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21 Beautiful Times

One of Adam's best songs! The instrumental is creative and powerful, it fits the lyrics as they are very powerful as well. The melodies are catchy too. It begins as a sad, dark song, but ends up being his most optimistic song in my opinion. It's just a streak of light, a ray of hope which brightens your day and never fails to make you feel stronger!

So, so amazing. While I loved Good Time, this one just took me back to the feeling of Adam Young's older songs. It is just so nostalgic and beautiful. The instrumental by Lindsey Stirling just enhances the song with the rich and moving tune. While I love Fireflies just as much as any other Owl City fan, Beautiful Times takes my vote.

I'm gonna vote for Beautiful Times, because since there are many people suffering due to difficulty of life. These lyrics on this song got me: "We all suffer but we recover, just to discover life where we all are."

Such a touching Beautiful Song X..

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22 I'll Meet You There

This song is absolutely beautiful! How is it not at least in the top 10? This has been my favorite song by Owl City for 2 years now and I have heard over 40 of their songs and I'm also a HUGE overall Owl City fan! Beautiful lyrics and soothing: "We'll fill the metro skies with country air, and when you close your tired eyes I'll meet you there. "

Get voting. This is an amazing song, if you actually bother to listen to it. So get listening, realize the power of the song and get voting

23 Deer in the Headlights

Deer in the Headlights is upbeat and funny, unlike Owl City's other stuff. I don't understand how this could be ranked so low. Love this song! Fireflies is okay but I kind of get tired of it after awhile...

My favorite Owl City Song in "All things bright and beautiful", and maybe of all time. It's a really good song, very up beat, and sticks in your head like duct tape. Great song

I love this song it's probably the top best in all things bright and beautiful! Definitely upbeat and something everyone can listen too!


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24 Tidal Wave

This is worthy of at least top 5! Music and lyrics are awesome... touches your heart! Why not give it a twirl? Liking of this song may wash over you!

Owl City Relient K = Epic collaboration. This song's should be on the top 3. - jcross23

This song is so soothing, I love it

This is top 5! An excellent message of hope.

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25 Dementia

This IS the Best Song I have Ever Heard Of Owl City But Could not Find It even In Top 20... Truely this Song Deserve More Popularity And Should Be Counted In Top 10

This song toke over me and my heart beat slowed and there were tears coming from my eyes

I knew as soon as I herd this song it was my favorite, I believe that this should be in the top 10 for the nature of how powerful the melody mixed with the lyrics is.

This is my favorite owl city song.

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26 Fuzzy Blue Lights

I think its one of the best of owl city/? Because of the awesome lyrics

Must listen to this guys! WOW it's awwsome

Great melody and lyrics. I would rank this as 4th or 5th

Fuzzy Blue Lights speaks to me in such a beautiful way..

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27 Metropolis

This song is one of my favorites! I listen to it almost every single day!

My favourite on their new album

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28 Lonely Lullaby

Personally My favorite, its usual Owl City, but different; way better than Vanilla Twilight. Also it's not overly popular (wasn't even on this list when I looked)

Beautiful song.. I just have one question: Anne Mary, why did you have to leave Adam? Long distance is not hard if you have a guy as great as Adam, who's so worth waiting for...

One of my favorite songs from owl city... This song has great emotions behind it

So Heart wrenching a Beautiful song X..

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29 Umbrella Beach

I think this song proves that you can make your dreams come true. It is a very great song with awesome imaginations.

How come this song on 37 it should be at least in top 10?

Umbrella Beach may not be the best song, but it deserves to be at least in the top 15 songs. Can't stop listening.

I firmly believe this song to definitely be in the top 8 Owl City songs of all time.

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30 Meteor Shower

Short and sweet... Enough said. It's definitely Owl City's best song, if only it was longer...

I can't stop listening to this 2 min masterpiece.. Its amazing.. The lyrics are so sweet :)
Please don't let me go I desperately need you

I think this must be in the top 3 great music, and lyrics I listen for about 1 hour every day its awesome
Can any body tell why this is below owlcity rules and is my best

This song is simply incredible! The lyrics are incredibly heart-felt and emotional and the accompanying music is also very emotional and pretty and brings it together it together perfectly.

