Album "Review": Oh My My

Mini Description: In my thirty second and a half album review, I tackle my final 2016 review and give OneRepublic the unfinished smackdown they deserve.

Best Song: "Kids"...I guess


I was going to give this a proper review, but it's so unbearable that it doesn't deserve it. OneRepublic's had one good album, and that's Native. But considering that of their first three albums that was the one that didn't blow chunks (despite garnering them the most success), I guess they thought that it was a fluke and decided to go back to everything that made them one of the worst bands of all time. Except worse, because at least their albums didn't give me flashbacks to Dos by Green Day (funny because I just covered Green Day's return-to-form).

This isn't just boring and overly long (although both apply in spades), it's also a disaster where OneRepublic try to be ten different bands at once (most obvious being twenty-øne piløts on Better), and somehow pull NONE of them off. The lyrics grab out to a hundred different incoherent ideas besides the first two songs that bend longtime sayings into stupid ideas. The instrumentation is weedy, bland, soulless, and completely lacking in color or atmosphere, instead replacing it with washy reverb.

But what's really awful about this atrocity is Ryan Tedder. He proved on Native that his voice CAN have depth, texture, rawness, power, or personality, and yet there's NONE here. He brings that same gutless yelping that plagued OneRepublic's first two albums yet in a way that's even more faceless and irritating.

Yeah, this album is awful. It's Sam Hunt levels of terrible. But what really pushes it there is that OneRepublic proved to us that they CAN do better and they just don't. So you know what, last 2016 "review" is gonna be a 0/10 and absolutely NO recommendation. Fans will be disappointed, everyone else should under no circumstance be drawn to listen to this. Avoid it like the plague.

So yeah, I didn't give this a real review, but does this horrible band really deserve it at this point? Eh, whatever. At least I'm done reviewing 2016 albums. I just need to listen to a few, relisten to a lot, and then compile my RYM lists. After that, probably gonna be Run The Jewels or Daft Punk, depending on what happens. This is WonkeyDude98, signing out.


This might also be the review where you lose every quality of yours that people used to compare you with Spectrum Pulse. Anyways, what's the best RTJ album in your opinion? Might check them out, they seem like an interesting case. - PhenomentalOne

I expected to think of this the same way he did, but this really sucked.

All three RTJ albums are spectacular, but RTJ2 is the best by far. - WonkeyDude98


eh, whatever good review. - ProPanda

Lol - WonkeyDude98

"OneRepublic's had one good album, and that's Native."
Just because of Counting Stars, right. If yes, then hell yeah.
Also, by looking at this again, I guess you can add them to your "Bands/Artists I Opposite-of-love" list. - PhenomentalOne

Not just because of Counting Stars (Love Runs Out is eons better, and there are other songs almost as great as Counting Stars on that album), but yeah that song rocks. - WonkeyDude98

Oh lol yeah. Kids is the only thing that was good. by the way you should make a review of Evolve if you haven't already. - ThunderedByAdrenaline

Eh, Kids was too nostalgiatardISH. - AlphaQ

Oh My My One Republic Is Ruled By Overweight Lizards. - AlphaQ

Does the title describe your reaction to the album? - Skullkid755

Basically, - WonkeyDude98

You should give this a -32/10 - AlphaQ

OneRepublic's older albums were better. - Mcgillacuddy