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61 NetWare V 1 Comment
62 Papyros

Still in Beta, but based on Arch, complies to Material Design, and is fast, intuitive and EASY to use! - raiyyansid

63 Lubuntu

Slick! Fast! Useful with older/weaker systems

Light and unbelievably fast. Customizable and easy to understand even for dummies like me. Best ever comparable to windows xp pro.

Works great on newer computers, Increases video game performance by a ton, Doesn't look too shabby, Is based off Ubuntu Linux, Can't get much better than this.

Lubuntu is amazing! It is fast even on really slow computers. I put it on all my computers!

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64 Windows 7.2

There is no such thing as Windows 7.2 because Windows 7 don't have 2 service packs. Windows 7 only have 1 service packs.

Dude, there's no Windows 7.2, but there is Windows 3.2 - BorisRule

It does not exist dude

What the hell?

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65 Backtrack Linux

Very powerful operating system, most people use this to hack while its a very good os by its self.

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66 BeOS

BeOS was almost a revolution in operating systems. If only it caught on. I was able to open and play 8 different movies at once on a 600mhz computer using this OS. Video card was an old Voodoo 3DFX card. For comparison, Windows98 could barely play one instance of a movie on the same hardware. BeOS was the future foundation for media based systems. If only it caught on.

Apple should have picked Be instead of NextStep to replace Mac OS.

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67 backtrack 5R3

Backtrack is one of the best hacking tools in the world, join backtrack and you would be one of the best hackers and programmers in the world.

As every body knows that it is the best...
Yes I also agree...
It is really the best...

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68 Plan 9 from Bell Labs

Best OS for programmers. All the benefits of Unix and more. Still has a fairly good sized developer community. Downsides is mediocre driver support and not as many end user programs.

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69 SteamOS

Best OS for gaming

Best OS for Gamers! Ideal for a Gaming PC

70 Edubuntu

This os for education, its good but mostly having a problem with devices. Good for thin client operating system.

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71 Bharat

India made this operating system.

It's nice professional need to review

This the best for governments, they should have one for every country

The best free OS. It's best for students and govt job.

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72 Snowlinux

I enjoy using this os so much! I would give it a 5 star!

73 Inferno
74 Mac OS X Yosemite

Dudes are you crazy!? This is the best operating system in the entire absolute utter universe! The entire internet says that! You might think I'm crazy but this is very true - favouredlist314

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75 Mac OS 1 V 1 Comment
76 iOS 8 V 1 Comment
77 Windows XP Tablet PC Edition

Great for tablets!

Horrible idea, Windows is for desktops. - Kaboom

Frist normal tablet os


78 Minix
79 Windows 2.0

Way better than 1.01. Has Microsoft Word!

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80 Unix

Most serious applications are hosted on this platform.

Definitely the best choice for users who are looking for taking the best of its machine.

1 of the fathers of modern personal computers (Linux&Mac) are based on it in one way or another. Most secure computing base. OS-tems based on it make most of the server, touch screen market

Unix is very useful os

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