Top 10 Best Only Fools and Horses Characters

Favourite characters in the legendary show Only Fools and Horses.

The Top Ten

1 Derek Trotter (Del Boy)

Surely the best character ever - EvilAngel

2 Rodney Trotter
3 Trigger

Britgirl I was watching that episode when I read your comment! - Unnamed Google User Remade

Mike: "So, what're they gonna call the baby? "
Trigger: "If it's a girl, they're gonna call it Sigourney, after the actress, and if it's a boy they're gonna call it Rodney - after Dave."

Trig really does have the best lines. He's definitely the funniest character. - Britgirl

Love him. So innocent and funny. I love him talking about his broom stick in Heroes and Villians. - Britgirl

Been a roadsweeper for generations by now

4 Uncle Albert
5 Grandad
6 Boycie
7 Densil
8 Mike
9 Raquel
10 Cassandra

The Contenders

11 Marlene

Her amd Del Boy especially in 'Sleeping dogs lie'

12 Mickey Pearce
13 Roy Slater
14 Alan Parry
15 Tony Angelino
16 Sid
17 Damien
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