Best Ouran High School Host Club Episodes


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1 The Fujioka Household's Daily Life
2 The Twins Fight

This episode has only one word to describe it. "Wow"

I love this episode

3 The Sun, the Beach, and the Host Club

I was just wondering why you can't fight 'because you're a girl'. I understand that Tamaki was worried for Haruhi but I think that generalises girls as 'being weak'. It also gives the impression that you shouldn't fight if you're a girl, and it really shocked me how angry Tamaki became just because Haruhi stood up for what she believed was right.

Everyone says they were uncomfortable because of what Kyouya did but I think that was really important. He did it because he wants to make Haruhi understand that she is a girl and she should protect herself from guys which she can not match with and I think he know that Haruhi could hate him with what he've done but he did it 'cause he want to Haruhi to understand and that thunder scene was so lovely it warmth my heart.
-sorry for my bad English-

Haruhi learns a lot in this episode on how the boys think, kyo stands up for tamaki and tamiki helps haruhi with her fear of thunder storms but gets found out and the other guy's think he's pulling some 4-play trick on her.

So cute!

4 This Is Our Ouran Festival

This episode made me ball my eyes out! It was so romantically sad!

5 Until the Day It Becomes a Pumpkin

This episode made me so sad! But I loved it at the same time, especially at the very end when Kaoru says something like "I don't know what I'm going to do" as to when Hikaru realizes that they have to live their own lives or whatever, and then the music that ends the episodes come on, I was practically crying -___-

Whenever someone says pumpkin I sigh and look into the faraway distance

I siriously cried so much on this episode. We get to see more of the twins and shows how SELFLESS Kaoru can be.

6 Haruhi and Hikaru's First Date Battle Plan

It's a good episode, but I think Hikaru belongs with someone else...

7 Kyoya's Reluctant Day Off
8 And Kyoya Met

Most poetic and sweet episode in the whole show between my two favorite character. Best episode hands down.

9 Honey's Three Unsweetened Days V 2 Comments
10 Haruhi in Wonderland

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11 The Door The Twins Opened

Truly my favourite episode. Has so much meaning. The twins are not as mean as u think, and they have a backstory like everyone else. The twins are pure awesome. Watching this makes people see that.

12 Mori-senpai Has an Apprentice Candidate!
13 Tamaki’s Unwitting Depression!
14 Jungle Pool SOS
15 Starting Today, You Are a Host! V 1 Comment
16 Covering the Famous Host Club!
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