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1 Minecraft

This game is actually addictive and deserves to be the most played game

Best game ever made
Notch was pretty dumb giving it to Microsoft

Best game and very fun must buy, very worth it.

BEst game ever love graphics and playing it

2 Roblox

It is really nice although the tags are very annoying I still like it

Pretty cool but people are jump scared of horror maps

This is the best game I had ever played

It the best game ever!

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3 Warlords: Call to Arms

Fortnite is number one

Where is fortnite

Bro where the hell is Fortnite you always get your numbers of the best games so wrong

I haven played it buts its probs good not as good as roblox though

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4 Bloons Tower Defense 4


This is good, but I think there should be something else in its place. I mean it IS good, but it should be better. I liked bloons tower defense 1 better than this one.

Bloons Tower Defense rules!

I love bloons games

5 World of Warcraft

Love the game

I LOVE IT! When I got it I couldn't stop playing it! I even bought a official guide the next day just to be updated and understand stuff! It's just a classic overall, but it's AWESOME!

My mom loves this game! !

Laugh out loud the worldofwarcraft is the best online game ever and warcraft and dibalo|| and starcraft the best games ever they have near 15milions player and so many ppls on forbidden servers all around the world

6 Halo 3
7 Realm Royale

Best game ever made

8 League of Legends

Beautiful Game


dope game


9 Bowmaster Prelude

Aim for the bull's eye or the head one and the same!

10 Kingdom Rush

The worst game ever

Terrible, it should be at least replaced with pixel gun

good game

The Contenders

11 Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2
12 Bloons Tower Defense Battles
13 Crush the Castle 2 Players Pack

This is very best game

14 Borderlands 2
15 Flight
16 World of Tanks

Best online game ever, must be TOP 1.

Top 1

Realistic, fun fast download and many countries classes tank classes and maps

Best game ever for online play..

17 Super Mario Maker

Nah half of the levels have traps, invisible blocks, enemy spam and random choices like doors and pipes leading to death! So yeah disagreed - Ar0nT0pTeNz05

18 Team Fortress
19 Animal Jam

I love this game so much if you wanna be my friend my account is- prideflag4life

Is a cute game for games

It is a super great game I love it. You should totally play it!

I love playing this game

20 Garry's Mod

Prop hunt is awesome but don't tell any one but it is lui caliber remember I pranked game stop laugh out loud haha

21 Shell Shock Live

You rage a lot but its fun

The best easy! Unlock weapons, chat, levelling actually takes TIME, lots of maps and unlockables, and it's the best feeling in the WORLD when you snipe someone on the other side of the map and getting 110! YES!
They could've (should've) made this as a game that you have to purchase to play, off steam or something, and LOADS of people would buy it.
If you've never played this, play it. And prepare to get addicted. VERY addicted...

22 Dota 2

i like it

Dota 2 must be in first place

This game is verry hard to win that's why I like it

Cool game

23 Chivalry
24 Paladins

Good game yes

25 FIFA Online


FIFA Online is the best game in soccer games field.

Best Game Ever!

26 Skylanders

I love this game! All of them!

27 The Hidden
28 Happy Wheels

Go to visit totaljerkface.Com and see how great and addictive it is if you haven't played it... THEN DO PLAY IT! - marlonacott

Type in 'Funniest glitch ever' for lots of fun - PeggyPenguin

Here how it should go:
1. Mincraft
2. Roblox
3. Happy Wheels

29 Counter Strike

The best game ever

Best game of all

Game revolutionized online fps game. You need skill to be successful player with lots of mods and maps. You can play competitvely or play this for fun.

What more can I say?
The best online game in the history

30 Clash of Clan


Best online game ever

It's so it too much..its good for past time..very relaxing ❤

The vest game I have ever seen in my life.though it is addictive but it is fun.talking with new peoples making new there any gsme like that which can make peoples to othe people friend

31 World of Warcraft Cataclysm

This deserves to be in top10

32 Super Smash Flash 2

This game is awesome especially for people who can't afford/find/don't have the console the real game

This game should be number one. This beats bloons tower defense all the way around.

Allows you to play your favourite video game characters without a console.

Super Smash Bros Brawl for free!

33 Kitty Cannon

I love it!

Kitty cannon is the best

34 Bowman
35 Bowman 2
36 Chess
37 Grand Theft Auto: Online

It should be first

It's fun, unless people kill you for no reason - trains45

38 Runescape

I remember playing this a lot as a kid, it was fun - trains45

Can keep you playing 4 many yrs

39 Club Penguin

This should be in top 10

I remember playing this game as a kid - trains45

My Favourite Online Game, More Than Roblox, My First One, It Introduced Me To Online And Friendship. - Spaghetti

Club penguin is actually kinda fun I remember playing it 1 year it came out AND WHERE THE HELL IS ROBLOX ITS BEST ONLINE GAME ever

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40 Bloons Tower Defense 5

Super smash flash 2 is good! Minecraft is Great! (Even though that's not
An ONLINE game) but this is the best.

I t is so fun
I spent 13 hours on it 1 day

41 Wizard101

May be a bit childish, but it's fun and very addictive. It's very long and there's so much to do!

But pirate101 is better

WHA? I HATE PIRATE 101 - - spodermanfan1000

42 Poptropica

A nice game for puzzle solvers and adventure seekers

i like it.

I like Poptropica. There are many cool things to do.

43 Pac-Man

It's a pretty cool game for an arcade, brings me memories

Best old school game ever!

44 Superstar Racing

Best game I have ever played! I think it should be First of al!


Best game ever

For those who don't even know about the game, your a snake, and you grow bigger by making other snakes bump into you, dying and leaving mass you eat up to get bigger and maybe big enough for the leader board. Millions of people play this game every week so I should belong in the top 10 or 5.

Supper addictive

46 Petville
47 Tic Tac Toe Tic Tac Toe Tic Tac Toe was a German all-female hip hop group consisting of Jazzy (Marlene Tackenberg), Ricky (Ricarda Wältken) and Lee (Liane Wiegelmann) that formed in 1995 and was infrequently active until 2007 - during that time they disbanded twice, and had Sara Brahms replacing Ricky from 1999 to 2000. more.
48 Dogfight: The Great War

Very historical. But the 2nd to last level is hard. Level 7 is a whole team battle. ITS EPIC!

49 Pockie Ninja II
50 Agar. Io

I love this games - Neo7

Sold be in the top ten is the best new version of has chat options, quality options, clan options...etc... Best game in the world...

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