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21 All This Time

This song is just one of those that make me feel better when I listen to it, even if I'm not feeling down. It gives me a warm feeling, as its soft piano riff and deep lyrics give anyone a warm feeling

The lyrics are deep and sensual. You actually feel like the person singing this song.

This song should be way up on the list but it hasn't received the recognition of some of their other songs. The lyrics are so deep and meaninful

Awesome song

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22 Burning Bridges

Should definitely be around top 5. This is like a Good Life part 2. The keyboard and the drums are just perfect. I feel warm inside when I'm listening to it. Vite, vote, VOTE!

"Listen, I want you to burn my bridges down, and set me on fire! " What a beautifulchorus, isn't it? It's the best damn song on Native. It really should have been a single. Yeah, I agree it tries to be an Apologize part 2 and fails to get that hype, but it isn't number 19 material. I don't know, but I like this better than the graduation song, Marchin' On. Should be in the Top 10! - ben10kenobi

The new album rocks! Considered as one of the most best album of my life but with this track? ! So damn superb and should definitely be a single better than Good Life!

I like this song

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23 Tyrant

The Tedder's vocals and the chorus make this song beast. Just listen to it.

The beginning of the adventure of Onerepublic

This one is very underrated. - PositronWildhawk

Such an underrated song.

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24 What You Wanted

This has the best chorus in the world. It is very inspiring with the perfect lyrics that gave me goose bumps. Truly Amazing! Should be the 1st one on the list.

One of the most amazing songs I've heard. What makes it even better is it being the part of "The Fault in our Stars".

Love this song the most. It connects me to the stars. And by stars I mean, The Fault In Our Stars.

Epic song. It should be the best song ever!

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25 Waking Up

Waking up is incredibly underrated. It's the perfect end to the album. It is so complex that ironically people perceive it as a simple song. One can really appreciate this song when in a hard situation. This is a real piece of art.

It's a beautiful song and Ryan really shows how talented he is. It also lets the rest of the band have a chance to be heard.

The musical instrument performance in the end of the songs is perfect!

The ending is pure bliss - you get tingles!

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26 Au Revoir

The only reason that this song is so far down is because it never gets any publicity and most people don't know it... I guess in a way that makes it more special instead of it being a big famous piece like the others, but still if you haven't listened to it yet you should at least once. Just let yourself get lost in it, I guarantee you'll enjoy it!

Ok, why in the world is Au Revoir all the way down here at 42? This song is amazing along with the rest of Native and is just beautiful. I love the cello in it and the lyrics are lovely. Just listen to it.

You guys have not listened to this song I guess. This is one of the most beautiful song One Republic has ever come up with. The voice and the instruments set a calming great mood. You will love it

A great symphony.

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27 Kids

Amazing beat and lyrics. Once again, OneRepublic fails to disappoint.

New song by them video filmed in Mexico! Pretty damn good! - ClimaxProductons

May be it's a new song that's the reason this song is at the bottom. But trust me its awesome.

The music is liable

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28 Heaven

The most beautiful song. Ever.

Best song off Oh My My by far

29 Future Looks Good

Perfect combination of electronic and real instruments. Chorus is amazing. Ryan Tedder never fails to do amazing things with his song writing skills. Love this song. I think it should be #1

Hands Down My Favorite OneRepublic song, and that's saying something because they have so many good ones

Already My Favorite

30 The Less I Know
31 Passenger

I really love this song. It's so beautiful and amazing. One of my favorites by them. Hope this beautiful song makes it to the top ten someday... Because it deserves to be there.

Awesome song should be at no 2 after all the right moves

This song has to be in the top 15.

I love this song

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32 Fear

Tedder's vocals in Fear are stunning.

This song is perfect.

<3 This song! It has a great melody and it's very catchy

33 Dreaming Out Loud

This song should be more popular. I don't understand why they only released it as a deluxe track...

This should be way higher! Its a song with deep meaning and interpretation.

It has beautiful, meaningful lyrics and its very... Haunting in a way. Perfect.

I really like the chord progressions and uniqueness of this song, adore itπŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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34 Sucker Punch

Pretty Awesome Song! I Like This Song :D

This is a really cool song. The chorus is awesome.

35 Goodbye Apathy

Brilliant song with great sound and vocals! Should definitely be in top 10

I love everything about this song! Great piano, amazing vocals, perfect lyrics! So underrated!

I love it. It should at least be in top 10. The lyrics is amazing.

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36 A.I.

An AMAZING song with brilliant lyrics and beat. My favourite song from Oh My My.

37 Lift Me Up
38 Someone to Save You

Awesome song, lots of good melodies in this song. If you try listening to this you can here that it has lots of good use of words and good background music. The song get's really addicting and has a good pair with the music and the song.

I love this song! I was listening to it while a was looking for the second time at the last episode of the season three of Vampire Diaries, when Elena dies (: It's pretty amazing, try to listen to it!

This is such an amazing and totally underrated song. Great use of lyrics, and an incredible meaning. I LOVE the falsetto at the end.


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39 Shout
40 Made for You

This song is good, but quite underplayed. It is a decent opening song for the Waking Up album.

I simply cannot believe that this song isn't I the top five. They outdid themselves on this one

Love the lyrics and piano in this song. It should be ranked much higher on the top 10 list.

One of the slickest pieces of music I have ever heard.

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