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81 Unix

Most serious applications are hosted on this platform.

Definitely the best choice for users who are looking for taking the best of its machine.

1 of the fathers of modern personal computers (Linux&Mac) are based on it in one way or another. Most secure computing base. OS-tems based on it make most of the server, touch screen market

Unix is very useful os

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82 Slackware

Linux for non-dummies. Climbing the learning curve to get it running forces you to know Linux from the inside out and to know Linux 100 times better than most people.

Awesome and really makes mind to work

I have no idea how Slackware earned its reputation for being difficult.
If you know anything at all about Linux or any Unix Slackware isn't difficult at all.
It's amazing how many people are scared off by booting to the command line initially.

It is easy if you know it!

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83 iOS 9

IOS has quite a few apps, although on most iOS devices it is very slow and is not a replacement for a real desktop operating system.

Fairly decent, took an hour to upgrade

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84 Zeath OS

How to download free

I like this Zeath os because it is compatible with my Dell venue 8 pro. It runs many apps and I prefer you to download this because it's so 60% safer than mac and windows.

Easy for beginner like me! My Dell Venue 11 Pro works well with Zeath OS and no lag and if I run my tablet with windows, there is so much lag!

Simply fast and quite enough for internet.

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85 BOSS GNU/Linux

Best os on the earth hum India wale

Started in India the newer version 5.0 is most reliable
And most useful for linux begainers

Made IN India, suppoeted by India, word for India

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86 Windows 7 Professional

The best operating system and version Microsoft has ever released.

Just as bad as windows 7 - Kaboom

Blickness never crashes, it just goes in

Never a fatal crash or blue screen of death. I trust it and it's UI makes sense, unlike its successors

87 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

Best of all for servers

Easy do use; Stable;

88 Amiga Workbench

I had one in early 90's. Best gaming platform at the time. Wish I kept it.

Amiga was ahead of its time compared to DOS/Windows and Apple.

Built 30+ years ago, and still has more features than any other OS today

Remember when computers was fun? that is the slogan of the new AmigaOS 4.1, and indeed it's a lot of fun. Amiga started the multimedia revo and gave the world the first multitasking operating systems for a home computer, it has also a small footprint and considered one of the fastest operating systems.

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89 Ubuntu Mate

Very nice en complete operating system.

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90 Lotus
91 Remix OS

Remix is the future, this will kill windows and pax.

Just like android, but for PC..

!..! Awesome!..!

Viva palestina


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92 MenuetOS

Never heard of

93 FreeDOS

FreeDOS is not based on Linux, it's a free implementation of DOS under the GNU public licence. it is pretty cool though

It's a great os functions like dos but based on linux. It's a combination Of Ms~dos & linux.

Yes, I still use this one a lot combined with GEOS. I still have many DOS based apps that I still use to this day. Somethings never die. That's why I use VirtualBox for everything else that I can't find hardware to run it anymore

Ment to run old dos games and programs also can be used to flash the bios light wight only 8 megabites in sive

94 Windows Server 2003

The nicest looking and most productive desktop environment ever created (up to its release, and still probably better than any desktop OS that exists today)
Windows Server 2003 R2, Enterprise Edition was on balance the best OS for the time, the 32bit verion was great, being able to run any WinXP program and use most drivers.

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95 Windows CE

This is actually a decent, if older, OS for embedded peripherals. I used to program commercial apps for this.
It has nothing to do with Linux whatsoever though!? It's primarily an imbedded Windows.

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96 Oracle Linux

Look under your car. You'll see a tag on your muffler, "Oracle Muffler." More Oracle hype. Lipstick on a pig.

97 Fuduntu

Try It... Believe It.
It has all the best things of Fedora & Ubuntu.
Very user friendly & offer all codecs, java, flash out of the box.
Punny name... Serious distro.

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98 Atari OS 4.1

One of the most advanced OS of its time

99 Mac OS9

I never experienced this mac os version in person, but like all apple products, I think of it a great computer os.

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100 SkyOS

One of the best operating systems for your personal computer

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