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61 Zamad Baig

He was one of Pakistan idol contestant and he is good singer

One in a million voice. Matchless!

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62 Muhammad Shoaib

The most talented, cute, handsome singer all over the world is Muhammad SHOAIB!
No one can replace him.
He is the Best of BEST!
He Deserves to be in Top 20(in this list)

He is so pathetic and does NOT deserve any rank in this list. He is a drug addict and also alcoholic. He can not sing his own songs but only sings popular songs of Legends. he has a bad voice quality. He has a womanly voice. You are out of tune bad voice bad singer Shoaib

Shoaib is a best singer ever... and a good human being also

Young and most beautiful voice of shoaib... He is
Real winner...

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63 Sajid Abbas

He should be the Pakistan Idol instead of the existing. He'll do wonders. Such an Amazing singer

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64 Shaukat Ali

You are V. Good and also very sweet

65 Ali Noor (Noori)
66 Ahmed Jahanzeb
67 Shad Khan
68 Raju Kumar V 1 Comment
69 Imran Ali

He can be a top singer in coming day

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70 Abdullah Qurashi

He's a great singer!

71 Mughal 86
72 Nouman Khalid
73 Rose Mary

She's just perfect ;) the youngest Pakistani singer

She is a good singer

74 Bilawal Baloch
75 Bushra Ansari

She is good singers

76 Momina Duraid
77 Omer Nadeem

He is cute, handsome, smart, talented, best songs ever! Amazing voice and genuinely a true artist. Very humble and down to earth.

What rubbish... Omer Nadeem on 66... No he should be in top 10 at least. He is such a nice singer.

Omer is a nice singer having really very sweet voice.

He is having good voice but not so popular... I think if anyone will listen his Teri yaad, definitely become his fan...

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78 Nadeem Abbas

Your songs very nice nadeem abbas is good singer

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79 Shiraz Upal

He undoubtedly deserves the number 1 spot. He is underrated because unlike Atif and Rahat he has not yet sung for many Indian movies but he has an amazing voice and you can just tell that music is his passion.

80 Rachel Viccaji
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