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41 Windows 98 Second Edition

Great for retro Windows/MS-DOS games - PerfectImpulseX


42 Solaris

One of the best operating system on the planet is solaris 10 and the latest solaris 11 is the first OS developed for cloud computing...

Yeah, solaris is the best os in the world

Incredible, just Incredible! Solaris is the best operating system in the universe and beyond! None other can beat it.

Solaris is one of or maybe the best OS but it lacks Hardware and Software Support.

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43 Zorin

Every think works from the box

I am not a linux user but have tried several versions of it. This is the version that worked the best for me. It is simple to install and setup. You don't have to do a lot of web searching to find a way to make something work. Works great right out of the box.

It is a simple and very fast operating system

The best flavor of linux I have ever used.

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44 JavaOS

JAVA... SO dry Subject But Great

Java is great!

45 Xandros Linux

Great Linux Distribution. Easy to use and can be setup like Windows or Mac. ASUS uses a proprietary version in their new Linux Based Netbooks.

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46 Linux Deepin

This is the best I've ever seen in the user experience of doing Linux and should not be so behind! Praise it for it!

The best o/s for a newbee in Linux platforms. Is very similar to Ubuntu.

47 iOS 6.1.6

You seem young. 6.1.6 was released Feburary 2014.

It,s so old

48 Mac OS X Mavericks

Most advance operating system

Wait it's free? AWESOME! I used to have it but I never thought it was free - favouredlist314

Not tried it yet but think is good lol

I was very happy with Snow leopard but this is the best, Fast stable, secure.
And its FREE!

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49 Mac OS X El Capitan



50 Macintosh System 7.1

Fastest OS of its time. Required to play American Girls Premiere, Dazzeloids, Clubhouse Activity Center, Rockett's New School and several floppy disk programs. - playstationfan66

51 AS/400

None of those above even come close for serious applications

Bomb proof o/s on a bomb proof platform.

Great OS, all Fortune 500 co's have it

52 Windows 3.0
53 CentOS

I am linux user last from 5 year l love centos more than debian.

Stable, secure, easy, fast

Best RHEL free clone!


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54 Windows 7 Ultimate

Best ever, I actually used bootcamp to put it on my Mac because of how crash-free, fast, and easy to use it is. I still prefer it to OS X and regular Windows 7. Best. OS. EVER.

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55 Microsoft Windows 1.0

BEST OS I had ever seen. Better than win 8. Amazing graphics, best GUI and safest os till now.

Still compatible with DOOM!

It's the best os for skyrim

Very simple desktop.

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56 OS/2

Had features that are not available on Windows today

Another classic. REX scripting... Fun...

I am still running it on my (older) IBM desktop.
Perfecty safe, no virus ever been made. The nasty thing is that there is hardly any software for it to be used other than office applications.
Most ATM machines (money withdraw machines) run on OS/2...

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57 Kubuntu

Has a mix of both beauty and brains. Has the power of Ubuntu with the look of Windows 7. This is the best of this mixed with the best of that to become the best of the best. Actually, the look of Windows 7 itself is inspired by KDE which is the main ingredient of Kubuntu.

Using it on my chromebook, it is good at maintaining its battery, I can give it to others and they make their own account or use the guest option. Kubuntu is the best OS out there that you can find (in my Opinion, and so many people agree with me)

Using it on my chromebook it is the best OS system that I am able to use with no crashing on it and never loses power, and cannot find any issues with it

Just beautiful with Plasma 5.

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58 ReactOS

I like REactOS Very much although it is in alpha state but now it can run many or I think a lot of applications

It's basically Open Windows 2000, and Windows 2000 is like a prototype for Windows XP. This is THE OS to take down Microshaft. Their last good OS has ended support, and now they are of no use. - kfcnyancat

Reactos is the only operating system which is compareable with Windows OS that is not Linux

59 Windows Server 2008 R2

Best OS for a server!

What is that even mean

60 Windows NT 4.0

Fast, lightweight, and never crashes. The only thing faster was NT 3.51 which I think unbeaten in speed.

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