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21 Garry's Mod

Prop hunt is awesome but don't tell any one but it is lui caliber remember I pranked game stop laugh out loud haha

22 Team Fortress
23 Bloons Tower Defense 5

Super smash flash 2 is good! Minecraft is Great! (Even though that's not
An ONLINE game) but this is the best.

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24 Pockie Ninja II
25 Chivalry
26 The Hidden
27 Counter Strike

Game revolutionized online fps game. You need skill to be successful player with lots of mods and maps. You can play competitvely or play this for fun.

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28 Super Smash Flash 2

This game should be number one. This beats bloons tower defense all the way around.

Allows you to play your favourite video game characters without a console.

Super Smash Bros Brawl for free!

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29 Wizard101

May be a bit childish, but it's fun and very addictive. It's very long and there's so much to do!

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30 Kitty Cannon

Kitty cannon is the best

31 Animal Jam

I liked this game. it is great for children. I highly suggest this game for anyone who likes to play virtual games

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32 Poptropica

I like Poptropica. There are many cool things to do.

33 Runescape V 1 Comment
34 Super Mario 63

It's fun it's a mix of a lot of different Mario game but in one

35 Aion
36 Agar. Io V 1 Comment
37 Crossfire

This online game is awesome! It looks like Counter-Strike. Those guns are so powerful, like AK 47 and M4A1. The female characters is so slim and fast!

38 Chess
39 FIFA Online

FIFA Online is the best game in soccer games field.

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40 Team Fortress 2

The most free to play popular game in steam. It's a 10 G bytes and easy to download. It has about 9 characters that you can choose and battle with online servers.

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