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41 Prodigal

Extremely underrated song from their, "Dreaming Out Loud" album. Beautiful lyrics, powerful chorus - possibly Ryan Tedder's most powerful vocal performance! Easily in their top 5

IT SHOULD BE AMONG THE TOP 5.. ! How did it come in the bottom of the list.. ! COME ON.. VOTE IT UPP! It deserves to be there. Believe me...

I am absolutely obsessed with this song. The lyrics are amazing and Ryan Tedder's voice is very powerful and just absolutely perfect. Disappointed on how low it is, but hopefully it'll be higher!

42 Christmas Without You

The Best Xmas's Song Of All Time!

Very unusual OneRepublic song.

Finally! A Christmas song that was't made in the forties.

43 Something's Gotta Give

Excellent song with great meaning to it

This one was disappointing. The lyrics aren't bad but the instrumental is kinda "eh". And the worst part is that 1R didn't even play any instruments in this song. In the booklet it says Zdar and Bombass (Cassius) played all of the instruments on this track. What a let down.

44 Ordinary Human

This is a great song, and it goes superbly with the 2014 movie, The Giver. The movie has a great message about finding who you are, it's a great coming-of-age story, and the song just builds off of it and makes it even better. Ordinary Human is moving, motivational, and inspiring, and whenever I listen to it, it makes me feel reassured that there really will be "peace in the city tonight".

I've never seen The Giver before (I've read the book though), but this song is just so incredible.

Definitely one of their best songs.

Most underrated song by One Republic

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45 Light It Up

I love the way the instruments sound at the end of the song.

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46 Lullaby

I agree so much, I love this song! It's beautiful and sad but still amazing. It should be before ten! I love it!

This song is really quiet, but it's still such a great song. If I had to choose any song to fall asleep to, it would be this one.

I love this song so much! This song is so UNDERRATED!

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47 Dream
48 Don't Look Down

Even though this song is shorter than most, it's so beautiful. It never gets old.

This song may be very short, but it's still such a nice song. It makes me feel good.

49 Unbroken

This song deserves to be at least in the top ten. The beat, sound, and course is amazing! This has got to be one of my favorite songs by Onerepublic!

I can't believe this was not there in the list at all... Listen to it... Awesome piece by one republic... This band rocks...

50 Demons

This is an Imagine Dragons song...

Yah Sia

51 Oh My My

Unique. That's how I describe it.

This song is so great

52 Sleep

I've meandered through various alternative, post-punk, and indie artists and I have still never found a song with the feel of Sleep. Haunting diminished chords and sudden switches from abrasive electric to calmly foreboding acoustic aside, what really brings this song together is the vocals. Ryan's piercing falsetto makes sure no one can mistake this song for the rocker it tries to feel like, and that contradiction still impresses and intrigues me after hundreds of listens. This is still the one song I cannot fully understand; few artists can pull that off.

This song is like, the definition of underrated. The vocals are absolutely incredible, especially the falsetto parts. I just looked it up and heard it and I love it.

Sleep was one of their best songs from their first album... Just when they were about to release it, they got dropped :(

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53 Trap Door


54 Fingertips
55 Better

No vote for this song, it's my 2nd favorite on the album behind AI

56 It's a Shame

"It's a Shame" that this is so low on the list, because this song is amazing and should be way higher.

57 Won't Stop

Someone serenaded me with this song... I loved it

Such a nice, relaxing, and sweet song... One of the best love songs I've ever heard. Why is it all the way down here?

It's such a cute song!

58 Missing Persons 1 & 2

Amazing song. It's a shame that it's last. But, the truth is, OneRepublic don't have any bad songs, so nothing should be last. However, Missing Persons 1 & 2 should be far from last. It's incredible how they change the sound halfway through the song! Totally worth listening to, just like all their other songs. Hope it makes it higher on the list.

WHY is this last?

I LOVE this song SO much. It's amazing and should be in the top 20 at LEAST.

It tells a story and has so much emotion. I love how there are two parts to this song which are different but equally great!

This song is just beautiful. Really, truly beautiful. Stunning. Why is last? :(

Amazing song!

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59 Can't Stop

The vocals and words match perfectly with the style of the music and message it is intended to convey. The falsetto adds an incredible tone to the song. All in all, this song is very good and has been stuck in my head all day.

This song is one of the most amazing songs I've ever heard. Every drum beat bursts out another emotion. I don't know. That might not make sense. It's hard to explain. But this song is incredible!

It sickens me to see this below top five along with preacher

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60 Hearing Voices

One of my favourite one republic songs. Definitely think it should be in the top twenty at least

It's just so amazing and beautiful, I love it! It should be higher!

The first time I accidentally hear this song, and love it!

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