Best Ozzy Osbourne Songs With Randy Rhoads


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1 Mr. Crowley

Mr Crowley has got awesome solos and of course it is for rockers - radi13

Randy wasn't just good, he was scary good. Someone like him, so special and unique of a player never lasts long. He was the best - TermonatorT888

2 Crazy Train

Obviously. Great riff. And everyone knows this song, whether they like it or not.

One of Ozzy Osbourne's best songs!

This song is the most known of Randy Rhoads' discography. - radi13

3 Diary of a Madman

It's not normal for most guitar players to play a solo that unique and amazing - Sabbath

Creepy beauty of a track! His second album is just as good as the first

4 Over the Mountain

The solos in this song are epic - Sabbath

Over the Mountain to me is slightly better than Diary of a Madman - Joshgbpack12

5 I Don't Know

This song was the beginning of a brilliant but shortened career tandem that still lives as strong today as when it was first played on the air, magnificent!

6 Suicide Solution

Amazing song and very powerful. - radi13

7 Flying High Again

Guitar solo is really awesome. It has the catchiness of a pop song but is still heavy and epic

8 Dee

This changed my guitar-playing life.

9 Tonight

Ok obsolutely you are going to say no but for me it is the most livable song that kicks my heart and singings. Also the final solo is awesome. - radi13

so catchy - SoldierOfFortune

10 Revelation (Mother Earth)

The Contenders

11 Goodbye to Romance
12 S.A.T.O.
13 You Can't Kill Rock and Roll
14 Believer
15 Steal Away (The Night)
16 Breakin' All the Rules

This was Zakk Wylde - Sabbath

17 No Bone Movies
18 Little Dolls
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1. Mr. Crowley
2. Diary of a Madman
3. Revelation (Mother Earth)
1. Mr. Crowley
2. Over the Mountain
3. Diary of a Madman
1. Crazy Train
2. Mr. Crowley
3. Over the Mountain

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