Microsoft Windows 7


I'm techy kind of guy using many different versions of windows since 1986, I pads, android and such. I just purchased a new laptop reinstalled with windows 8 with touch screen and the latest processor. There is not much I can't figure out in a short learning curve. I'm the guy everyone goes and sees at work when having a computer issue, not by trade just by knowledge. I'm trying hard to figure out. Windows 8 but find myself lost and burning way to many hours to learn the system. I currently have my windows 7 disc in hand getting ready to upgrade from windows 8 on this new machine and I say upgrade to windows 7 because windows 8 is a disaster with no real file management system as I know it. Maybe windows 8 is such a drastic change from past operating systems and I'm a relic. Even with the 8.1 update I found it not any better. I had to install an app to bring windows 8 back to a functional operating system, but knowing that it is still in the back ground I will kick it out and bring my ...more

Windows 7 ultimate is the best OS, Windows 8 and 8.1 are designed for smartphones, I hated it on my laptop. Smartphones have 1ghz to 1.5 ghz processors but laptops have 2.4 ghz or more. So it would obviously be faster on laptops. WIN 8 have lesser shortcuts, and the most annoying thing about it is the windows we left keeps working in background, same like that in smartphones. I also lost gesture control like pad scrolling and auto dragging. W8 would be good for touch screen gears but it actually a WASTE for laptops, pc.

Windows 7 is a businesses friendly, gamer friendly, explorer friendly, customization friendly... Etc os. With an awesome ui n support for all apps it is the best ever. Can count on it always.

Windows 7 is a fast and smooth operating system and successes Windows XP and Windows Vista properly. Windows 7 can handle games like Minecraft, Skyrim, and basics such as Minesweeper or Paint. Programs I use such as or Microsoft Office are terrific and make doing my homework much less boring. I have use Windows XP, Vista, and 7 on a regular basis in my school and all three OS run on the same laptops and desktops and 7 is the quickest and best looking out of the three. I tried using Windows 8 in a Best Buy for about an hour and could not get use to it. Windows 7 for the wun.

Voting for either Windows 8 or 10 probably indicates recent cranial trauma. If Microsoft want me to buy a new product from them, they may as well just remake windows 7 in all but name (without the misguided aping of apple, inserting a dull Halo character as "personal assistant" and the creepy data collection and malware tactics of 10).
Yo Microsoft. Gather together whoever worked on 7, get them back in the same room together and have them make me a good goddam operating system! Show your original customer base some respect, and perhaps more importantly, learn to respect yourselves again.

I tried 10, too many bugs for a system that is out for over a year, Wasted untold hours trying to get sound back over and over, it changed it back to no sound. Files couldn't be deleted etc etc etc. all bugs that developed after a few months use. MS apparently really wants you to use 10 and end your privacy and tell you the news and not have any way to rid yourself of one infringement after another of your privacy and control of your own OS, which apparently now you are only renting. Try to go back to 7 but newest hardware is compatible to load 7. You will see more and more of this as they try to regain the power they gave away with individual control. I have to figure out how to load 7 on a Samsung 950 pro, apparently no one really knows or cares how this can be done. The future looks grim you will be forced to use 10 on coming intel systems.

Best OS. Beats out windows 8 which seems to be going more towards mac style. Which is for people who have little to no experience with computers... Aka dummy proof. What Microsoft should do is setup its OS to have different settings for its users. Where default is set for "Regular" aka windows 8/Mac OS style. Then an alternative setting "Advanced" for windows 7. That way it keeps everyone happy instead of focusing on screwing it up.

When it comes to end user experience, windows 7 wins hands down! Very rich in features, easy to install, user friendly, and great looking user interface. I would dual boot Ubuntu on a PC running windows 7. Ubuntu is great, but only because I have windows 7 to fall back on. If you have to choose one, W7 is the way to go.

The best OS from Microsoft yet.. It's simple, fast, fancy, great 64 bit graphics, and has a strong structure, programs and software run great and comes with features that other OS don't have... I love Windows 7

Possibly the last decent program to be made by Microsoft, they lost their geek with vision so from here on out it's all corporate decisions made by men in suits who can only see the money. This is where Microsoft peaked & if they don't fix the problem that is windows 8 it will be all downhill for Microsoft.

Hands down the best operating system experience. A far leap ahead of my second choice Windows XP. My least favorite (except for linux based OS's) is Windows 8. I bought it, and wished I loved it. But I found myself going back to Windows 7. Windows 7 is the best OS that I ever had the fortune to utilize in my everyday, personal and professional life.

I think that this is the best os because it is fast and is also very easy to understand and learn everything about it is also very easy. When I compared it by Windows 8 then I saw that it is much better than windows 8. Windows 8 is a total different thing that has been created. Windows 7, xp and 98 are somewhat same but windows 8 is not even a bit same as them. And 7 is also the most popular in the croud of a lot of people who love computers.

Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 have a really blank look known as the metro theme. Windows 7 has the best theme that is not blank and boring, AERO! I love the transparent glass, and I heard they are bringing it back in Windows 10, so maybe I will switch when that happens. But Windows 7 is faster than Windows Vista, and is just the most stable version of Windows I can think of.

Windows 7 os is the best os in the Microsoft. Now a days windows service pack 2 is released in august month. It is fast and more graphic performance.

I Like It
I Love It

Windows 7 is easy to use and has the best basic protection included. It has upgraded its graphics and has made more improvements than the other operating systems.

I use W7 and it is in my opinion best in the world.

No I don't say this because I'm a Windows fan. I say it because it is the best OS for multitasking, gaming, general entertainment, etc. , etc. , etc.

This is a gifted OS and I recommend it for anyone who is not a wiz on computers.

Windows 7 is by the best Windows OS from Microsoft to date. It's fast, easy to use, excellent user experience, the user interface and visual styles look amazing and has everything a user needs for daily tasks and gaming.

Windows XP would by my choice of 2nd best. Windows 8/8.1 would by my choice for worst Windows OS.

I am using windows 7 and in my point of view it's the best. So my opinion for all is to download windows 7. I really really love it. All other OS are worst sorry for the people who are using other

By far the best OS I have ever used.

OS X, Windows 8, and Ubuntu are good too but Windows 7 has them beat.

Looking through the list I can't help but wonder why No Commodore Amiga OS was listed but they did list and Atari OS.

I found that windows 7 is very helpful with it's business applications (I prefer Microsoft office as I find it easier to use).
Also, I recommend this for gamers as this is probably the second most game friendly in the world (First-Windows 8).

The best and clean operating system with lowest hassel

If you don't have a touch screen this is by far the best OS I have ever enjoyed. It is on 4 out of 5 of my systems. For a touch screen I would go with Windows 8.1, but to be honest, I have not had it on my tough laptop / tablet long enough to fairly evaluate it. So far so good.

Windows7 is faster than the older microsoft versions of Os, but use much more power.
I think, that microsoft hasn't made the best os they can do. Windows8 is really good at all, I don't know why win.7 is nr. 1!

Stable enough for regular use and supports x64 apps directX11, XP can't do that.
It's going to be a while before it's replaced.

Windows is the best. And mac sucks. Windows with antivirus program is safer than mac as well. And windows isn't so overrated and -priced.