Best Paradise Lost Songs

What a musical metal archive they have...Excellence! So hard to chose only 10...

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1 Forever Failure Forever Failure

Great Song... A Ballad that reminds me of the Unforgiven by Metallica... Doom at its Best

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2 Last Regret Last Regret

I'm in love with this song. It's the best thing my ears ever heard.

3 Yearn for Change Yearn for Change

It's just one of the most energetic songs I've heard!
I wanna hear it again and again for a thousand timess!

4 Faith Divide Us, Death Unite Us Faith Divide Us, Death Unite Us

A song reminiscent of bands like tool, Alice in chains and opeth easily demonstrating paradise lost's skill and solidifying their place as a metal Titan

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5 Shades of God Shades of God
6 Hands of Reason Hands of Reason
7 Hallowed Land Hallowed Land V 1 Comment
8 As I Die As I Die

Really!? I can't believe this song isn't on the top 10... Doom at it's best.

9 The Last Time The Last Time

Great guitar riff and first song of there's I heard on a kerrang compilation album, just beats Forever Failure, just.

10 Gothic Gothic

One of please greatest tracks.

The Newcomers

? Embers Fire Embers Fire V 2 Comments
? True Belief True Belief

This is by far the best for me then comes embers fire. It's a shame enchantment is not even on a list right now.

Anger Mixed with soaring vocals and epic musical work... What a song!

Pure Magic!

The Contenders

11 Say Just Words Say Just Words

Excellent melodic metal song. In my opinion, a bit underrated.

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12 Isolate
13 Crucify Crucify

Their best so far. Such a powerful song, I can't get bored listening to it, and I have for a year.

14 Fallen Children Fallen Children

This is what their gothic sound means to me epic beginning, epic song - PsychoSandman33

Great dark feeling like I love from Paradise Lost one of my all time favorites

Absolutely brilliant! Nice gothic feel with the keys that I just love

I agree with the rest of these posts, one of the greatest gothic songs ever

15 Erased Erased

BEST of the best! Song should be at 1 - WardyS1

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16 No Hope In Sight No Hope In Sight

Probably my favorite song of this amazing band

17 I See Your Face I See Your Face
18 Lydia Lydia
19 Cruel One
20 Believe in Nothing
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