows his writing skills from this song but very underrated song of onerepublic

This song can give anyone shivers, in a beautiful way

This song is just the essence of beauty, and it sends shivers down my spine every time I hear it

Beautiful melody. I'm not sure this is there best song but it's definitely the most beautiful!

18 All We Are

This song puts an almost tranquil mood of peace and serenity onto me, something I can't get much of in my hectic life. This song truly puts me at ease. It is one of the best songs period that I have ever hear, I am not putting this post up to make it number1, rather; I am putting it up to move it up the list to something better than a 9.

I don't know why, but this song upsets me.
I can feel all the power of this amazing band in this song.
I think it's my favorite one.

Awesome song amazing it should be 1st! Best of one republic

'I tried to paint you a picture, the colours were all wrong, black and white didn't fit you and all along, you were shaded with patience the strokes of everything... ' The lyrics send shivers down my spine

19 Preacher

This is a hidden gem of Onerepublic's. When I just started to listen to them, I only knew about the "bigger" songs, such as "If I lose myself" and "Apologize" and the others. Then when I recently heard Counting Stars, I started listening to their album "Native" I think Preacher should at least be in the top 20, if not the top 10.

By far one of the best Onerepublic songs on Native, if not one of there greatest songs period. Catchy lyrics with an uplifting theme hard not to like. Would definitely say its top ten material.

Should definitely be top ten AT LEAST. This is one of those One Republic songs that make you say "that's it, this is officially my favourite band."

My favorite song. Gives me a chill on my spine in the lines "Son you've got an angel to chase the devil out of mind"

20 Everybody Loves Me

Another great song from this band. In this record, we can clearly see that the whole song sounds a little bit relaxed, laid back. That's why I love it. The composition of the chorus is just brilliant.

Such a self-centered song but it's very very catchy! And it's just such a cool song. I'm sure if they made a music video for this song it would end up #1.

Simply put their best song. The song talks about how it is to be self absorbed or actually close to perfect. It's telling you that being so different from others is a lonely life and we shouldn't be going after perfection or narcissism. Fun, catchy, not popular enough!

" Don't need my health, got my name and got my wealth,
Stare at the Sun just for kicks all by myself
Might be passed my prime 'cause I can't keep track of time
I'm feeling oh so good! "

I don't think many true fans went with this, they just chose the popular songs. OneRepublic's best music is never played on the radio. Shame.

21 All This Time

This song is just one of those that make me feel better when I listen to it, even if I'm not feeling down. It gives me a warm feeling, as its soft piano riff and deep lyrics give anyone a warm feeling

The lyrics are deep and sensual. You actually feel like the person singing this song.

This song should be way up on the list but it hasn't received the recognition of some of their other songs. The lyrics are so deep and meaninful

This one should be TOP10. Sometimes less is more. I love the piano and percussion.

22 Future Looks Good

Perfect combination of electronic and real instruments. Chorus is amazing. Ryan Tedder never fails to do amazing things with his song writing skills. Love this song. I think it should be #1

Hands Down My Favorite OneRepublic song, and that's saying something because they have so many good ones

Love and can't understand why their songs don't hit the 1 spot when there so much better than some of the other s$! @ that does

Already My Favorite

23 Tyrant

Ryan's vocals in this masterpiece prove he is one of the greatest male singers nowadays and has capacities do stay in people's minds for long time

The Tedder's vocals and the chorus make this song beast. Just listen to it.

The beginning of the adventure of Onerepublic

This one is very underrated.

24 Passenger

I really love this song. It's so beautiful and amazing. One of my favorites by them. Hope this beautiful song makes it to the top ten someday... Because it deserves to be there.

Awesome song should be at no 2 after all the right moves

This song has to be in the top 15.

I love this song

25 Kids

Amazing beat and lyrics. Once again, OneRepublic fails to disappoint.

New song by them video filmed in Mexico! Pretty damn good!

May be it's a new song that's the reason this song is at the bottom. But trust me its awesome.

