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81 Mehwish Maqsood
82 Syed Sajid Abbas

He has sweet voice with classic touch. He was one of the contestant of Pakistan Idol who never got negative reviews.

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83 Waqas Ali

He is Real Pakistan idol

84 Zeeshan Haider
85 Omar Aftab Malik

Tomorrow belongs to you Umar. He is really true at heart and a friendly person. Not a fakebook. Has a very good voice.

A Very talanted singer belonging from Heart of Pakistan Lahore... His 1st singing performance was performed at the age of 5... Omar Aftab Malik One of the topr contestants in Pakistan Idol...
Omar Malik Also winner of Pakistan fm 103..." His years of practice and singing excellency has proved worthy of his talent to many peoples and singers...

86 Talhah Yunus V 2 Comments
87 Dj AASi
88 Nadeem Abbas

Your songs very nice nadeem abbas is good singer

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89 Faraz Makhdum
90 Saad Sultan

Sad sultan is hard work singer

91 Zoe Viccaji
92 Haris Ali Baig
93 Nouman Khan
94 Kuta Sing
95 Arbaz Khan V 2 Comments
96 Sana Zulfiqar
97 Adnan Dhool
98 Umar Aftab

He is a very friendly and pleasant personality. An awesome singer. He surely will have a lot of name in future.

99 Raqib Rock
100 Shehran Rasheed
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