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101 GEOS
102 GhostBSD

A ready to go BSD, full desktop experience.

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103 Slax

Best usb Operating system for multimedia

Slax is modular, light, and also pretty (KDE), primarily intended as a thumbdrive OS.

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104 Ban
105 Elnis AVIO
106 Jolicloud

Its far better than Chrome OS and very easy to work with! It's also linux based so this OS is great for any netbook around the globe. Its very light, fast and it combines cloud and local storage in a beautifull and user friendly way with great graphics... Give it a try and you will be more than amazed!

107 Unity Linux

Please tell in detail

108 Cisco IOS

Best network operating system

109 Data General Command Line Interpreter

The first multiuser operating system of the history, son of CP/M.

110 Matriux Leandros V 1 Comment
111 Nokia Asha
112 BlackBerry 10

All this is a load of bull, BlackBerry 10 is the fastest, most secure & as well as Android friendly. enough said.

Love it

113 Knoppix

It give me all applications that I knew in Linux without having to install them. Just running live cd only.

IT is amazing graphics of this os... Most wonderful wallpaper in this os... This is a owsome os...

114 Hybryde Linux
115 Parsix Linux

Windows 7 is the best

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116 Point Linux

Point Linux rocks.
It's based on Debian Stable and has the Mate interface.
Very stable, fast and secure.
Great right out of the box. Easy to install. FREE.
Low learning curve so great for beginners and pros.

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117 SCO/UNIXWare

Laugh out loud beliee it or not this is the best I have ever used!

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118 Tizen OS V 2 Comments
119 Chromixium V 1 Comment
120 quantOS

The newest and best OS. It is a operative system capable of runin programs from WINDOWS, MAC OS and UBUNTU.

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