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21 Chromium OS

This is for internet only, it is not recommended when you use to play games, you can play but in browser games only

You can only access the internet. But that good for browser gamers!

Can't run it on my 64 bit but looks good, fast, secure and crash free. Also chromium is better than chrome.

22 Debian

This is my favourite Linux distribution. Impressively stable and very versatile. The real taste of Linux

I would only trust Debian to run my web and email servers. It is always solid and has the needed tools to fix problems fast. It is a solid tool for the computer professional.

Brilliant OS! Really fast and low power, but can do so much! I use it on my Raspberry Pi, and I wish I could manage to install it on my desktop machines

Bro, debian is more lit than litmus paper!

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23 iOS 7

Nice? IOS look the same as it first launch. It gets boring looking at the same old UI, no customization, nothing. The reason why it run smooth, because nothing has change, just heavily optimize to run on one product.

IOS 7 is a fantastic os good looking icons fluid, easy design. If your looking for a phone is then iOS 7 is the right choice.

Its the best OS ever built for phones and so fluid to use and smoothness it has awesome...

All versions of iOS are basically the same. Unstable, slow, non-versatile platform with an almost-unusable UI. DOS on a phone is better. - Kaboom

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24 Red Hat Linux

Very nice os but not good as backtrack 5

It's really a awesome os.. For all serious computer user.. And its dangerous too. It's our passion. It look high demonstration.

To expensive to get an older version of fedora

Red hat linux is best ever enterprise linux for office peoples.It is very fast,virus free,crash free linux

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25 Linux

Is free why is not a true os - thebetter100

The kernel that powers Android, Ubuntu, and ChromeOS. The OS that powers 99% of the internet. The OS that powers space missions. The kernel that powers military equipment. That's Linux. Compact, versatile, reliable, user-friendly. - Kaboom

My vote is for linux

The open source model makes it very effective in good software design

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26 DOS

If you don't know why, you won't understand why. But I'll just say this: It set the non-unix standard for all personal computers since the eighties... And is still embedded to some degree, in almost all of the OS's in use to this date. Those who love sheer computing power, are not swept away with interface graphic B.S. and... REALLY know how to use it... Realize that among robust light-weight OSs, NOTHING else has come close to matching it! (Or lasted as long! )

No OS mesh with DOS. Everything can be done through this... God for hackers..

It is the ultimate OS for hacking, programing and windows was made on it on the first place!

It still powers Windiws to this day, which was actually a good thing a long time ago. Paved the way for Linux to be better. - Kaboom

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27 openSUSE

Very stable linux. Works perfectly. Never fails. MADE IN Germany

Super Stable, Everything under the sun always works perfectly and it is FREE! So you can not beat that, plus no Virus or Malware in the last almost 20 years I have used it. It is superior to any FREE or paid for OS I know and can be customized and never slows down.

Very stable linux. Works perfectly.

Greatest os

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28 Arch Linux

A nice and stable Linux OS, it is like a Lego game. You can build around your kernel what you want, without the need of major hacks. Indeed, not desirable for beginners, but also not so unstable and complicated like Gentoo. I was trying Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, Gentoo, Suse and Arch - Arch was the winner for me. I hesitated between Arch and Gentoo a time, but finally found Arch repos more consistent and up to date

Other OS' customizability pale in comparison to Arch Linux's customizability; you only have to install what you need, making it the most versatile modern operating systems you can run. Pacman provides a fantastic experience for installing applications without the need to scour the internet in search of a download. The likelihood of getting a virus on linux is practically nonexistent, and Arch Linux can run lightning fast. The OS is also updated frequently via a rolling release, and the process of updating one's system is quite unobtrusive.

The rolling release strategy is very important.

Why Arch Linux is the best operating system? Keep it simple, stupid.

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29 Mac OS X

It was terrible the should've burned them all

This os sucks, every os made by monopolistic corporations suck

Completely rubbish

Why not to kill it?

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30 Windows RT

Just windows 8 for tablets with keys. Windows rt

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31 Windows 10 Pro

Just as bad as Win10 - Kaboom

This is like windows 10s

This is the coolest version of windows I've ever come accross. I love so so much. windows team, please keep up

Windows 10 is worst the pro is aaa beter

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32 Ubuntu Gnome

Ubuntu is a great operating system but the default desktop environment sucks. Ubuntu gnome is the perfect mix of the best operating system and the best desktop environment. I prefer to use it with the Arc gnome theme and the Super Flat Remix icon theme.

Very good mix of gnome and ubuntu

The combination of the Ubuntu OS with the gnome desktop environment is outstanding.

33 OpenBSD

OpenBSD is the best when security is needed. My favorite OS for DNS Servers.

34 FreeBSD

Has only improved over the years.

The most stable Unix variant compared to RedHat and Solaris (quite good too).

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35 Haiku

One of the fastest OS ever, ideal for streaming video

One of the fastest and unique OS

36 Raspberry Pi Fedora Remix
37 iOS 7.1 V 2 Comments
38 Windows 98 Second Edition

Great for retro Windows/MS-DOS games - PerfectImpulseX


39 Solaris

One of the best operating system on the planet is solaris 10 and the latest solaris 11 is the first OS developed for cloud computing...

Yeah, solaris is the best os in the world

Incredible, just Incredible! Solaris is the best operating system in the universe and beyond! None other can beat it.

Solaris is one of or maybe the best OS but it lacks Hardware and Software Support.

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40 Zorin

Every think works from the box

I am not a linux user but have tried several versions of it. This is the version that worked the best for me. It is simple to install and setup. You don't have to do a lot of web searching to find a way to make something work. Works great right out of the box.

It is a simple and very fast operating system

The best flavor of linux I have ever used.

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