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41 Ghulam Ali

Can't believe he is #40. May be this generation did not grow up listening to Ghulam Ali. He is a heartthrob in India and he will continue to be. Many toppers in this list will be forgotten but Ghulam Ali is will stay in our heart forever.

No one like ghulam ali. He is greatest singer

He is also known as ghazzal king and he is pride of our nation

Iam from India. Ghulam Ali is an Amazing singer and the most unpredictable among all singers.

42 Billy-X

I love him and his voice is one of the best voice in this world his song ;baadshah; is my favourite

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43 Saien Zahoor Ahmed

He is the Greatest singer of modern era in the west.

Jeo saien zahoor. A top class singer in all over the world

44 Bilal Maqsood (Strings)
45 Nofel Izz

Nofel has a brilliant voice and is very talented. I think he is perhaps the best looking Pakistani singer I have seen. Good luck to you Nofel

Great voice and has sung with some top singers of India and Pakistan. But an amazing singer.

Soniyaa is the best song he has sung and his voice just melts my heart!

46 Faakhir Mehmood

Great singer and no work for India which is the best thing about him..

I think his number should be top 5

Best singer in the world

Love you Faakhir I think heis number should be in top 5

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47 Amanat Ali

One of the best singer in Pakistan

You are the best of world

He is a very good singer.

He is a outstanding sing er. v oice very good m assh ala.

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48 Asrar

Great singer with superb voice

Best in my opinion


good songs

49 Ahmed Rushdi

Nobody can match his versatility

The Voice of Waheed Murad. Of course he should at least in the top 5.

50 Taher Shah

Taher is the best singer. Just listen to his song, Eye To Eye.


51 Ali Haider
52 Yo Yo Honey Singh

He is good singer

You are very sweet and very black from ifra arshad

Please first comfirf he is singer

a looser

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53 Nazia Iqbal

You guys don't mention these talented singers. Shame on you.

The Best Singer Of Her Time

She has nice voice

54 Ali Gul Pir

It's a good singer beautiful

55 Taimur Shahid Malik
56 Haroon Mehmood

I love haroon songs

Mehmood is very good singer

57 Umair Jaswal

Number 1 singer love you

He is the best sisger... No one was their like him... His voice attitude everything perfect.. Love him

His voice is so deep and manly... And his screams are just woaahh

58 Fahad Sheikh

Beautiful song...intaha payar ki...Nyc music

59 Talha Anjum

Who the hell added him in this list? He is a rapper and can't even sing!

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60 Abdullah Zafar

He is very nicesinger he has vocal voice he is only 14 years old

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