Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door


This game never gets old and will always be one of my favorite video games. In fact mentioning might urge me into playing again. I see nothing wrong with this game other than the constant backtracking. I also kinda like Paper Mario 64 and Super Paper Mario as well. I didn't really like Paper Mario Sticker Star because it lacked a ton of things that actually made the series.

One of the very few times where I agree with number one. TTYD had everything that made the original game great, and so much more. The paper elements were much more incorporated, the setting was so much fun to explore, it was decently challenging and the secondary characters are amazing. Mario's partners have much more personality than in the first game, which helps you identify with them more, not to mention that the game in general was both heartfelt and funny.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door was the first Paper Mario game I played and it will always be my favorite game in the Paper Mario series as well as all the Mario RPGs. It has great gameplay, partners, chapters, and bosses. I will admit it does have a large amount of backtracking in some areas as well as some pointless sidequests. Paper Mario N64 will come second as it has some of the same elements which improved in TTYD. Third comes Super Paper Mario which has a rather crappy gameplay but has a great story and one of the most memorable non-Bowser villains of all time. And last and definitely least is Paper Mario: Sticker Star, that game is a piece of crap as nearly all the things that made a Paper Mario game were left out.

I don't see why people think this game sucks. I love it because of this new (at the time) battling system that has been improved from the first. Super Paper Mario was cool, but It honestly felt like any old mario bros game out there with a couple of TTYD mechanics out there. People say there's no story, but there is a great one. People just skip all the dialog and say there's no story whatsoever.

We are not forcing you to like this thing people. if anything, your forcing us to like super paper Mario. your shoving it down our throats! I like super paper Mario but this is my favorite paper Mario game! - HeavyDonkeyKong

This is, by far, the best Paper Mario game despite being nostalgic for the original. It had everything that was good about the first game and improved it, plus an awesome Yoshi partner that you can name yourself.

I've played all four instalments and hands down this will always be my favorite. Between the companions and the story line it takes the cake for the best paper Mario game.

This game took what made the first Paper Mario great and made it greater. I have always loved this game, and it has always deserved that love.

Lots of things to do on this game. gameplay was fantastic, just like the first one, but better. Super paper mario and paper mario sticker star just didn't have as much good anything.
I 100% agree with this list.

This list is dumb cause there are only 5 Paper Mario games, but yes, this is the best game. (However, I'm not one to hate on the newest games.)

I played the first one, it was a big part of my childhood, but recently, I've started playing TTYD, and I can say, it's better than everything out there. Before you play this, I recommend you play Paper Mario 64 first, as you'll already know about action commands. - noo7na7

Although it's kind of a carbon copy of the original, it improves on it in every way, and is one of the best games on the GC, and a terrific Nintendo Title. (Although it still falls short of the original original, Super Mario RPG)

The the game play is the best in the series and the chapter are the best Paper Mario has to give

Did you give me thumbs down for saying "At least it's not as bad as Paper Mario: Sticker Star"?! I cringe to the comment section of PhantomStrider's list of worst Mario games because of these fanboys of Paper Mario: Sticker Star. SERIOUSLY?! That game was bad which many people unexpected, so as my YouTube account which is Kieran Stark (I swear The Ultimate, I threatened these butthurt fans of Super Mario Sunshine (which I like) and Paper Mario: Sticker Star (which I don't see the appeal to as opposed to all of its predecessors).

I think its best because it has so much more to offer than the rest of the paper Mario games

Aside from backtracking in Chapter 4, I can't find any flaws

Only Paper Mario game with perfect graphics and the Shadow Queen is awesome.

This succeed the paper Mario series

I love how at the end it is revealed that professor Frankly is Doopliss (4th wolrd boss) and how Princess Peach is on the moon.

I would give a mixed reception to The Thousand Year Door. I wold say it deserves 3rd place because it's not as good as the original Paper Mario & Super Paper Mario.

I strongly hate that people prefer TTYD over Super Paper Mario, but The Thousand Year Door is perfect.

Sticker Star was bad, though.

Not only is this my favourite paper mario game. it's my favourite mario game. Probably because Sticker Star was TERRIBLE and Color Splash was OK. I wish that nintendo could make paper mario games like the first 2 with unique characters and locations and a partner system. I loved Super Paper Mario's story but the pixls weren't as good as the partners in this game.

People only seem to hate this game because of peach's voic, whihc doesn't effect the gameplay, the dialogue being confusing (its not) and the title, which does make sense! - HeavyDonkeyKong

I got this game back in 2006 it was my first paper mario game and I loved it! the storyline was almost close to an anime the partners wernt paint buckets in the battle mechanisms were actually good

The best paper Mario game ever along with paper Mario. Mermorbale charapters, charters, and more

So the old Mario games are bad? Don't get me wrong, I quite love Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door for the same reaosns as you all do, but how could I get thumbs down for saying that all the other Paper Mario games are better than Paper Mario: Sticker Star?! >:(