Fell in love this song

26 What You Wanted

This has the best chorus in the world. It is very inspiring with the perfect lyrics that gave me goose bumps. Truly Amazing! Should be the 1st one on the list.

One of the most amazing songs I've heard. What makes it even better is it being the part of "The Fault in our Stars".

Love this song the most. It connects me to the stars. And by stars I mean, The Fault In Our Stars.

How is this song NOT in the top ten!? This song is truly AMAZING.

27 Someone to Save You

Awesome song, lots of good melodies in this song. If you try listening to this you can here that it has lots of good use of words and good background music. The song get's really addicting and has a good pair with the music and the song.

I love this song! I was listening to it while a was looking for the second time at the last episode of the season three of Vampire Diaries, when Elena dies (: It's pretty amazing, try to listen to it!

This is such an amazing and totally underrated song. Great use of lyrics, and an incredible meaning. I LOVE the falsetto at the end.

I can't believe how people don't know about this song much. This song is beautiful. Its one true OneRepublic fans will love! One of the catchiest choruses. Deserves top 10 for sure. Top 15 maybe. Great song :D Makes me happy.

28 Waking Up

By far the best OneRepublic song ever. It begins by a simplistic nice track and once we are at the half, it begins to calm down and that's how a song is written the right way. Absolutely love it.

Waking up is incredibly underrated. It's the perfect end to the album. It is so complex that ironically people perceive it as a simple song. One can really appreciate this song when in a hard situation. This is a real piece of art.

It's a beautiful song and Ryan really shows how talented he is. It also lets the rest of the band have a chance to be heard.

This song is pure magic

29 Let's Hurt Tonight

One of the most emotional songs ever! Amazing city streets at night vibe as well

From their new album. This is easily top ten

Makes me cry. Can totally relate to it

This is a new song. Let's get it up there.

30 Connection

This is my #1 favorite OR song because:
1. It reminds me of being an innocent kid on a playground
2. It has a very syncopated beat that grabs me like mm mm
3. The fast part right before 1 minute in and 'I can see in my reflection' parts make the whole song the perfect package for me.

Relevant lyrics!

31 Heaven

The most beautiful song. Ever.

Best song off Oh My My by far

32 Au Revoir

The only reason that this song is so far down is because it never gets any publicity and most people don't know it... I guess in a way that makes it more special instead of it being a big famous piece like the others, but still if you haven't listened to it yet you should at least once. Just let yourself get lost in it, I guarantee you'll enjoy it!

Ok, why in the world is Au Revoir all the way down here at 42? This song is amazing along with the rest of Native and is just beautiful. I love the cello in it and the lyrics are lovely. Just listen to it.

You guys have not listened to this song I guess. This is one of the most beautiful song One Republic has ever come up with. The voice and the instruments set a calming great mood. You will love it

This song is so beautiful. They put the title in French for a reason. This song is about as beautiful as Secrets and Preacher. I love it. It always helps me relax with it's calming instruments and deep lyrics.

33 The Less I Know
34 Fear

Tedder's vocals in Fear are stunning.

This song is perfect.

<3 This song! It has a great melody and it's very catchy

35 Burning Bridges

Should definitely be around top 5. This is like a Good Life part 2. The keyboard and the drums are just perfect. I feel warm inside when I'm listening to it. Vite, vote, VOTE!

"Listen, I want you to burn my bridges down, and set me on fire! " What a beautifulchorus, isn't it? It's the best damn song on Native. It really should have been a single. Yeah, I agree it tries to be an Apologize part 2 and fails to get that hype, but it isn't number 19 material. I don't know, but I like this better than the graduation song, Marchin' On. Should be in the Top 10!

The new album rocks! Considered as one of the most best album of my life but with this track? ! So damn superb and should definitely be a single better than Good Life!

