Top 10 Best Original Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

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1 Raigeki

While I will agree that Slifer is awesome, I have to say that raigeki is better. I mean, it's flat out destroy all monsters no if ands or buts. Slifers effect is still really really good, but I have to give it to Raigeki. - llamabaconllama37

You can destroy every monster of your opponent! Everything! - Moppel10

2 Pot of Greed

It would be pretty awesome if it wasn't banned

Two cards for one-here you are! - Moppel10

The most classy of all hands down make this NUMBER 1!


3 Man-Eater Bug

Been killing monsters with this card for many years. Flip and destroy. can beat it. With 3 OVM's its great. Bring it.

I played an op syncro, attacked this while it was in face down defense, and the flip effect killed it. DAMM

4 Slifer, the Sky Dragon

Slifer is the best no need to protest!

I have to admit this is probably the best card in the game

Duh, everyone knows this is the best!

Slifer The Executive Producer!

5 Monster Reborn

Catch any monster you want in a graveyard. It doesn't matter how the ATK is you should take one with high power. - Moppel10

6 Messenger of Peace
7 Red Eyes Black Dragon

Combo it with red eyes fusion + red eyes insight and so powerful

It's an irreplaceable classic I always keep one in my deck even if it isn't practical.

It's a good classic card and one of the best

Just cool classic and powerful lets also not forget all those abilities

8 Black Luster Soldier Envoy of the Beginning

You can banish every monster of your opponent! It has 3000 Atk and it can attack twice each turn! I can't say this in words-its impossible - Moppel10

Better than blues eyes and you can't lose with it

Great card, best in my deck I might add!


9 Sangan

This card is banned, because you can use it in really each deck and you can search your deck for any monster with 1500 ATK - Moppel10

10 Blue Eyes White Dragon

I would win with my winged dragon of ra

The reason I never lost a match, 24 wins 0 losses

Very few will live to tell the tale

Combine with some of the newer blue eyes cards and you can make an almost invincible deck ex. deep eyes white dragon, maiden with eyes of blue etc.

The Contenders

11 Shadow Spell
12 Summoned Skull

I have this card too. I love yugioh!

13 Treeborn Frog

It is better than Sinister Serpent and you can have three of them in your deck! I think you should use them! - Moppel10

14 Obelisk the Termenator

Another Easy way to summon the gods is to. Metal reflect slime monster reborn combo or call of the haunted. But usualy I run 3 maiden eyes of blue and 3 blue eyes and that's it. Besides 1 of each god it a pretty great deck hasn't lost a single battle. Not even on dueling network

This is my best card I personally think it should be top or second on the list! I love yugioh!

The second best god card. You offer two monster to make a "Raigeki"-effect. - Moppel10

Shouldn't this be WAY higher on this list I mean it has a guaranteed 4000 atk points and can't be targeted by card effects what could be better than that except maybe exodia or slifer

15 Waboku

It helps you if your opponent have more monsters than you and protect your monsters by every damage. My most favourite trap card. - Moppel10

Yeah no battle damage and monsters can't be destroyed

16 The Winged Dragon of Ra

It can have more if you have cards in your deck to increase your life points Ex enchanted javelin draining shield and even some aroma cards, also it's the last of the three god cards I need

#1 god card his effect is op and I always win with my deck and I love his effect lose all but 100 life points and then ave up to 7900 if you can keep all of your life points

I do appreciate Slifer and I believe that it is definitely one of the best, but I have to give it to Ra.

I think ra is the best because you can add life points with dian keto and add attack to ra

17 Tribute to the Doomed
18 Harpies Featherduster

Helps you if your opponent has "too many magic and trap card" ;D. - Moppel10

19 Dark Magician

There are so many cards that support them and they are the original spellcasters.

20 Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon

This is not an original monster who ever posted this

no good

21 Emes the Infinity
22 Lava Golem

When you knew how, you could easily win games with it

23 The Five Headed Dragon

5000 attack and defense and a complete bad A$$

May take a lot to use it, but once you do, 5000ATK/5000DEF, and cannot be destroyed in battle by, DARK, EARTH, WATER, FIRE, or WIND monster.

24 Black Magician
25 Gravity Bind

This card doesn't let any 4 star or above monsters attack!


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