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101 Touch2Success
102 BigHoller Online Ordering

Since using BigHoller's online food ordering solution, our sales have quadrupled! I have never seen a sales increase to this level in such a short time-frame. Selecting BigHoller to handle our online orders was one of the best business decisions I've made to date!

BigHoller's Customer service is amazing. Taking online orders for over two years and love how it handles complex specials and discounts. Would recommend to anyone.

103 EzWebOrders

Full-fetaured Online Ordering System links directly with the Restaurant's Web Site. Low cost solution for independent and smaller chain operators.

104 MenuBus

I've probably used over 3 different hosted systems in this list. I ended up going with MenuBus because it lets me run the system on my hosting account, with full control.

It's the best cause it's ONE TIME Payment. Purchase the software once, and you're set forever. A very great software indeed.

105 HungryTown

They don't advertise my competitors on my menu like GrubHub and OrderuP - That's why HungryTowns the best!

I found Hungrytown to be the best by far. The majority of my customers are mobile friendly and Hungrytown is built for them. Also my percentage to Hungrytown is far less then Grub hub or Eat24hrs. I highly recommend them!

It's Free and they have lots of good features - especially for pizza.

Very reliable so far for us - thank you

V 5 Comments

As a merchant, it is important that our consumers are able to order their food in a convenient and hassle-free manner. Out of all the ordering systems that I've come across, their interface is the most intuitive and clean. I am glad I went onboard with them, and I heartily recommend them to any restaurants looking for an online ordering system! Keep up the good job team!

The most operation-friendly online food ordering system for restaurants - lynette1404

No other online ordering platform comes close in terms of affordability, usability and operational efficiency. The most common regret that I have been hearing from my F&B friends? "If only we had gone to them earlier."

Most F&B centric and cost-efficient system that I have came across so far! Clean and intuitive interface and professional and warm staff to address concerns etc. Highly recommended!

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107 Blue Plus Technologies

These guys are great, great quality and very skilled in online marketing. They increased our sales by 23%, definitely recommended.

High quality online ordering system for an affordable price.
You can add as many stores, menus and payment methods you want. This is a fully featured system, they also provide Google Adwords marketing services.

108 OrderSnapp

Wow! Best in the list

Way better than #70


CoolMunch is the latest in joining the food ordering platform. It creates custom branded apps for small to mid size businesses, provides menu creation/management, food order through mobile apps, tablet based order management app, push notifications and much more for a very low price.

110 Online Orders Now

Super simple online ordering, all you need to do is enter a phone number. No username or passwords required.

Inexpensive, integrated, fully featured. Online ordering made simple.


They're one of a kind since they concentrate on pizza places only. They have a 24/7 customer service that will help owners and customers get through anything. The cool part is that, they advertise for free too.

112 Culinar

Been using their online ordering platform since beta and our customers really love the focus on UX and conversion. Great customers service also. - rkainulainen

114 RestaurantDynamix

A dedicated, stand alone restaurant solution for restaurants. Post menus with photos, embed videos, create coupons, run banner ads, built-in email blaster, set processing fee or pay a flat monthly rate, SMS Text alert. Comes with free monthly maintenance. TotalDynamix will actually integrate it in your website, and host your site for free.W.

115 Zindio
116 Splick-it
117 Takeawaysonline
118 imenu4u
119 TakeOut Technologies

TakeOut Tech offers online ordering programs for everyone from Ruby Tuesdays/Dennys/zpizza to single locations! 12 years experience-minimal costs and supreme support!


The best online food ordering technology, for restaurants and portals. You also get real slick native mobile applications (iPhone, Android, etc).

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