Secrets is the best song I have ever heard in my life. The beginning of the song is just so breathtakingly beautiful. The most beautiful sound I have ever heard in a song. The lyrics are so deep and meaningful, you just have to love them, they're some of the best lyrics I've ever heard. And well, Ryan's voice is just amazing. This song got me into OneRepublic. As soon as I heard it, they became my favorite band and this became one of my top three favorite songs, then a few months later it DID become my favorite song. I love ALL of OneRepublic's songs, I truly do, they all have such meaningful lyrics, but this one is BY FAR my favorite. And I've heard most of the songs on this list. You will not hear the end of my anger if Apologize EVER passes Secrets on this list, even though I love Apologize as well. Secrets is the ONLY OneRepublic song that can be number one on here. Best song on Waking Up, best song of OneRepublic, best song of 2009/2010, best song of the 21st century, best song ...more

I am a kind of person who hardly have any good friends. I would say none for real. Not because I can't make, because I can't feel anyone trustable and real who can say and mean it, who can love and give it. I wouldn't say there aren't real people out there but it's a challenge to find one though worth it. But I would say, one Republic has earned my sincere respect and love for what they write and what they sing. You can feel it from the Music and still lies a hope that people somehow will stop being artificial and be who they are not what money and ego makes them. Though I count myself in it because I am a human and I make mistakes but I guess I have started to realize that the real joy is in giving hope and love and being yourself rather than the artifacts.

When I first saw sorcerer's apprentice, that song was irresistible. I just play it whenever I have a free time. I play it everyday but it is not boring. I hope one republic can write more songs like this one (secrets ). T Q one republic

I didn't really notice the song that much but then I saw a movie called the "sorcerer's apprentice" with Nicolas Cage. And it was there theme song... And there was on scene with lightning to the song it was awesome! If you love this song as much as I do you should really see this movie

This is the song that made many people fall in love with the band including me... The way they perform it plus its lyrics plus Ryan's voice made the song THE BEST. And honestly if you ask me this song is on the top of my list of the best songs of all time... The opening the ending the middle every part of the song is just so perfect... Musically and lyrically... !

I love the chorus, and the violin / bass? is so empowering. The melody is so haunting, and it just keeps pplaying in my mind over and over again. The lyrics are meaningful. Overall, it packs a serious punch in those calming notes.

Their songs are having meanings. That's why they are amazing. They not just writing a song, they are thinking about what they write. Hats off! You are brilliant OneRepublic. Go on with your great music. Secrets is one of their best. It was hard to decide.

This song is AWESOME! I fell in love with it the first time I heard it. After that I knew I just had to download it! I even found the lyrics and everything. I couldn't stop thinking about for days. I spent days just trying to remember the lyrics.

Wow this is the best song of One Republic. This song is about the secrets that you can only share to you love ones. I love One Republic and I am crazy only for One Republic. I am only 13 years old. I LOVE YOU ONE REPUBLIC.

I first heard this song in the movie 'the sorcerer's apprentice' and the moment I heard it I knew that I just had to have it my ipod for me to listen to it over and over again! This song is surely the best by one republic! Love it!

It's always hard to choose my favourite of OneRepublic, but oh my God, this sing is definitely the best. It's so deep and soothing, I absolutely love it.

I am 17, listened to this when I was 13! And, I vow this would be my all time favourite song of all bands! That is the extent, to which, how much I love this song!

Heard it in sorcerer's apprentice first, couldn't resist temptation to hear it again so I heard it fully in YouTube. Best song of the century

This song is undeniable proof that the music industry isn't going to hell. It's getting more and more sophisticated with each passing day.

I just can't help grinning the whole time while I listened to this song... It was months ago and I still annoy the heck out of my anti-singing bro. I don't know if I'll ever stop being crazy about this song. Truly awesome!

This song is in top of the list. I really do agree it's the best of one republic and I never get bored of this song. Excellent and the best always. Good life and apologize is as good as well.

WOW just amazing the first time I heard this song it just hooked me and I raped the replay button like a million times when I truly listen to the lyrics it makes me relaxed and I have fallen in love with it

Definitely the best One Republic song... when I first heard it I was obsessed and couldn't stop listening to it... Now it's probably been over a year and I'm still obsessed
I'm gonna give all my secrets away

This is by far the best One Republic song ever I mean when I first heard it I could not stop listening to it
It never got boring Secrets has been my favourite song since

I became a fan of One Republic after I heard secrets in The sorcerers apprentice! Its an epic masterpiece which can be compared to the Vinci's art pieces... Simply amazing. One Republic rules!

Absolutely the best! Catchy lyrics, brilliant effects, beautiful tune! If that doesn't make it the absolute best then what does? Enough said!

Whenever I feel angry, I hum this song or listen to it. And by the time the song's over, my mood is back to normal. This song makes it worth to watch 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' over and over again.

This is the best OneRepublic song ever. I love everything about it: the cello, the lyrics, I truly doubt any of their upcoming songs will be able to hold a candle to "Secrets". Simply amazing.

Listen to this song to put me to sleep. Great song. Lyrics, rhythm, and basically everything. Underrated as far as love songs go, but how can you not die for this song?

This song got many plays in radio stations too. Wonderful song about cleansing the bad deeds within and giving all the secrets away.