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Overkill is an American thrash metal band formed in 1980. The band has been active since 1984, releasing 16 studio albums, 2 EPs, 2 live albums and a “covers” album. Along with Anthrax the band is one of the most successful East coast thrash metal bands.

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1 Ironbound Ironbound Cover Art

Ever had a Metal-god orgasmic LSD experience amongst the Titans of Asgard while headbanging in snow? I do, every time I listen to Ironbound. Overkill is right up there among the greatest metal bands in history, and that is not going to change anytime soon.

It's really good. It gets better if you think that they are a really old band and they still keep up with their roots. I mean their older stuff. So Ironbound (album) is the best for me right now from them.

This band is legendary. Deserves a hell of a lot more attention that it ever got. So, so underrated

This song rules. Why aren't there any songs from "Horrorscope" on this list, like "Coma" or "New Machine"? That CD is their best.

2 Elimination Elimination Cover Art

Something is going around, crying at the epidemic, pullin' on nails, six feet underground... Elimination, elimination, elimination, elimination, eliminate the right, eliminate the wrong, eliminate the weak, eliminate the strong, eliminate your feelings, eliminate too late, eliminate your hopes, ELIMINATE, ELIMINATE... SO EPIC!

It would be the best if the riff didn't sound exactly like Master of Puppets.

Bobby's voice at the start sounds like Micky Mouse

I have to go with the song that brought me to Overkill. Last one out closes the coffin door.

3 Playing with Spiders / Skullkrusher Playing with Spiders / Skullkrusher Cover Art

Might not be their typical thrash stuff, but to start with such an awesome, almost marching riff and to only get better and catchier for the entirely of the 10 minutes is a ridiculous achievement. Especially when it kicks in for real halfway through. Everything you could want from a song.

One of my all time favorites. It kills me that enough people hear the magic of this song. Slow and heavy and then full out thrash. Genius.

One of the heaviest songs ever. Truly.

Biker anthem, thrash anthem, and metaphysical to boot.

4 Horrorscope Horrorscope Cover Art

In my opinion Horrorscope is their best album. This song gets my vote I Love how heavy and evil it sounds. The eerie bass intro is a nice touch.

Some people may not like that it's slowed down compared to their usual stuff, but it produces such heavy, juicy riffs. Mindblowing solo.

5 Coma Coma Cover Art

You've got to be kidding me. This is #1 by miles. I like Ironbound and all, but there's way too many new fans mucking this list up. Ironbound #1? Please.

I think Ironbound is best. It shows that Overkill still kicks butt. That being said, I still am a sucker for their old stuff, and of that, "Coma" is the cream of the crop.

Arguably the best Overkill song!

You could put the entire horrorscope album to start this list.

6 Time to Kill Time to Kill Cover Art

Classic Overkill song give it a listen and you'll love it!

Why wasn't this on here?

One of the best songs from their album.

7 I Hate I Hate Cover Art

This song kicks so much ass. I hate people who make you feel small. I hate having my back against the wall. I hate being talked down to. But most of all I hate you.

It digs into stuff that really triggers an angry response in people, lights a fire within, and sends you into the pit like a charging rhino!

This song is underrated, and while it's nowhere near the best song, it actually has some pretty good lyrics.

Best song from Overkill

8 Rotten to the Core Rotten to the Core Cover Art

Simple an amazing thrash metal song, nothing more needs to be said

When I hear this song, I feel like thrashing my head off.

It is an excellent song, I like it very much

I like their new stuff but the old stuff is so much better! Powersurge, Wrecking Crew, Feel the fire. But my favorite Overkill songs are Rotten to the core and Fear his name.

9 Electric Rattlesnake Electric Rattlesnake Cover Art

This is the best song from their latest album and the best after ironbound...
Electric RattleSnake

Holy crap it's a beast of a song!

10 Bring Me the Night Bring Me the Night Cover Art


I have no choice but to destroy everything around me like a metal thrashing lunatic whenever I hear this song!

The Contenders

11 Hello from the Gutter Hello from the Gutter Cover Art
12 Raise the Dead Raise the Dead Cover Art

This is a killer first track song

13 Overkill Overkill Cover Art

I just can't believe that this is on 15 and Feel the fire on 16.

This song attracted me to this band.

The title track of Overkill and a real & pure thrash metal composition...
Overkill is the best east coast thrash band without any doubt!

14 Necroshine Necroshine Cover Art

This must be the best song after ironbound

15 Deny the Cross Deny the Cross Cover Art

Alright it seems that you've left all the classic Overkill pieces off of this list! How could you not have this one!

This song is fantastic. Very catchy and spine chilling. EPIC. OVERKILL WILL NEVER DIE.

The live version is more awesome.

This song is by far the best

16 Soulitude Soulitude Cover Art

Everything you could ask for in a song. Starts of very slow and relaxing. After a while it goes fast and brutal with incredible bass playing which fots the vocals and the drums! Can't believe this isn't in the top 10 at least

The best overkill song by far, The chorus is so powerful!

This list sucks, and this song is beautiful

17 Who Tends the Fire Who Tends the Fire Cover Art

This is the kind of song that makes a band huge..
Really ambient song gets stack in your head from the first time you hear it.. I think it's an all time classic.. Absolutely in Overkill's top 5

When I read world war z and they played going south by iron maiden to attract the zombies so the snipers could pick em off it should of been this song by far

18 The Years of Decay

Best metal song ever, period. How is this so low?

As a huge metallica fan, this is the best ballad I have ever heard.

Why is this so low? It should be in the top 10 at least.

Amazing song, really should be in the top 10.

19 Struck Down
20 Black Daze Black Daze Cover Art
21 Thanx for Nothin' Thanx for Nothin' Cover Art

This is the song that made me pay attention to overkill. Surely this one is a top 10 thrasher.

Fast groove metal full of energy and skill

22 Blood Money Blood Money Cover Art

Killer riff and chorus

23 Evil Never Dies Evil Never Dies Cover Art

Should be much higher than 35th. The solo at the end was probably one of the greatest thrash metal solos of all time.

Their best song, hands down.

24 Mean, Green, Killing Machine Mean, Green, Killing Machine Cover Art

Why so low on the list this is one of their best songs

Okay everyone let's vote for this song.

So low for some reason

Should be number one

25 Feel the Fire Feel the Fire Cover Art

This is the best Overkill's song

Overkill has so many good songs their older stuff is the best ever

How the hell this song is not even in the top 5 it’s so good

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