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1 Grand Theft Auto

Gosh Grand Theft Auto fanboys make me sick, they are always going around saying "no game should be compared to the Grand Theft Auto series" as if anyone with the right mind would even bother playing those games, they are just boring especially Grand Theft Auto 4, how could you even play a gane with no checkpoints in missions, terrible driving, always repeatedly tapping x or a just to sprint, very limited customization, boring and repetitive missions, you can't even "free roam" in this game, unless getting busted by the cops every time you punch someone is considered "fun" just screw realism, realism is in games is stupid, remeber back when games didn't even have a story? Just fun and classic gameplay, if you want realism, then do everything you can do in Grand Theft Auto in real life, and don't be surprised if you're in jail for more than a few seconds.

How is this number one? It is random, gets boring extremely fast, the developers are jerks, this isn't a "true" open world game. Compare it to Skyrim, how many buildings can you enter in Grand Theft Auto? Shops, etc, what about Skyrim? Every single building on the map. Grand Theft Auto Fanboy: Grand Theft Auto has a larger map than Skyrim! Skyrim Fan: Look at the detail in both, there are ants crawling on logs, the snow goes where the wind blows, the branches of trees sway with the cool breeze. Npcs have schedules and personalities, but in Grand Theft Auto, you have random A.I. that do nothing but attack, walk, and drive.

No other game should even be compared to this series, greatest video-game series in my opinion. Almost every game in the Grand Theft Auto series has been amazing.

Bully isn't a series. There was only one game - Jonerman

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2 The Elder Scrolls The Elder Scrolls

How does this not have 100% of the votes. The time and care that Bethesda puts into this game, it is outstanding. I used to think nothing was better than Halo until July 30, 2012. That's when I first played Skyrim. I've played all of the five main games now and I even buy books about it now, its amazing.

A true gaming masterpiece. One of the few games that completely immerse you even after the main story is finished. One of the only games I have ever spent 150+ hours on and I'm still no where near finishing it, not to mention all the huge DLC packs.

The world of Skyrim is so huge, epic, beautiful, majestic, immersive, vibrant, and lively it's beyond belief. You can go anywhere and do anything whenever you want. You're always discovering new places, new people, new secrets. Bethesda created several thousand years of lore for TES, unlike Grand Theft Auto where they just plonk you down in a city.

The elder scrolls is great. I love this series. I really want more games like it.

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3 Assassin's Creed

The entire Assassin's Creed franchise gives you an immersive atmosphere that you won't get in any other game because it has everything; a cool, extensive and interesting story; free running, stealth, a modern and brutal system of combat; suicidal and crazy dives, deep characters, outstanding weapons and outfits; freedom of going/doing everywhere/anything and much more, by far the best Ubisoft game ever created and one of the best open world games in history, I personally recommend AC2 mostly because of the story and the combat system but if you really want to kick some serious ass then get AC Revelations or AC4 Black Flag, a couple of masterpieces of course.

One of the best open world games series of all time. Assassin's creed deserves no.2.

I love AC, it's one of my favorite videogames franchises of all time mostly because of the story and the marvelous system combat which is bloody and brutal as hell, I like the freedom that it has because you can move not only in the ground or water, you can also do it in the roofs and walls and even through the air (in some missions) which is really innovative, cool characters and precious outfits, a deadly and accurate parkour and free running system, a tremendous arsenal (i love the mercenary hammers and swords but playing with axes and heavy weapons is also extremelly barbarous), variety of factions which you can help for and subsequently join them for your cause; and interesting environments, personally I loved Italy in AC2 (Venice, Florence, Milan, Rome); Jerusalem, Acre and Damasco in AC (during the third crusade) and France (AC Unity during the French revolution) - MadisonLeeJong995

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4 Batman: Arkham


This should be at the top of the list

5 Red Dead

Fantastic story, characters, weapons, Universe, Multiplayer and dlc. Just fantastic

Red Dead kept/is keeping me entertained for a long time. This game brought more out of me than any other game

6 Fallout Fallout

This should be number one because fallout 3 is the best game ever and new vegas is great also so best open world game and series - Romneymarshall

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7 Saints Row

I love saints row. The third is my personal favorite in the series and my second favorite game in a series of all time. Batman Arkham series I love the most but 2 out of 100 ain't bad (saints row the third reference 2 outta four ain't bad).

Really? This game is unrealistic and so messed up it should not be in top tens

Saints Row sucks they try to be like gtav but I give them credit on saints row 4 I loved that game you get super powers

8 Far Cry Far Cry
9 Infamous

Unlike Grand Theft Auto or far cry where you use guns and other hand held weapons infamous allows the player to super powers and choose to be good or bad.

10 Dark Souls

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11 The Legend of Zelda

I vote for this because it is so low and very influential to open world gaming and it is a great game - Mbhsepiphoneplayer

Like the higher games on this list, but I expect that Breath of the Wild will be great.

12 Bully
13 Bloodborne
14 The Witcher
15 The Uncharted The Uncharted V 1 Comment
16 Xenoblade
17 Mafia

MAFIA II Was such an amazing game, it had a great story, good graphics and lots of things to do in this open world set in Empire Bay (New York) in the 40s to 50s!

This is the best BATMAN game series ever. Arkham knight will be the best batman game ever!

Mafifa is great.2k should make mafifa 3. It is the one of a few gangster games that can compare with Grand Theft Auto.

18 Midnight Club

How is this an open world game?

19 The Sims

What. This is not open world. This is crap.

20 Driver
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