Best Parabelle Songs

The new band of former Evans Blue singer Kevin Matisyn.

The Top Ten

1 Blur Blur
2 Reassembling the Icons Reassembling the Icons
3 Don't Stop to Breathe Don't Stop to Breathe
4 Bend Bend
5 When the World Wakes Up When the World Wakes Up
6 A Drop In the Ocean A Drop In the Ocean
7 Stay Close Stay Close
8 On the Curve On the Curve
9 A Summit Borderline A Summit Borderline
10 This Life This Life

The Contenders

11 Tear the Blue Tear the Blue
12 Us (Walk Away) Us (Walk Away)
13 Made Of Made Of
14 Are You Alarmed? Are You Alarmed?
15 The Conversation Ends The Conversation Ends
16 Bother Bother
17 The Clocks The Clocks
18 Whisper Whisper
19 In the Shadows In the Shadows
20 Your Starry Eyes Your Starry Eyes
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