Macintosh OSX


Em, with respect, the person who wrote the paragraph staring "Yea the whole reason why macs never get viruses... ' knows nothing at all about Macs. As someone who has been using them for over 25 years (alongside Windows and Linux) I DO! So, you can only do "graphic arts, music, design and so forth..."? Actually these days you can do whatever you want on a Mac and in a far simpler, more logical way than you can in Windows. And faster. This person is living in the past and has obviously not used a Mac recently. You CAN play games on them brilliantly! Or perhaps I am imagining that?

As for users having to "run to the Apple Store because they don't know squat on how to resolve the issue", that's totally inaccurate as well. I fix all my Macs if they go wrong (which they hardly ever do). I still have a 16 year old Bondi iMac that runs OS X and has never caused me a day's trouble. A bit slow now, of course, but my point is I've never had a Windows machine for ...more

Mac OSX is worthy of number 1 or 2 (maybe behind) NOT NUMBER 7! This OS has been a trail blazer for MANY YEARS and will continue to do so! This OS has got great design aesthetics compared to its rivals Windows and Linux. Those who dislike Mac are to busy caught up in the world of "well Mac is so Expensive"... Yeah that may be true but with cost comes great quality. Mac harness' the thing which Windows and Linux still haven't got a hold of - Simplicity with the opportunity to have complexity when it is needed. Yes, if you are a gamer, mac may not be for you but if you are a student, a businessman, a programmer, a designer, a musician, a internet surfer or anyone else, MAC OS X IS right for you. The only advantages with windows is the fact that it is widely used so many know how to use it (but Mac is so simple to use regardless)

If people were to do an honest review of which operating system is the most stable, easiest to use, most visually appealing and well.. Most complete, you just don't get better than the Mac. I use both XP and Mac at work and there is no comparison. However, there are thousands more programmes for Windows than Mac, which is the only reason we use Windows at work - no useful Mac software to cover our specific business needs. Most people I know buy a lesser OS for this reason - gamers for example have to use Windows to enjoy the full range of offerings. But the fact that you are forced to use an OS, doesn't make it better. If only more people would try out OSX, you would never look back.

Very organised and easiest to get use to it. Hardware and software compatibility is out of the world, battery life is awesome. Worth spending the money. At least you don't have that worry of os crashing or computer going for a toss. Worry free work. From personal experience with 3 MacBook Pros it last me for 5 years without any issues. It is expensive no doubt but it better than spending small amounts on a new laptop every couple of years which comes out to be similar amount spending on the expensive machine.

This is the safest, reliable operating system in the world. I have to admit window is a fairly okay operating system, but do you know that if every time a window freezes in Windows and Bill Gate pays the user 1 dollar HE WOULD BE BANKRUPT IN THREE DAYS. Linux is also okay but cause of its uncommon, it does not have a lot of everyday softwares. So between the three operating systems I have to choose Macintosh OSX.

More of don't known why do we use a computer just for gaming and etc.. But company like Google choosed Linux is because that's is which hackers most use and the coding is pretty easy it can be braked easily and hackers too know all these things but is os like MAC OS X is hard to brake and hackers find difficult. In hacking a Mac that's the on reason why Macintosh is great

I've been a user of both Windows OS's and Mac OS's
I used to love Windows XP Pro, until I put my hands on Windows 7 Ultimate, This is by far the best OS Microsoft has developed. Windows 8 and 8.1 are just as Vista, garbage, Windows 10 is an intend to improve the huge mistake Microsoft did, and what they did? They fused 7 & 8, to get to 10. Awful.

Windows 7 Ultimate is my second all time favorite OS.

Now, Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9,

is my all time favorite. And I thought Snow Leopard 10.8, was unbeatable. The introduction of centered Spot Light, the capability to write on NTFS and many other formats with no use of Tuxera, made my life simpler. The system was at light speed, and for 10.10 to 10.13, they seem to take away features. How ever any of those versions easily beats any Windows. You will find Mac OS are super stable and fast.
Let aside that it becomes way more difficult for you to catch a virus. 95% of viruses are developed against Windows.

Now, ...more

This is the best OS out there. the major reason for its low market share is it exclusivity to Apple products. but that doesn't make it anything less. actually it is a very great OS that can be used by the first time computer users and the power users as it is extremely user friendly and makes it very easy to perform all kind of computations and at the same time offers great features that no other OS ( especially windows doesn't ) offer. For example try sharing some files between a mac and a windows machine. OS X rules.

Works perfectly for me, and almost always has. Straight-forward interface. Fantastic as an overall system that is solid, and feels solid. I've used various Windows systems at work for years, and I don't despise it the way that many Mac users do. It's fine. But I would never, ever choose to run Windows at home. Mac OS is it.

I was a Windows user for 15 years and then switched. Took a while to adjust, but now that I have; I'll never go back to Windows. OSX (in my opinion) just works extremely well and is a joy to use.

Honestly used most of them and this one is the one that has given me the least problems and allows me some nice comforts to learn differently in a way that works for me. I by far couldn't do that with windows sorry if I am ranting but it is true about my problems with windows.

Macintosh are the best operating system of all the time! It's better than Windows. -. -
The graphic and the style it's very better!

MAC OS X is my Personal favourite. It is the simple of the lot and there is very small learning curve. They way it interacts with the user make a lot more sense that windows.

Mac OS X is the most resistant operating system to viruses in the world. It is a great operating system for creative thinking. It is a speedy operating system, and organizes things in a very convenient way.

This is completely unfair you write about so many windows operating systems and classify the Mac osx as a single operating system..! On top of it the new osx mavericks is 10 times better then the windows 8

The Mac is the king of computing. Its for geeks, and everyone can see how many other companies try to imitate macbook air and macbook pro. Also MacOS was the first one to introduce Window Programming. Apparently Windows stole the word processor design form MAC. MAC rules always. But the only concern is price, which is not much a concern. They reduce the price every year by 200$.

The Mac operating system is extremely underrated, and the latest versions at least are excellent. I say this as a Microsoft user who has long shunned Apple. I still hope Windows 10 is a big improvement.

They need to have more games but other than that... The compatibility with stuff like printers are excellent and it is very hardy and never crashes

The easiest, most secure, most beautiful operating system I've ever used. It ties in so well with my Apple ecosystem of an iPhone and iPad. I love this OS, nothing can beat it.

Very stable OS and easy to use. The interface is clean, the exchange of files between OS is effortless and configuring networks, printers and cameras is usually automatic.

I think the Macintosh Operating System is a really good system FOR the personal computers, unfortunately Mac OS is only for working and learning not for gaming.

Secure, stable, powerful and intuitive in design. Great workstations, with cutting edge features. Sort of the BMW of computers... Pricey but you get what you pay for.

Clearly, it should have been on the top. It is an all rounder, easy, simple, zen like, and fastest. The only thing I regret about it is it could only be run on a Mac.

So simple and easy to find everything. The dock with my most used apps, Finder, the bar on the top. I can't understand windows (no, I don't think it's good enough to capitalize) or ChromeOS. Give a person who never uses a computer this and other OS's and Mac OSX will be the easiest to understand. I am a mac lover!

For me, it simply works. The hardware is long lasting but it is the operating system I like best. It was easy to learn and works much better than Windows 10.