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1 Candy

This is the song I listened with my girl for the last time :(

Listen to this on Radio 1's Live lounge...Un-Feckin-real how good it is.

Your Welcome,
Ear 'candy' giving stranger

2 Pencil Full of Lead
3 Last Request

It honestly should be higher. - Beatlesboy9

4 Iron Sky

Perfect song to make you wake up from your dreams... - lutfucan

Simply an amazing performance

Surprised to see this isn't only not number one but it hasn't even broken into the topten, this is easily his most brilliant song, one of the greatest tracks of recent years

Absolute platinum. One of my top picks for my most favourite song ever! supremely talented nutini

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5 New Shoes
6 Jenny Don't Be Hasty
7 10/10

Makes me happy and feel like I'm in the '50's

8 Growing Up Beside You

Paolo you are the best! Love your music...

9 Coming Up Easy

Beautiful and happy song from a great album. He deserves far more credit

10 Simple Things

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11 Rewind

This song is melancholic in terms of lyrics yet upbeat and is a great mix of both. Honestly a great song.

12 Tricks of the Trade
13 Alloway Grove
14 These Streets

I Was expecting this one to be in the first three with Candy and Growing Up Beside You (where it should be) - Beatlesboy9

15 Better Man

Brilliant song great vocals

16 No Other Way
17 Worried Man
18 High Hopes
19 Scream (Funk My Life Up)

The best song of caustic love

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1. Growing Up Beside You
2. Candy
3. Alloway Grove
1. Pencil Full of Lead
2. Last Request
3. Candy


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