Windows 8


Windows 8 is a SUPER fast and very elegant operating system. It runs all of "my" XP software even better than XP EVER did! (Although apparently there are legacy programs that it does not get-on with. ) One gets all the new features of a touch screen (or just click on it or swipe with your mouse) and iPad-like apps along with virtually every familiar & useful ability that you've known from Win 3.0 through Win XP. (Yes, there is a desktop! ) As with every new interface, some humans need to learn that it takes a little effort and a little time to access all the new features and find where all the old standards are tucked away.

Microsoft has made Windows 8 to become a splendid and commendable operating system. This is a breakthrough in the world of OS. And I found Windows 8 quite satisfying, in terms of daily-needs basis. It is fast yet incredibly reliable in unpleasant situations, thus makes it very responsive I should say. Keep up the good work, Microsoft, and I assure you, very profitable eras are surely waiting in the future. Regards.

Your so stupid. I bought a windows 8 laptop and it sucks. It's s hard to find things. before I just clicked the windows button and searched anything, now I have to look for it. Also laptops have an odd side swipe thing that always makes me move. The trackpad was also terrible it stopped working a lot of the times. Not sure if it's fixed. The interface is so confusing. It takes me a while to find the shutdown. Macs are better than this. Dos is better than this. Linux is better. Even windows vista is better. I liked windows 7, it had that good windows button that helped you find anything instead of making you look for it. For example looking for something in the control panel instead of searching something like display or mouse and finding the display setting or mouse settings. There's more, but it would take days for me to write it.

Super fast boots in less then 10 seconds so It is better then any windows

Windows 8 is a new operating system for the people, but it's innovative idea makes it really worth waiting and it is very user friendly for touch screen users. But I think, for long-time desktop users, it is not very catchy.

1,240,000,000 users are tested with Windows 8 than 1,000 users are certificated with Windows 8. Windows 8 is now the best operating system ever! :D

It has a very user friendly ui like Mac. It uses very little resources like Linux. And it's Very powerful like older windows. This OS has the best of them all

I cannot believe the people who regard Windows 8 a failure. This OS, once installed, runs much faster, compared to previous Windows versions (I've tried every single one of them - from ME to 8.1) and is much more secure. It houses and gives compatibility for more tools and programs used by power users, like me. The interface beats the rest - it's beautiful and functional at the same time.

Windows 8 is awesome, haters, get over it. - GrassDinosaur

I got used to the new user interface pretty easily, but I can see how many people wouldn't like it, but if you don't like it stick with Windows 7 which is also a very good operating system. Windows 8 does have many improvements over Windows 7 under the hood if you can get past missing the start button. Better features include better recovery options, storage pools, and video compression and smaller footprint than Windows 7. If it still had a start button or if people could choose which interface option they wanted in a setting, no doubt it would be number one on this list. I own a PC tablet, and laptop all running Windows 8.1 upgraded from Windows 8. It's the best on the tablet, but good on the PC and Laptop also.

Uses resources the best. Has the broadest capability list. Quick start up. Small updates at quick installs. Multiple ways to use it. And (for the people who like the desktop and design of Win 7) you can use the entire system without having to deal with the tile screen at all. And most importantly, it runs an ever larger base of programs than Windows 7 with less problems.

This is lovely and best than windows 8 from Microsoft and much more than that it has a lovely android thype start screen so I would choose windows 8 rather than windows 7 and windows xp it has much higher graphics requirement so I would definitely choose windows 8 rather than windows 7.

It's nice but not equal to windows 7

Sacrificed some of windows 7's beauty, to be faster... yes it is faster than 7 and vista... the only cons,1- the metro thing, but all what you need to make it user friendly is to install Classic shell... I prefer it to windows 10 as well (I don't need Cortana or the other new services of windows 10), 2- unfortunately won't support many old games, which run easily smoothly in windows xp, without any trick.. Even if you get into compatibility mode, reducing resolution etc... they will never play... on the other hand it worked much better with me on emulating PlayStation and cube box...

Windows 8 is very faster and beautiful graphic non other operating system don't give you lot of feature but windows 8 is only one operating system form Microsoft that not support for every thing

Customization is a snap and not too different from previous operating systems. It also has great security features that are easy to find and I can lock child users out after a certain amount of time. The metro apps are also useful.

Spectacular.. It supports touch screen.. And Maybe it is new.. So many apps haven't created for Windows 8.. I think it will support more apps in the future.. Maybe windows will develop higher windows version like windows 9 or maybe other name of windows.. And maybe windows will be the best OS ever in the future..

Windows 8 is more just like you touching it...

It should be on the top because its best of all windows series... Love the look and feel, I'm a desktop user and I'm really getting used to it. And Its lightning fast too!

Windows 8 is by far the best OS ever. With it's app store, compatibility range, and touch screen desktops/2-in-one laptops; it is like a tablet and a desktop operating system combined. Even the surface pro is like a laptop because it can run desktop apps and it has a real keyboard and stand.

It is awesome, personalization is very good fast and fluid, quick and the new feature of windows store is a very good idea, excellent and what about windows 8.1, that's really awesome

Windows 8 is actually the worst operating system of all time, it should not be number 2, take it off the list or put it in last place please, it's the most failed operating system ever invented, Windows 8.1 was slightly better, but still useless and a fail for operating systems.

Stylish start menu and good Xbox music integrated player to hear sound and also internet software is the best but they also like windows 7 this is bad thing in it

User friendly, fast, cheap, awesome UI... Too bad that a lot of people are having trouble adapting. It really is super easy to use and it's much better than anything that came before it. It even has an option to look and feel almost exactly like Win 7 if you get home sick. GET ON IT PEOPLE!

I'm 18 and I use Windows 8 as well, its nice to see someone else liking the operating system as well, cause most people who I hang around with don't like Windows at all and want all Apple products.

Fastest performing operating systems I have used and that is saying allot. The compatibility is great, and just the layout and design is great but does get a bit of getting used to. =)