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101 Middledistancerunner
102 Enchanted

It is a great song, and I mean come on, you've just got to feel for him; he sang this as a reply song to taylor swift's "enchanted" thinking about them getting together supposedly, and then she just goes and get's another boyfriend, probably breaking his heart. It surely has to be ranked a lot higher than this. Great song! P.S. aDAM ROCKS!

"I was enchanted to meet you"... Wow! I guess that pretty much sums it all up.

So damn beautiful... I was enchanted by hearing this song! One of my favorites...

Wow Seriously this songs needs to be in the top!

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103 Bombshell Blonde

This is LAST? Come on, this song's awesome! This should be in the top 15 at least.


Very different, very beautiful, powerful dance music, it is better than other singer's stupid songs with meanless lyrics, it is rocking

This song is very COOL!

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