I'm fortunate enough to be located in Los Angeles on the west side, near to where ChowNow's headquarters is. They've been pushing hard recently, and I've been noticing more and more ChowNow restaurants opening up near me - which is great, because every restaurant that they power that I've ordered from has been great!

No other company customizes a branded app for a restaurant while simultaneously allowing their customers the ability to order from both Facebook and the company website. All for a low flat monthly rate not taking any % of each sale! ChowNow is an amazing company that is going to experience a lot of growth in 2013!

ChowNow offers a very comprehensive online ordering system for my restaurant by way of integrating online ordering on your website, facebook, as well as a pure native mobile application. Not only do they offer a great product but the best part is their post customer experience; following up with me on outstanding orders as well as offering a sensible marketing campaign to help promote my application. For price point and quality of a true native app it's hard to beat.

ChowNow is the only system that hits all three areas for my business - website ordering, Facebook, and they build a mobile app. Best of all, it's way cheaper than the other guys and delivers a better product.

Their in-house marketing agency separates them from all other competitors in the game. They create the proper collateral that helps drive traffic to my restaurants online ordering platform. The only company that does branded website, Facebook, and app ordering- FOR A FLAT RATE! If you want the most innovative product on the market with the greatest staff always willing to help the choice is easy. ChowNow hands down.

ChowNow is the best choice for a restaurant owner ready to take their restaurant to the next level with online ordering. They are in a class by themselves, and always come out at the top when you line them up with any other provider. Not only do they assign you your own Account Manager for the term of your entire subscription but they also create a customize Marketing Launch Kit. I thought it was just an email blast but it included hundreds of color postcards to pass out, in store signage and they are posting about online ordering on my Facebook page too where my customers can place orders. I understand they just expanded into Canada and I love that they are the merchant so my customers can grab and go when they pick up their orders. Don't overlook them when considering a program.

Great platform, it is easy and simple to use. They also do a great job of helping their customers (restaurants) and patrons (diners) if they have any issues or complaints. I also find it really useful that they implement their platform on web, mobile, Facebook and iPhone app!

Great team, affordable, integrates extremely well with your website and Facebook, and the respond quickly to any feedback you have to help improve the platform.

Former user of Eat24! There is no comparison. Chownow dominates!

Tried two other companies and finally ended up at ChowNow. Customer support is the best out there, lacking elsewhere. They include marketing collateral that I would have never had time to create myself and get the word out. Highly recommend you don't overlook ChowNow in your research.

Awesome service for marketing to loyal customers and Facebook ordering. Also great rate compared to other online ordering services considering you get your own iPhone app!

The dedicated service at ChowNow cannot be beat! They set up customized app and ordering solutions, and provided a detailed marketing program to go along with it! They are very accessible and made for an easy experience for getting started up on their platforms.

A very simple to use system for both the restaurant owner and their patrons. An added plus is its affordability!

My customers absolutely love using my ChowNow-powered system. Since I started it at my restaurant, my take out revenue has increased and my Yelp rating has gone up! Win Win Win.

Very reliable, order goes straight to my front counter tablet with both visual and audible alerts.

I have been operating restaurants for many years. In my time I have seen many solutions for my business. For the price ChowNow offers an unparalleled service and the customer service is amazing.

They are the Best Online Ordering platform by FAR! They provide more than everyone else and brand it directly to the restaurant instead of promoting themselves

Mobile app, facebook integration and web ordering all for $99 a month? Impossible to find a better deal than that! Also I am getting all my customer data to use from a dashboard (not waiting for it in a report)...

Easy to use, affordable, great marketing tools and has increased sales by more than 20% for take-out and delivery. What more can we ask for? Thank you ChowNow!

So far so good with ChowNow. Just starting out but our customers are already responding and we are seeing more orders come through the system every day. We have high expectations and so far they have delivered.

Chownow! Very user friendly. It has a unique style of giving customers satisfaction. Try Chownow and you'll find why I vote this.

Website ordering, Facebook, and an App. Much more affordable and so very easy to use and update menu items for adding daily specials. Love it

This is by far the best. Creates an app and gives the restaurant an iPad for hardware.

ChowNow is awesome! Not only do they offer ordering through the three best ways (FB, website and mobile app), but they also offer ongoing marketing and it's all completely customizable! Definitely use them!

Amazing app for any restaurant who does take out and delivery. All restaurants should use chownow.