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1 The Jolly Boy's Outing

Fantastic, must have watched it 25 times last year

All these episodes are some of the very best, and every episode of Only Fools is brilliant, but this one in particular is amazing. I've gotta say this and Miami Twice part 2 are my two very favourites. - EvilAngel

Definitely deserves to be first. Denzil's 'ear infection' scene is funny. Oh, there are far too many scenes to pick out a fave. OFAH is probably the most successful comedy to come from UK. Great stuff! - Britgirl

Ye briliant

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2 Friday The 14th

It is awesome

Gone Poaching

The Trotters go down to Boycie's weekend cottage to do some "fishing. " And there's an escape axe murderer on the loose. - EvilAngel


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3 Danger UXD

The hilarious pop up dolls episode - EvilAngel

The way they fall on the floor at the end when they blow up.

I love the part when vary said who's the monk

Best all round episode. Just hilarious is all I can say.

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4 Time On Our Hands

The Trotters finally become millionaire's. I think this should have been the last episode, but then years later they made 3 more to clear up the Freddy The Frog mysteries and to give Rodney and Cassandra their baby. - EvilAngel

Saw this episode recently fantastically well written and heartwarming classic

5 Miami Twice (Oh To Be In England)

The second episode of Miami Twice. Del and Rodney are almost killed by the Mafia - EvilAngel

David Jason's dual roles of Del Boy and Don Occhetti, a powerful mafia boss.

Rodney angrily holding Don Occhetti against a wall, thinking he is Del

Del riding across the sea on a jinxed water ski

The Trotters coming face-to-face with an alligator in the Everglades while escaping from the mafia

6 Tea for Three

Must be in the top 10?

7 To Hull and Back

Dodgy diamond deal special - EvilAngel

Feature length brilliance

Okay, so I come from Hull and did a double take in the summer of '85 when I saw Del Boy's Reliant Robin driving along Anlaby Road, before I even knew they were filming an episode in my neck of the woods... Even so it is a very clever episode with plenty of plot to justify its longer length. I think the first of the feature-length eps?

The best one. My all time favourite.
"Ajax" 😂😂. Brilliantly written.

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8 Heroes and Villains

The classic Batman and Robin episode - EvilAngel

I like this one very funny

9 Who's a Pretty Boy?

Corrine makes a brilliant appearance in this, such a shame the actress died shortly after. The scene with grandad in the pet shop is comedy gold!

10 A Touch of Glass

The Trotters are tasked with cleaning a chandelier. And it falls - EvilAngel

Super super episode the trio at their very best

This episode show why only fools and horses is loved so much by many who werent even born, I know many people who iv had lots of conversations with about the classic grandad scene with the chandelier, brilliant just love it.

Quality episode with the mix up of coffee and gravy and to top it off £6.2 million pounds

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? Yesterday Never Comes

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11 The Unlucky Winner Is.....

Great episode and Trudy following Rodney is hilarious! the groovy gang haha

Rodney: "They think I'm 15! "
Del Boy: "No Rodney, no. They think you're 14."
Simply brilliant

12 Strained Relations

Both poignant and funny. Real insight into dels character.very powerful performance by david jason. I'm delboy ain't I. I've got more bounce than zebedee. Awesome writing. Very poignantly performed.

13 Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
14 Homesick
15 Yuppy Love

Del falls through the bar, and we meet Cassandra - EvilAngel

The most classic scene that will give you giggles for hours

Hard picking a favourite. It's like choosing your favourite kid.if my arm was twisted,I'd go for this.giggles throughout.rodney's name on his jacket,walking home in the wrong coat, and of course the bar scene!

16 Dates

Del meets Raquel. Also Rodney dates out Nervous Nerys

17 Thicker Than Water
18 The Longest Night

Stopped in the shop and forced to stay there the night with Lennox - EvilAngel

19 A Losing Streak

"We're did you get those cards, same place you got your me old mate"😹😹

20 Diamonds Are for Heather
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1. The Jolly Boy's Outing
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