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41 Click4AMeal

Really easy to use, measurable results, significant increase in sales and great customer service - we really couldn't ask for more. I wish every company we dealt with were like click4ameal, they're the best!

Love, love, love this online ordering company. My sales have increased 20% and the customer service they provide is great!

It's working great for my restaurants. Never missed an order- I just highly recommend it

Excellent customer service! They stay behind the scenes and allow my restaurant to stay on the front lines!

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42 Clorder

LA Mexican Restaurants will lower your search time, and improve your food ordering experience, at the best Mexican Restaurants in Los Angeles region. Furthermore, with strategic partnership with restaurant owners, CLORDER strive to bring the best deals and coupons to make it easy on your pocket...VENU

Clorder is quite easy, fast and simple to operate the system. Also the marketing tools are so effective that you can see an improvement in the flow of orders online. Highly recommended as yours takeaway business will increase the sales and customer satisfaction too. --Venu

Clorder is the best restaurant online ordering system with the most advanced features I found so far. It is quite easy, fast and simple to operate the system. Also the marketing tools are so effective that you can see an improvement in the flow of orders online.--Venu

Very powerful system with pos integration

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43 JustDeliver

Its Cool and smart

44 NetWaiter

When we opened our second restaurant all of our old clients were begging us to have online ordering on our website. We had been turned off before because of the high fees and were going to have a custom solution created but the developer wanted to charge us five figures. We almost gave up until stumbling across NetWaiter. Within a few days we were completely set up and people were ordering from the site.

For the past two years we have worked with NetWaiter at three different restaurant locations. I am impressed with how the service has increased orders. Before we were using a portal (won't give any names, but one of the big ones) and they were taking a huge cut out of every order. We literally couldn't afford to keep using the portal. NetWaiter made it even easier for us to offer online ordering and cost us less... It was a no-brainer!

NetWaiter has an amazing online ordering system for restaurants. We have used them for the past two years and seen our online orders go through the roof! Very happy with their mobile version too. We always ask out customers what we can do to make their experience better and they say that we hit a homerun incorporating online ordering into our website.

Cannot complain. Have been happy so far.

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45 KeepItComing
46 Olo

Great for chain restaurants. Enterprise software and reporting so you can manage all brand and franchisee controls. Driving a lot of sales for us.

47 Foodzep

World first food social website.

Number 1 website for foodies
Great thinking behind
Many restaurants in the world, who don't want spent money behind technology.
Answer is foodjeep. Comb
This is the real food network.

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A great company to work with. Affordable, but produced a quality integration with our Micros3700 system. The company's roots with Papa John's has made a big difference compared to other products we evaluated.

Full POS Integrated Online Ordering that is affordable for any sized restaurant. From burgers to pizza, our software will increase your revenue without breaking your budget.

49 Ordyx

They have the best restaurants from Iran, Au provides users with a quick and easy way to order food online from a network of restaurants all across Australia

51 PosWebMenu

Canadian online ordering system fully integrated to most popular Pos Systems. and pos transactional interface branded to customers looks.

I use their solution for 2 years now and I really love it!

Very good service, fully customizable, multiple language service, really nice for a company like us in Quebec!

52 Brake Bros

This is a new Site... Which has sprung in a recent time... Hey just got online and apperantly operating from India... I see quite a bit of surge in thier membership in last 1 month... Since they have slashed thier prices by 90%... The most amazing thing that I noticed is that they are offering all enterprise level e-commerce solutions for 1 $ per month... At present I do not see any restaurant from other then india but their blog indicate that they are open to business for everyone... When I registered and try to checked the system... It worked fine with few hiccups... Also they are offering the entire system for free to try out for 2 months... It is not the best but I think what they have tried to do is to merge all the facilities of all conventional food ordering websites and put them under one umbrella...

Really this is THE BEST Platform for restaurants to come online.
It includes all the features.
(It can start a revolution in Restaurants industry across the glob)


Great Self Service platform for building your online restaurant business from the bottom up. Beautiful menu and graphic schemes, easy 4 step checkout and integrated online processing.

Great web solution to accept online orders with no commission base

Free Online Ordering on your restaurants website.
Start getting orders for Delivery & Pick-Up directly from your customers.

55 Smart Foodies

We design and build customized online ordering website for restaurants. Provide your own logo, Menu, Photos and we make online ordering a seamless experience for your customers. Restaurants offering online ordering show double-digit increases in frequency of takeout order, delivery and catering. Our design team and online ordering platform will build a customized website for your business. Unlike other online ordering sites, your customers will never leave your site to place an order.

56 Jusfood

A very good online restaurant food ordering website presently active in India with more than 200 restaurant online

57 Teburu
58 Cafetech

A white label system like no other. Social Taste is an award-winning system for restaurants, enabling them to get online orders for delivery or takeaway in 48hours. They build the initial menu and train your personnel and you have Full Administration functionality to manage every aspect of your restaurant. They also create REAL native mobile apps for your restaurant and they constantly update them for newer OS'
You have to give them a try, they integrate to Facebook and websites smoothly as well.

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It was amazing the level of customer of service they have pretty cool guy! Sergio & Alonso

Good quality product and stable and robust functionality

It is very useful and user friendly software.

Amazing features, Thanks!

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