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1 Junoon

No doubt they where the best sufi rock band of their time & they also gained international success by their unforgettable Music..

The only rockstars... I mean their lifestyle was rock n roll

Great band! Great Great!

South Asian number 1 band

2 Strings

You might not like them at the first time, but you would not be able to stop yourself listening to their songs over and over again, after you listen them a few times.

The best. Its not always that you love almost every song of a band

I loved them more than I love Imran Khan and Umar Sharif. The had a jeep and crap.

Strings is the best musician band of Pakistan

3 Jal

All songs of this band r really heart toching...sajni song dedicated to my love...SAM

No band are like jal... All songs of jal are very heart touching, especially songs sung by farhan saeed.

This band really fantastic and heart touching...

Jal the band is the best band ever I had in my entire life

4 Fuzon

Fuzon is special... Awesome music and terrific singing.. especially the first album! Super!

Best songs no other band had sung much hit songs

You will love the moment you hear it.


It is a unique band of all times!

I love it!


5 Vital Signs The Vital Signs were a Pakistan pop and rock band formed in Rawalpindi in 1986. Since their formation, they became Pakistan's first and most commercially successful as well as critically acclaimed act.

One of the major music group of Pakistan, you should check their tracks..!

By far the BEST musicians in my humble opinion. ever green songs!

He is the Best for ever vital signs

Deserves number 1 period.

6 Noori

The band are known for being one of the pioneers of the Pakistani rock music scene.

Noori is uncanny but you like it... Its got something special about it...

Noori is a great band number 1 band of Pakistan

Best Pakistani Rock Band

7 Call

Love their voice it real connects...

A Good rock Band with average qualities..

Call is the greatest rock band of Pakistan. Call and EP are the real rock bands. Other Pakistani bands are Rock Pop bands.

Call and ep are world best band ever

8 Entity Paradigm

Entity Paradigm Better known for their Live performances & different elements in music like (Rapcore) which was never made before in Pakistan, Anyway This Band tried good But they could be more Better Like Linkin Park..!

You must be kidding? EP on 8th?

EP should easily be number 1... Pioneering Band... What music and music videos at that time... Such music has never been created again in the Indian Subcontinent... I doubt there will ever be another band that can replicate what eP did! True Irtiqa in Hindi Rock and Metal

I Think EP Band Ko 1st par hona chahye

9 Roxen

Very good 1st album.. wish there were more from this band.. easily better than Junoon, Vital Signs etc...

Ultimate lead singer, and all members. god bless you

They are better than the other band with great vocalists and guitarists.

Roxen has the best vocal among all the bands

10 Nazia & Zoheb

They revolutionized pop music in Pakistan. You should check their songs and albums. They performed for a short time but reached the peak. They are ABBA of Pakistan

They were the best of their time. High class performers.

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11 Awaz

Awaz modernized the music and experimented new music when Vital Signs was all what you would hear. Awaz breathed fresh air in the music scene and their videos are unforgettable. The band was one of the very few bands who at that time used their music to raise their voice against corrupt politicians.

The band's skill at composing and producing was often overlooked and the focus was on their good looks, glossy videos, Overall Awaz is Average Band..

They gave us some of the most memorable songs like ae jawan

12 A-meet
13 Kaavish

Pure blend of semi classic & Folk genre in Modern Era..

soulful to the core

14 Mekaal Hasan Band

Classical Rock Band with Quality Music... Thumbs up to them!

15 Mafia
16 Soch

Sum songs are very goods

Ultimate lead singer and all band mamber... and your awari song is very nice song..

17 Qayaas

I think qayaas is the most rocking band in Pakistan

Among the new Bands, Qayaas is really good.. I see them going up the rankins as more people hear them...

Some songs r worth-listening

18 Karavan

Great songs

19 Raeth Band


Few song is very nice, wada,tum meri ho,aug,bholado etc

20 Aaroh
21 The Milestones

One of the leading bands of the 90s era. Produced some greatest unforgettable rock hits. Candy Pereira, Ali Tim and Zayad Gulzar were no doubt one of the best musicians of their time!

22 Beygairat Brigade
23 Sawal

Great sond mahro

24 The Sufis
25 Bumbu Sauce
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