Simply a better OS than Windows or Mac. It's faster, more secure, more stable, offers more customization, has less memory overhead, and CHEAPER than either of its competitors. It has the best software license (Open-source for the win! ), and despite what Mac Fanatics will say, Linux really is the ideal environment for high-power computations. (There's a reason most supercomputers run Linux)

I just love this OS. Its features are increasing day by day and you will never get bore of it. Its installing updates is very good nice and sleek not like windows and don't take loads of time to update. Its startup is really fast. Its System Requirement is low compared to windows and mac and now STEAM has brought games into LINUX so no more worries for gaming. No EXTRA LICENCING COST LIKE WINDOWS AND MAC

I've been using it for years, even it changed like all other OS the interface (now Unity) I like it. Just some difficulties because of the company I'm working for, uses some custom applications designed just for windows. Except for that... Is better and secure than Microsoft products. Less time to update (2h maximum vs 1day that windows need... - except the old legendary XP), almost everything is free (like every Linux) but If you're an advanced user or take a learning course about it, you'll know how to modify after your needs and how easy it is the modification of interface and even use on it applications designed for windows. Feel the freedom from an OS and... Remember that computers are made to run after people needs and not people to run after applications designed from the needs of the companies that made them.

Best Regards by Ardit Dashaj

It has practically every thing one would need or expect from a computer OS, and its Free. Not "free" as in buy one get one free. But gives you the freedom to do what you want, when you want and how you want. No other system gives you that choice"MS-Windows" or "Apple-Mac".. All versions included. Including the latest once. And this is coming from a guy who has worked with Microsoft for more then 3 years at 2 different places. Windows and Mac both restrict you in doing a lot of things, or out right tell you"Dude, It can't be done"But with Linux"Ubuntu Studio".. Not only can you customize everything, You can do things that you can't even imagine is possible on doing in windows and mac"that to at no cost"... For the people who think, this is for coders (programmers and geeks"please, think again. Those days are gone when it was command based and stuff. Now you have a GUI systems. And to get the the myth out that Linux is for geeks"the system even boots stating that"Linux for creative ...more

My 2008 laptop came with Vista when I bought it new. It's been collecting dust for the past year because Vista is GARBAGE and SLOW despite my best attempts to maintain (defrag, updates, etc etc). In Sept 2013, I decided to "tinker" with Linux only for my resume (seeking an IT internship). Out of all the "flavors" of Linux, I picked Ubuntu. I had only heard of Linux prior to this. Previously, my main computer has been a 2012 Macbook Pro. After diving in and thoroughly ENJOYING learning about Ubuntu, installing it, and playing with it, my 5 yr old laptop is now my main computer because the Ubuntu OS is FAST, stable, CUSTOMIZABLE, very reminiscent of Windows in layout (user friendly for Windows people), and clean. Ubuntu has exceeded my expectations, and my old laptop works better than it ever did with Vista. I installed Ubuntu (13.04) on both of my nephews 1 yr old laptops with Windows 8 after one of them had a blue screen of death. When the one nephew saw how his brother's computer ...more

It's better for programming, also more more secure than Windows. Linux have better authorization management, it's Open-Source, all software is free, every thing come installed with the OS so you don't need to download (or buy for Windows OS) and install. Since Linux is Open-Source the bugs get really fast solved. You can't stop the future, Linux is the future!

Ubuntu 11.10 is the best operating system I have used so far.. Fastest boot time than any other operating system, more stable, faster, lighter, more secure, and easier to use compared to its competition.. Never going back to Windows or Macintosh again.. You should have to pay for Ubuntu and get Windows and Mac for free.

After years of using Windows, I am fully tired of the constant crashing and viruses that are constantly invading windows. I have decided to look elsewhere I went to Power Mac and while that is nice it's still pretty difficult to learn. However you been to has caught my eye A few years ago, and I have been drawn towards it more more each year. At this time I think it's probably the best operating system A few years ago, and I have been drawn towards it more more each year. At this time I think it's probably the best operating system

Very customizable, very safe, free, fast... I like windows 7, but ubuntu has all the things windows has and more. I also like working with the terminal. It is a very powerfull tool. You can't mess ubuntu up, while windows will sometimes do the opposite of what you expect.

Had windows 7 for about three years, the support sucks they talk to you for 2-3 hours and they do not resolve the problem.
I brought two windows 8 tablet and that was a nightmare and still is. Then I took two laptops and upgraded to Ubuntu and I have not encounter any problems yet. I've been using it over a month now and the software is FREE! Good work! Soon Microsoft will lose it's pants. Let them keep upgraded leaving us without a easy way to use windows.

