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161 Vulcan OS - Harris Mini Computer
162 Microsoft Bob

Worst operative system EVER. Seriously, check it out! You'll get a good laugh!

What in heck? (LOL see what I did there? ) There is NO way MSBOB could be here! Google it and get a good laugh!

V 3 Comments
163 FiOS A.K.A JarvisOS
164 Android Teflon

This is the best and user friendly os

165 Rim

This is a blackberry os, it is not too friendly in Africa

166 PSP OS

The os used on the psp and has lots of games and programs!

167 TomOS V 1 Comment
168 Zorin OS 8 V 1 Comment
169 Se90 Os V 1 Comment
170 MicroC/Os-II
171 Whistler
172 TOS

The Operating System, all said.

173 Windows Embedded POSReady 2008

Good for working at shops.

174 Microsoft Telecom
175 Indergo USB Operating System

Very Bad But Usefull for writing and printing and easy to use but hard to change settings

176 Ubuntu Studio
177 VAX/VMS (OpenVMS)

You kidding? Been around since 1976 and has NEVER been hacked. Makes PC OSes look like products from script kiddies.

If this ever crashes it's because someone blew up the puter

178 L4
179 Windows 3.0
180 Ubuntu Touch

The first "real" Linux distribution on a smartphone. It can be easily used as a desktop computer by just connecting it to a monitor. Very simple and modern interface. Just great!

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