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1 Hikaru Hitachiin Hikaru Hitachiin

Honestly, I don't know why I think this so much but Hikaru is so cute! His looks, personality, everything about him is just amazing! It's obvious that he has a lot of troubles and has dealt with a lot, but he is very loyal to kaoru and to his friends. He also really cares for Haruhi which I LOVE and it really builds to his character. It's a shame that in the end of season one AND in the manga that Haruhi picked Tamaki but whatever, it's fate from the beginning. If there is a season 2, I certainly want more of his own screen time without him and Kaoru always being together.

Even if him and his brother are the same, Hikaru simply draws more attention to himself and makes me feel as though he really cares about Haruhi. He just is one of my favourite character with his mischievous and funny personality!

Honestly I love how much Hikaru stands out, even without the parted hair thing somehow I can always tell that one of them is Hikaru (And no its not by that fact that he sounds like Natsu Dragneel)

I have no idea why but I find him very attractive. HE'S JUST TO CUTE.

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2 Tamaki Suoh

After all he's been through, Tamaki still has the strength to smile and make others happy. He brought together the entire Host Club by himself, bringing light into every member's life. All of these characters were hurting before he came to help them, and his incredible healing heart succeeded.
I am always amazed and inspired by Tamaki's love for everyone around him and for his strength, especially after losing the rights to see his mother.

Tamaki is an idiot but also very romantic and handsome. He is so pure and honest. He is so optimistic so I love him too

I love him so much. He is very pure I think that word describes him well. He hasn't got any evil things inside him. He is just very nice.

I love Tamaki

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3 Haruhi Fujioka Haruhi Fujioka

As a girl I want to be like Haruhi. She is hardworking, cute and kind. She can see what other people can't see. She can understand which twin is Kaoru which twin is Hikaru. I think that's very important. She is not an ordinary anime girl who just cares about her look and love stuff. I can't just describe her in one or two sentences. She is very special she is the best.

Haruhi is a great character who isn't afraid to share her opinion. She is honest and she is also hardworking. But my favorite thing about her is that she views people on what their personalities are like rather than how they look. I wish that their were more people like her.

Haruhi at first seems like a fairly emotionless, apathetic person. However as the story goes on it reveals that she is in fact very hardworking and kind yet isn't afraid to be straightfoward and share her honest opinion - she doesn't sugarcoat anything she says. She's strong, and she can stand up for herself and occasionally others. Also, she's confident in her abilities and doesn't fret over her looks which (in my opinion) makes her a very unique anime character. She's one of the best anime protagonists that I've seen so far.

Without Haruhi, you have no reverse harem and no OHSHC.

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4 Kyoya Ootori Kyoya Ootori

I love kyoya, the twins are both overrated, tamaki is a sexist jerk who thinks anyone without millions of yen is a commoner, haruhi thinks shes so tough but shes not, takashi is too quiet, honey is too short, but I love kyoya

Screw Apple, Kyoya has a Pineapple. Look that up on Google. It's my pic

He is smart and keeps tama in check, he is the dark prince behind the throne. Not to mention his little black book

Kyoya is my favorite haruhi is second honey is third

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5 Kaoru Hitachiin Kaoru Hitachiin

It's really hard to choose the best character in this manga, since - hands down - there are no bad characters in this series!
I also don't wanna play the "whose the better twin" game here as you can't with two magnificent characters like the twins.

To be honest when I first read the manga I was head over heels for Kaoru.
Normally in manga one guy is the interesting, outgoing one and the other one is just a prop. But not in this case! Hatori Bisco really knew what she did when she created him.

He totally is his own person and I'd really like to have a boyfriend like him. He is so much fun to be around, but also knows when to buckle up and act mature and calm. His personality is also very realistic: when it comes to his brother he (funnily as the younger one) is eager to be protective and generous, but while talking to Honey and Kyouya you can clearly see that he has a childish and insecure side to him.

Also, I love how objective he is about most things and ...more

He needs more love there's more reason to love him than his brother for instance he is more mature and still is a fun guy, he knows how to deal with his emotions and other people making him a better person to be around, he also better understands the relationship between Tamaki and Haruhi and doesn't but in as much as Hikaru(even though he still does). Although the twins together are great if I had a choice of spending a day with one of them it would be Kaoru.

I agree he does deserve more recognition. Kaoru is my favourite twin. I mean he's more mature, nicer and more considerate of others. Seriously he put his brothers feelings before his own like he does to everyone else.

Everybody love him please give him so much love

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6 Takashi Morinozuka

Takashi is the most loyal of the hosts. No matter what he will never leave Honey's side and will always take care of him. Even though he is a man of few words, he had a big heart!

The strong, silent type... Mori is awesome. Enough said.

Quiet but caring and warm hearted

He’s a tall, soft spoken guy.
Incredibly loyal and cute as well! I don’t like Honey very much but Mori is the best character.
While I do enjoy my homo twin pair, the way Mori is always so quiet and stone faced is cute because you see his emotions all poured out into his actions, showing how caring he is :3

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7 Mitsukuni Haninozuka

He's Pretty Cute

I think he is the best

Hunni, is just like me and there is no denying it.

He is the most adroble chacter in the anime he is like a happy ciel and I love him

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8 Umehito Nekozawa

I don't know why, but I think Nekozawa is a really good character.

I ship him with Renge, they are both awesome characters

He is so underrated, wish there was more of him. so creepy but so charming. - YOUnique253

9 Renge Houshakuji

Her voice annoys the crap out of me.

How dare you disrespect Monica Rial, the queen of anime dubbing! - listotaku17

I like her she fine and funny

Cracks me up - YOUnique253

I just do not get why so many people dislike Renge. Sure, she’s an otaku (and I bet you’re one too) and she is basically medusa but it is very funny when she randomly appears in episodes and wouldn’t you like to meet your crush after playing or browsing on the internet of that person? =^~^=

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10 Ritsu Kasanoda

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11 Ryoji "Ranka" Fujioka

Calm down, Papa Man!

Funniest character

12 Honey Sampai

Honey Senpai is so funny!

Lols I don't know why I did this

cute c=

13 Arai
14 Mitsukuni Honey Haninozuka

He's too cute to be fourteenth also the twins are the same and should be in the same spot but honey is way better then the man who tried to rape haruhi!

15 Tamaki Suoh The Annoying Idiot King
16 Kanako Kasugazaki

Has that typical weird personality. Which I find cute in my opinion

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