The learning curve is somewhat steep if you are coming from Windows, but once you learn to get your hands over the keyboard, you will discover the full screen start menu done right. Press the Super key (that's the Start key for all you Windows blokes) and the start searching in the overlay. Press Alt, and you search the menus of the program you are in.

Unity felt weird at first, but it is more intuitive going from a typewriter to Ubuntu than to Windows.

There are a known 47 viruses for Ubuntu. Guess how many windows has... MILLIONS. And it doesn't stop there, Ubuntu is prettier than Mac OS and faster than Windows, I put Ubuntu on my parents old computer that only has 2gbs of ram, and it runs really smooth. I ran Windows XP on it and it crashes about every 10 minutes, people who use windows 7 over Ubuntu either don't know about Ubuntu or are just stupid.

For me this is the only operating system I can get any real work done on. It's free, fast, reliable, stable, secure and has everything I need as a developer. Everything that windows has is also available for linux under a different name. All free, All legit. Its as easy and simple as windows to use and also gives you access to the more powerful features if you wish to use them, unlike windows which sheilds or plain prevents you from doing what you want. No constant updating, no trying to force you to do everything a certain way ( their way ). Looks nice too. Why more new computers don't ship with linux ubuntu installed I don't know. 10/10

I like ubuntu very much, I would really like that Canonical would invest really good money in Graphical Development packs, a real alternative for Adobe or Corel graphical suits. I do not think its that hard taking in consideration that for example on Ubuntu we have Inkscape, Gimp and Scribus - it only need a new Unity face for all 3 packages and high performance and compatibility with Illustrator and they could attract a lot of new users and possibly investors.

As a Linux operating system, Ubuntu is completely free to download, install and use. Out of the myriad of Linux OS out there, Ubuntu is generally considered the most user friendly and stable, especially for new users (partly due to a simple instillation process). It uses less system resources than many leading operating systems so you can use it on an outdated or budget PC and often seems faster or more responsive than other OS. Other pros include better security, plenty of customization options, community support, and a regular OS update schedule. It's my primary Operating System on my home and work computers.

Built in security, faster more reliable Internet experience without the bloated Micro$oft software and slagging windows registry, Ubuntu is nice, clean, and a very reliable OS. If you do need Micro$oft Windows software, you can use VirtualBox, which allows you to install Mac OS X.. , and all current and previous versions of Windows. Oh, and Ubuntu also has built in security as well, so no need to purchase expensive security software anymore. Zero licensing costs for the OS, and zero cost for security software makes this a worthwhile competitor to Micro$oft.

There are two types of people who vote here: Those who vote Linux, and those who have never tried Linux.

Stability, ease of use, availability of programs (nearly all free), upgrades at the click of a button. I love the Unity desktop - perfect for a computer novice, but great for more advanced users too.

The best operating system I have ever seen. A little harder to install third party software, but very fast system otherwise. I am running xubuntu on my old celeron laptop (dell inspiron 6000) and it is at least 10 times faster than my xp.34/10

Well, I have been an Ubuntu user for many years. Not only has it improved my quality of life, but it has made any computing task effortless. Regardless of the very few set backs that come with it, it is the best. Without a doubt. I never will go back. Also, they do sell computers with Ubuntu on them, the company is called System76. Take a look!

Seriously? Windows XP Professional is the best release of Windows, but it is not the best operating system.. Ubuntu is so fast and is virus-free and defragments itself with EXT file systems. Windows is terrible with viruses, fragmentation, stability, price, and steady releases. - lukesternoot

Secure, free, consumes less hard disk space, easily installed even older hardware platforms with low processing capaibility, all apps in a single software centre, have the option to install additional repository and performance add-ons to work better way and efficiently, built in office tool.

Changed all my laptops that had windows 7 to Ubuntu 13.10. Why? Windows 7 too many issues and too little support. Never go back to windows, I've been with windows for over 25 years. Poor customer service, too many errors, slow start ups and shut downs, blue screens almost every updates etc, stay away from windows. Software too expensive.

Yes, a mixture of Windows and Macintosh. Canonical Ltd. only provide the base system. But the bases are reliable. Office suite, connectivity, printers, multimedia, and SECURITY; almost many time I can get anything I need to support my computer activity.

Ubuntu may have ups and downs, but the brains behind it I can trust... Canonical Ltd.

Ubuntu is the most popular free OS on earth. It also features rich and user-friendly features though not having stunning graphics like derivative Linux Mint. I prefer Ubuntu over Linux Mint because it's quality, feature-rich and more user-friendly unlike Linux even great for beginners.

Great Stability. Ubuntu has nothing on Windows! It is a great system. Don't like the Desktop? Change it. Do whatever you wan with it. Its open source, even sell it, as long as the buyers can redistribute t also. Perfect for expirienced users to n00bs.