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21 Junaid Jamshed Junaid Jamshed Junaid Jamshed Khan جنید جمشید was a Pakistani recording artist, television personality, fashion designer, occasional actor, singer-songwriter, preacher and televangelist.

Hey every one you all forget to mention a legend he was and is number 1

Best man of the world not only Pakistan

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22 Ali Asad Zaidi

He is one in a million. He would be soon one of the biggest popstar of Pakistan. Brace yourself cause asad is gonna rock the music industry and no one can stop him.

He's an amazing and versatile singer, just what our music industry needs.

He is a complete package, killer looks, so romantic voice, killer personality...

Very nice singer

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23 Uzair Jaswal

He is too cute and his voice is as sexy as himself!

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24 Rahim Shah

He is one of the most amazing singers of all time and should be more widely recognised as his voice and lyrics may even top Atif Aslam or at least is equal to him.
The guy is a natural singer, he sings about life today and is a great inspiration.

Raheem shah is the best singer in allz. My fvrt singer the one & only raheem shah.

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25 Bilal Khan V 2 Comments
26 Diljaan
27 Asim Azhar

His voice is such a charming one..

He's a great singer... a new talent with a different style of presenting his music!

Asim Azhar is a young voice and he is incredible

Asim azhar voice pesnality smile full asim are sososo sweet charming and lovely

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28 Shehzad Roy

I like shehzad Roy he had sweet voice and he is very handsome

You are a great singer. I like your songs very much..

Most handsome singer was the Shehzad Roy.

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29 Adnan Sami

People call atif aslam having a different voice but I think Adnan semi is the most different singing voice. No one ever has sung in his style. Atif sings in style that is the property of many western singers but Adnan is a really unique voice.

My favourite singer as well as favourite person.

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30 Alamgir

He enthralled his audience in London with his superb voice!

His pop songs give me different charms

Pakistan's legendary pop singer. He has been given sitar-e-imtiaz. He should be at least in the Top 5.

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31 Shafqat Ali Khan V 2 Comments
32 Abdul Rafay Khan

The youngest but very good singer, soon he'll on hit list

Your voice is awsme we don't ever thnk that there is a young best sngr just like you you r the best

My love, my rockstar, my life, one n only, the cutest boy in the world I hve ever seen. , love yew Rafay sooo much, n I'll be very thankful to you for being my best frnd

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33 Faiza Mujahid

Same ye and all the best

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34 Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi

I think no singer is better than attaullah

This man deserve to be in top 10! huge respect for him

Attaullah khan is the best singer of Pakistan

The best folk singer of Pakistan

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35 Bohemia

He is having the Best Talent even found in Hindi Speaking Artist. He songs are hardcore rap song. He is the one to introduce the Desi RAP.

He is the best singer and rapper of the world

He's the best.also better than atif aslam

Lord of rapper... Hat's of bOhEMiA

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36 Abrar-ul-Haq

Best punjabi singers and good diffrent singing style from odr singers

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37 Zayn Malik Zayn Malik

Zayn makes me so proud, he's pride of our nation

If his voice doesn't remind you of harmonising angels then what does?

He sings like an angel! He should be in the top 3 at least.

I think he's well then others and his voice is brilliant then others so I vote for Zayn Malik.

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38 Kamal Raja

He Is New Singer And His Singing style os just awesome..

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39 Goher Mumtaz V 2 Comments
40 Ghulam Ali

No one like ghulam ali. He is greatest singer

Iam from India. Ghulam Ali is an Amazing singer and the most unpredictable among all singers.

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