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61 Yaware

It is simple and easy to use. I like how Yaware evaluates performance. It is a good one!

Automatic time and productivity tracking
Insightful reports
Easy to use
14 day free Trial

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62 Fishbowl Workforce

Web-based time clock software redesigned for your modern business

63 SpikeTime
64 OfficeTimer

Time tracking software by OfficeTimer helps you track your employees' time and their efforts towards a project. This in turns increases your employees productivity and helps in timely completion of projects and tasks. OfficeTimer is one of the best time tracking software and project management software online. OfficeTimer is also a leave management software, office expense management software and client billing software.

65 Planmyleave

Staff Leave management made easy

66 Attainr

Beautiful and simple time tracker for personal or professional use.

67 TimePanther

TimePanther is very easy to use, simple, and free. It's my favourite and I think other's may enjoy it as well.

68 TSheets

Time tracking your employees will love. TSheets is the #1 rated app in the Intuit App Marketplace - and provides time tracking for hourly employees. Designed to simplify payroll, invoicing & job costing.

69 TimeFiler

TimeFiler gives you the ability to save time doing manual timesheet, leave request and roster processing with the help of their easy-to-use interface. Their system can be easily integrated to payroll as well as other business applications. Customization is not a problem as they cater your tailored needs without a hassle. - armchang

Flexible and easy-to-use Timesheet, Leave Request and Roster application allows your staff save more time doing manual work. Customized software and easy integration with other systems makes it one of the best time tracking software out there.

70 Timelive

TimeLive Web Based Software solution helps you manage your timesheets and expense reports on premises or on-demand.

TimeLive helps you in tracking your employees' and contracts' time. By choosing your own choice of time period from Weekly / Monthly / Daily / Semi-Monthly timesheeta, time entries are recorded against Project / Tasks and submitted for approval. With its multi-level custom approval path, approvers can easily view submitted timesheets and can approve multiple timesheets at once.

TimeLive Expense Tracking features provide expense sheet recording in multi-currency setup. Reimbursement options can be used to track your pending reimbursed expenses. The attachment options provided allow you to attach your expense slips / bills.

Generate your client invoices using the TimeLive Billing feature. Automatically track billed/unbilled entries and apply the billing rates with the help of the Billing Rates option provided in TimeLive. Specify different billing ...more

71 InvoiceBerry

Best invoicing software for freelancers

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72 MoneyPenny

Freelancers and small business owners can easily track time, invoice and generate reports with the best time tracking app: MoneyPenny. You can easily: log meetings and tasks which will be invoiced to your clients, use the timesheet calculator to modify time entries easily or monitor staff and project progress compared to budgets and estimated time for tasks. Also you can manage your team by the Team Time Tracker. Nobody else has something comparable. - Freddy_B

73 SolutionCorp
74 Buddy Punch
75 Timepot
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