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41 Thanx for Nothin'

Fast groove metal full of energy and skill

42 Overkill II (The Nightmare Continues)

Such a underrated song! One of the best song on one of the best album by overkill.

43 Save Yourself V 1 Comment
44 Spiritual Void

Sure I Hear Black isn't Overkill's best album, but this song is great. A hugely evil sounding riff that is infectious and a welcome change of pace.

45 Shred

Such a great song. Something about Blitz's vocals on this song are just addicting

46 Long Time Dying

Awesome track with heavy and groovy riff! "Long time Dying" and "It lives", are the two best tracks on the album!

Long Time Dying's awesome and Save Me is cool too.

47 Death Rider

Too bad this was never included on any of their studio albums

The best song Overkill ever made is this demo

48 Bats in the Belfry
49 Endless War
50 The Head and Heart
51 Mad Gone World
52 Powersurge V 1 Comment
53 In Vain
54 Devils in the Mist
55 Drunken Wisdom

Great song, beggin with acoustic and progress to a marvelous thrash

56 Birth of Tension

Can not believe this song wasn't on the list at all! Any song that starts out with double bass that badass should be in the top 10. Get it together Overkill fans!

This should be #1, at least in the Top 5, cannot belive it's only #45. Best Overkill song by miles.

Gustafson rocking it Hetfield-style. 7-8-string guitars? Pfft! This 6-string maestro never got the attention or recognition he deserved - but he did bank on Overkill's success over Mustaine's. Gustafson in Megadeth would have been incredible, so long as Mustaine let him run riot, which he wouldn't. 'The Years of Decay' is still their best album with their best line-up.

57 Genocya

Slow and heavy. The breakdown is amazing. A change of pace rare for metal bands.

58 Just Like You
59 It Lives
60 21st Century Man

Haha, good point DarkenedBrutality - there's a song 21st Century Man by Electric Light Orchestra. But it's not a big sin you know. - Metal_Treasure

I'm pretty sure they were lazy with the title in this song.

Blitz: So what should we name this song
(21st century schizoid man - King Crimson starts playing)
Blitz: That's it! 21st Century Schizoid Man! Wait, what if others think I made another lame cover like I did with Judas Priest's Tyrant? Oh, I know! I'll get rid of the Schizoid part, and call it "21st Century Man! " GENIUS!

He isn't a genius.

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