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1 Warlords: Call to Arms

This game is PATHETIC

2 Minecraft

The awesome game in the world! It has an infinite amount of things to do. And the mods are epic sushi as buildcraft and industrialcraft2. You can also get the ather mod can give holy items, literally! You can also beat the enderdragon and get your own enderdragon that can breathe fire! Minecraft deserves to be on number 1 because it is epic!

Well, I would like Minecraft but... Minecraft copied ROBLOX. Minecraft was at 2006, and ROBLOX is 2006. So yeah... I would think Minecraft tried their best to NOT copy ROBLOX. But that would be awesome if Roblox copied Minecraft... I am not complaining. Minecraft All The Way!

No! By the way why its 16? , it shouldn't be like that only, this is cool, you can make your own dream house, place, future and many more, and it can teach you how to survive! Even it is not 1st but for myself it is and it should be! I wish it is top 2 or 3 even it is not 1, Rant on Minecraft! ;D

Its like so amazing with endless possiblites! like tis a cubic form of art i! igive it a 10/10

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3 Bloons Tower Defense 4

This is good, but I think there should be something else in its place. I mean it IS good, but it should be better. I liked bloons tower defense 1 better than this one.

Bloons Tower Defense rules!

I love bloons games

Its relly good

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4 World of Tanks

Realistic, fun fast download and many countries classes tank classes and maps

Best game ever for online play..

Nothing better playing a game which is Realistic!

Its da best

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5 World of Warcraft

I LOVE IT! When I got it I couldn't stop playing it! I even bought a official guide the next day just to be updated and understand stuff! It's just a classic overall, but it's AWESOME!

My mom loves this game! !

Laugh out loud the worldofwarcraft is the best online game ever and warcraft and dibalo|| and starcraft the best games ever they have near 15milions player and so many ppls on forbidden servers all around the world

6 Dogfight: The Great War

Very historical. But the 2nd to last level is hard. Level 7 is a whole team battle. ITS EPIC!

7 Bowmaster Prelude
8 Kingdom Rush

good game

9 League of Legends

Best game of all time! It actually requires skill not just pay some money to be the best!

This is game that is actually playable without needing to use money.

It is amazing

So fun and entertaining.

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10 Mahjong

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11 Dogfight 2
12 Roblox

I like roblox, its cool and awesome. Its popular too with over 1,000,000 players. In my opinion its better than mine craft.

I agree that it's better than Minecraft, although I like Minecraft.

Roblox is so much better than Minecraft, on roblox you can have a profile and decorate your profile, join groups, have friends, and buy items for your character - RPD6478

I love roblox because over 1,00,000 people play it and it has better graphics than minecraft. Roblox should be #1

I love it! It is like lego social media. Amazing graphics!

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13 Pac-Man

Best old school game ever!

14 Crush the Castle 2 Players Pack

This is very best game

15 Happy Wheels

Go to visit totaljerkface.Com and see how great and addictive it is if you haven't played it... THEN DO PLAY IT! - marlonacott

Type in 'Funniest glitch ever' for lots of fun - PeggyPenguin

Here how it should go:
1. Mincraft
2. Roblox
3. Happy Wheels

16 Skylanders

I love this game! All of them!

17 Flight
18 Bloons Tower Defense 5

Super smash flash 2 is good! Minecraft is Great! (Even though that's not
An ONLINE game) but this is the best.

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19 Shell Shock Live

The best easy! Unlock weapons, chat, levelling actually takes TIME, lots of maps and unlockables, and it's the best feeling in the WORLD when you snipe someone on the other side of the map and getting 110! YES!
They could've (should've) made this as a game that you have to purchase to play, off steam or something, and LOADS of people would buy it.
If you've never played this, play it. And prepare to get addicted. VERY addicted...

20 Superstar Racing

Best game I have ever played! I think it should be First of al!

21 Garry's Mod

Prop hunt is awesome but don't tell any one but it is lui caliber remember I pranked game stop laugh out loud haha

22 Team Fortress
23 Mutilate a Doll 2
24 Sword & Souls
25 World of Warcraft Cataclysm

This deserves to be in top10

26 Animal Jam

I liked this game. it is great for children. I highly suggest this game for anyone who likes to play virtual games

I used to play this and it's really fun. - Alpha101

I love this game so much

I love animal jam.

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27 Pockie Ninja II
28 Learn to Fly 2
29 Strike Force Heroes 2
30 Super Smash Flash 2

This game should be number one. This beats bloons tower defense all the way around.

Allows you to play your favourite video game characters without a console.

Super Smash Bros Brawl for free!

This is basically one of the best fangames I've ever seen. You can see the love put into this - NamiKazePants08

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31 Chivalry
32 The Hidden
33 Fleeing the Complex
34 Bloons Tower Defense Battles
35 Counter Strike

Game revolutionized online fps game. You need skill to be successful player with lots of mods and maps. You can play competitvely or play this for fun.

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36 Wizard101

May be a bit childish, but it's fun and very addictive. It's very long and there's so much to do!

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37 Poptropica

I like Poptropica. There are many cool things to do.

38 Kitty Cannon

Kitty cannon is the best

39 Club Penguin

Club penguin is actually kinda fun I remember playing it 1 year it came out AND WHERE THE HELL IS ROBLOX ITS BEST ONLINE GAME ever

Club penguin is gone and then they got a club penguin rewritten that's gone too. NOW THEY HAVE A CLUB PENGIN ONLINE! BEST ONE YET! GO PLAY AND MAKE AN ANCOUNT RIGHT NOW! I HIGHLY RECOMEND THIS GAME! I THINK THIS GAME SHOULD BE #1!

40 Agar. Io

Sold be in the top ten

I love this games - Neo7

41 Runescape

Can keep you playing 4 many yrs

42 FIFA Online

FIFA Online is the best game in soccer games field.

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43 Super Mario 63

It's fun it's a mix of a lot of different Mario game but in one

44 Aion
45 Crossfire

This online game is awesome! It looks like Counter-Strike. Those guns are so powerful, like AK 47 and M4A1. The female characters is so slim and fast!

46 Grand Theft Auto: Online
47 Avalanche
48 Chess
49 Team Fortress 2

The most free to play popular game in steam. It's a 10 G bytes and easy to download. It has about 9 characters that you can choose and battle with online servers.

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50 Bin Weevils

Binweevils is the best game in the world

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