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61 I Found Love I Found Love

This amzing song is about a person in the last few moments of his life. Such a great song. Sooo awesome and heavy lyrics. Makes me emotional every time it comes on. Deserves to be in the top 20!

62 Dear Vienna Dear Vienna

This song is the reason I put caution tape on my door! I can listen to this song for hours.

This song is beautiful, with a super catchy chorus

A definitely underrated song. The lyrics are very meaningful and the melody is catchy.

63 Speed of Love Speed of Love

Speed of love is such an energetic song, it puts you in a totally different mood and looks at love in a completely different perspective. Can't believe this is number 45! It has amazing lyrics and the catchiest music combined which is a rarity!

64 Shine Your Way Shine Your Way

How can this song be 65!
Please people you need to listen to this song
The best song ever
It's is so inspirational
I'm sure it should be in the top tens!

Amazing song gives you confidence

How can it be only 67? It's much better!

What a mess day! Before hearing this song

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65 Tokyo Tokyo

Come ON! This song is almost as good as Fireflies and good time, seriously! This deserves to be at least #10.

Adam made Japan sounds like fun! With sekai no owari's singing, this song rocks!

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66 Swimming In Miami Swimming In Miami

definitely the best, especially the take off the song is awesome and fantasy
strength is excellent in lyrics
and finally the oscillation of song is good

#57!?!?! Easily a top 3 Owl City song, and a staple at the top of all of my Owl City compilations for years! How can it be this low down!?

67 Up All Night Up All Night

One of the best. Those who listen to it even once would surely agree that it deserves a spot in top .

Awesome lyrics and Melody.

held down like an angel with no wings, I wanna fly again

My favorite song by owl city by far. The lyrics are so impacting and Adam sings them with heart. Totally deserves the #1 spot

How is it not in the top ten? It's beautiful, the lyrics are wonderful, and you'll love it once you listen to it

No..! What this song is down!? This is the best song from owl city..

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68 Sleepwalker

It is a great song, but how come it still at 95. In my opinion, I think Owl City don't have bad song.

69 Rugs From Me to You Rugs From Me to You

Oh common' guys! This is a mentally crazy song, full of puns, and it's really cheesy! But that's what Adam's about! That's why I really love this song. It reflects Adam's crazy personality!

As I said on Dental Care, punny is amazing and this song should be in the top 10. It's amazing, just wish it was longer.

70 Beautiful Mystery

The intro is literally amazing. My feet can never stand still when I hear it!

That techno mixed in at 20-40. its like a huge kick

It's A Great song I really love it

It has a nice intro...

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71 Super Honeymoon Super Honeymoon

Love this song, Its catchy and cute

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72 Hospital Flowers Hospital Flowers

The feeling in this one is great. Only him could search and sing about the positive things of being on a fatal car crash. Recommend this song, son.

73 Humbug Humbug

What a lovely and magical Christmas song, warms my heart each time I listen to it

Some call it too melodious, I call it heart warming and colorful in a colorless season.

..! This the best Christmas Song from Owl City. I think this song can be up in rank 20.

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74 Top of the World

It's amazing! Really makes me smile and feel happy!

It's a fantastic song. I can listen it life long

75 Captains and Cruise Ships Captains and Cruise Ships V 1 Comment
76 All About Us All About Us

A really good song! It lifts up your mood! Worth listening. Give it a try for sure!

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77 Kiss Me Babe, It's Christmas Time Kiss Me Babe, It's Christmas Time

One of the best love song I have ever heard...

Nice lyrics...

78 The Airway The Airway

Worst song of Owl City. I can't believe his brilliancy made this crap. - keyson

79 Designer Skyline Designer Skyline

OK, the sick beat is only part of the reason I love this song. The lyrics paint an amazing picture of building a city in your dreams. This is my #1 song. "You went from numbered lines to buildings over head."

80 Shy Violet V 2 Comments
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