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31 The Technicolor Phase

The Technicolor Phase is brilliant, why is it only at 23?

This is true poetic art... If you really know you're Owl City, you would hear and feel the best quality here...

"If you cut me I suppose I would bleed the colors of the evening stars." One of the best if not THE best owl city lyric. I love this song so deeply.

I love Owl City, and so many of his songs, but this stands above the rest! It's a shame more people don't feel the same...

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32 Angels

This is a really amazing song, definitely one of my favorites. Really disappointed that it wasn't ranked higher than it is here.

This is my one of my favorite songs ever! I love angels so much it reminds me so much of... Me, how I'm always believing anything can happen, and how every one thinks I hallucinate but I don't think I do! I think there really are angels up there!

Angels is such a great song! Its lyrics are actually pretty deep and I personally think its underrated. Seriously, listen to this and you won't regret it. It basically talks about angels and things you think are there but can't see. Especially nice if you've lost someone close to you.

This is one of my favorite song! Go Owl City!

So underrated.

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33 The Bird and the Worm

Oh my god, this is really the most amazing song I have ever heard. I've loved it for like 3 years, it's never gotten old and the song has stuck with me the whole time. It's a song I listen to for every occasion, whether I was heartbroken, crushing, or just needed a good song to listen to. It is truly beautiful. My #1

This is my favorite one. It's a great feel good song with good lyrics

One of the most positive songs ever heard by me... Keep it up Adam

I can't believe I just discovered this. It is the new theme to my life. Very positive song. - ProPanda

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34 Air Traffic

this song should at least be in the Top 3, its really an inspirational song, great for new owl city members

This song is just beautifully written. I can't say I have a favorite Owl City song because they all just blow me away! The vocals are stunning and I just adore the music as a whole. I can visualize Air Traffic in my head every time I listen to it- love this enchanting song!

This song is so brilliant! You really have to listen to it. It's got a great core melody and beautiful music. Definitely one of my favorite songs of all times!

The beginning instrumental coming in and the ending harmony are so beautiful and majestic. So surreal beyond words. Adam, what would I do without you?

35 My Everything

This is such a touching song, I really love this.

"Hallelujah..My almighty God divine"So religious song..This is my favorite!

The best in album Mobile Orchestra!

The Best!

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36 Kamikaze

I'm surprised no one added this song, it is amazing, listen to it on YouTube some time. It is in Adams album all things bright and beautiful.

Love it! Like oh my God, Adam Young is really talented! This is the most amazing romantic song in the world!

Four Words:


Very different from conventional owl first I didn't like it. But when I liked, I listened to 4 hrs straight...very awesome

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37 In Christ Alone (I Stand)

A really good song. You will definitely love this song if you are a spiritual person! :D

Nice version... Warm... Not bash you over the head vocals...

A perfect song sung perfectly by the perfect band

Really good song,Adam young is the best! God bless you!

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38 The Tip of the Iceberg

My favorite song, excellent lyrics, wonderful music. I just don't understand why it isn't ranked higher.

This should be much higher because it's a great song!

I don't know why its under rated, it should be in top 10

Great song! I hope it can be my wedding song!

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39 This Isn't the End

This is the best by far if you have not herd it you need to this song should be number one. And it is also real not fake like some of his other songs. BEST SONG EVER SERIOUSLY!

This song is amazing and has to be one of his best songs yet, if not his best. I just don't understand how it's voted to low!

WHAT? IS? THIS? DOING? DOWN? HERE? HEllo?! Touching stories, lovely voice, awesome tune? COme ON people, this is top 10 stuff

If you want to consider yourself an Owl City fan, listening to this song is a MUST! Great storytelling, my favorite song by Owl City.

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40 Dreams Don't Turn to Dust

This is my favorite Owl City song! Love the lyrics, they tell you to follow your dreams and let your imagination fly! I could listen to it over, and over, and over again!

Please make it reach the top 5 slot. It's my 2nd most favorite song after fireflies,

This needs to at least be top 10

What the hell, this song must on 10 slots at least

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