Best Pain of Salvation Songs

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1 Undertow

How was this not on the list? This song makes Remedy Lane the masterpiece it is. - IronSabbathPriest

2 Handful of Nothing
3 Iter Impius

Awesome song, epic text and live even better

Very good vocals. - zxm

My personal favourite Pain of Salvation song. And was my favourite song of all time for a while. - IronSabbathPriest

The best ballad by PoS, the guitar solo is just breathtaking n always good lyrics by PoS

4 Ashes
5 A Trace of Blood
6 Beyond the Pale

The best epic song by PoS, how can everyone here forget to add this song into the list? PoS has many great epic song, actually there's no single bad song by PoS, but I'll definitely opt for this song as the best song by PoS!

7 Sisters

Love this song.superb band

8 Rope Ends
9 Disco Queen
10 This Heart of Mine (I Pledge)

The Newcomers

? 1979
? Cribcaged

The Contenders

11 The Perfect Element

One of the best Progressive Metal Songs

12 Tell Me You Don't Know
13 People Passing By
14 America
15 Full Throttle Tribe
16 Flame to the Moth
17 Second Love

What a song! What a feel! Love this band..

18 Scarsick
19 Imago
20 Linoleum
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