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41 BackTrack

Backtrack is AWESOME for penetration testing (aka hacking... )!
I love it and would recommend it to anybody who is even remotely interested in hacking.

It's a amazing os...


Please can some one send me backtrack software and linux os my email is, thanks, am also good in hacking contact me anytime you want to hack anything

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42 JavaOS V 2 Comments
43 Xandros Linux

Great Linux Distribution. Easy to use and can be setup like Windows or Mac. ASUS uses a proprietary version in their new Linux Based Netbooks.

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44 Mac OS X Mavericks

Most advance operating system

Wait it's free? AWESOME! I used to have it but I never thought it was free - favouredlist314

Not tried it yet but think is good lol

I was very happy with Snow leopard but this is the best, Fast stable, secure.
And its FREE!

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45 Mac OS X El Capitan V 2 Comments
46 Macintosh System 7.1

Fastest OS of its time. Required to play American Girls Premiere, Dazzeloids, Clubhouse Activity Center, Rockett's New School and several floppy disk programs. - playstationfan66

47 AS/400

None of those above even come close for serious applications

Bomb proof o/s on a bomb proof platform.

Great OS, all Fortune 500 co's have it

48 CentOS

I am linux user last from 5 year l love centos more than debian.

Stable, secure, easy, fast

Best RHEL free clone!


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49 Windows 7 Ultimate

Best ever, I actually used bootcamp to put it on my Mac because of how crash-free, fast, and easy to use it is. I still prefer it to OS X and regular Windows 7. Best. OS. EVER.

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50 iOS 6.1.6

You seem young. 6.1.6 was released Feburary 2014.

It,s so old

51 OS/2

Had features that are not available on Windows today

Another classic. REX scripting... Fun...

I am still running it on my (older) IBM desktop.
Perfecty safe, no virus ever been made. The nasty thing is that there is hardly any software for it to be used other than office applications.
Most ATM machines (money withdraw machines) run on OS/2...

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52 Kubuntu

Has a mix of both beauty and brains. Has the power of Ubuntu with the look of Windows 7. This is the best of this mixed with the best of that to become the best of the best. Actually, the look of Windows 7 itself is inspired by KDE which is the main ingredient of Kubuntu.

Using it on my chromebook, it is good at maintaining its battery, I can give it to others and they make their own account or use the guest option. Kubuntu is the best OS out there that you can find (in my Opinion, and so many people agree with me)

Using it on my chromebook it is the best OS system that I am able to use with no crashing on it and never loses power, and cannot find any issues with it

Just beautiful with Plasma 5.

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53 ReactOS

I like REactOS Very much although it is in alpha state but now it can run many or I think a lot of applications

It's basically Open Windows 2000, and Windows 2000 is like a prototype for Windows XP. This is THE OS to take down Microshaft. Their last good OS has ended support, and now they are of no use. - kfcnyancat

Reactos is the only operating system which is compareable with Windows OS that is not Linux

54 Windows Server 2008 R2 V 2 Comments
55 Windows NT 4.0

Fast, lightweight, and never crashes. The only thing faster was NT 3.51 which I think unbeaten in speed.

56 Microsoft Windows 3.1

The last Windows which didn't claim it's more than what it really was: a fancy toy. Lack of applications, crashes, loads of viruses, bugs, no real support, waiting years for device drivers... Win 3.1 was the most perfect reason to create Linux!

This where it started, true you had to upgrade Windows and DOS separately but you had fewer crashes and was easier repair, Win 95 and 98 weren't bad then we got xp through 8.1 with each getting more and more bloated requiring huge amounts of RAM just for the OS.

Very straight forward, and simple to use.

I love windows. Their own OS (operating system) I've got a windows 8 - 8.1 - 10 I love windows

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57 Cylon Linux
58 Xubuntu V 3 Comments
59 iOS X

Not in the world this wasn't invented - favouredlist314

Where the hell am I going to see this

I researched this and it is creations for apple computers

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60 Firefox OS

In the next while, I can see this operating system among Google and Apple. It could use some work, but so far it's impressive. It has a beautiful and friendly interface and uses lot's of web development language, so it's easier to develop for!

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