This is the best one republic song I've heard. Okay, I've only heard some 4 songs maybe...but all of those seem to be above this when this is the best. Secrets is at number one and this at 22. That's just not how it works lol. Yes, taste and opinion vary but this much gap is still unacceptable. There's nothing wrong if this is at number one. If secrets is there, then why not this?

36 Won't Stop

Someone serenaded me with this song... I loved it

Such a nice, relaxing, and sweet song... One of the best love songs I've ever heard. Why is it all the way down here?

The tune is is sweet. It should be in the top 20 at least.

It's such a cute song!

37 Dreaming Out Loud

This song should be more popular. I don't understand why they only released it as a deluxe track...

This should be way higher! Its a song with deep meaning and interpretation.

It has beautiful, meaningful lyrics and its very... Haunting in a way. Perfect.

Eerie feeling, I love it so much.

38 Goodbye Apathy

Brilliant song with great sound and vocals! Should definitely be in top 10

I love everything about this song! Great piano, amazing vocals, perfect lyrics! So underrated!

I love it. It should at least be in top 10. The lyrics is amazing.

Such a sweet song... Love it!

39 A.I.

An AMAZING song with brilliant lyrics and beat. My favourite song from Oh My My.

40 Lift Me Up

Totally underrated. The music is so damn catchy but still lasting. The bridge's lyrics are relatable. Could've been something big if released as a single

Too much fun...head falls off with all the bobbing

41 Made for You

This song is good, but quite underplayed. It is a decent opening song for the Waking Up album.

I simply cannot believe that this song isn't I the top five. They outdid themselves on this one

Love the lyrics and piano in this song. It should be ranked much higher on the top 10 list.

One of the slickest pieces of music I have ever heard.

42 Prodigal

Extremely underrated song from their, "Dreaming Out Loud" album. Beautiful lyrics, powerful chorus - possibly Ryan Tedder's most powerful vocal performance! Easily in their top 5

IT SHOULD BE AMONG THE TOP 5.. ! How did it come in the bottom of the list.. ! COME ON.. VOTE IT UPP! It deserves to be there. Believe me...

Really love the end to this song, such a great voice

I am absolutely obsessed with this song. The lyrics are amazing and Ryan Tedder's voice is very powerful and just absolutely perfect. Disappointed on how low it is, but hopefully it'll be higher!

43 Christmas Without You

The Best Xmas's Song Of All Time!

Very unusual OneRepublic song.

Finally! A Christmas song that was't made in the forties.

44 Ordinary Human

This is a great song, and it goes superbly with the 2014 movie, The Giver. The movie has a great message about finding who you are, it's a great coming-of-age story, and the song just builds off of it and makes it even better. Ordinary Human is moving, motivational, and inspiring, and whenever I listen to it, it makes me feel reassured that there really will be "peace in the city tonight".

I've never seen The Giver before (I've read the book though), but this song is just so incredible.

Definitely one of their best songs.

Most underrated song by One Republic

45 Something's Gotta Give

Excellent song with great meaning to it

This one was disappointing. The lyrics aren't bad but the instrumental is kinda "eh". And the worst part is that 1R didn't even play any instruments in this song. In the booklet it says Zdar and Bombass (Cassius) played all of the instruments on this track. What a let down.

46 Dream

Very sassy sound. love itt!

47 Lullaby

I agree so much, I love this song! It's beautiful and sad but still amazing. It should be before ten! I love it!

This song is really quiet, but it's still such a great song. If I had to choose any song to fall asleep to, it would be this one.

I love this song so much! This song is so UNDERRATED!

Nicely ethereal

48 Light It Up

I love the way the instruments sound at the end of the song.

Love this song it's so noice

49 Demons

This is an Imagine Dragons song...

Yah Sia

50 Rescue Me

This song came out two days ago at the time I'm posting this, but it's already one of my top 5s for Onerepublic. My list goes like this:
1 - Stranger Things
2 - Secrets
3 - Life In Color
4 - Start Again
5 - Rescue Me

The fast pace just gets me going every time 10/10


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