Best Paradise Lost Songs

What a musical metal archive they have...Excellence! So hard to chose only 10...

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1 Forever Failure

Great Song... A Ballad that reminds me of the Unforgiven by Metallica... Doom at its Best

A Beautiful Doom Ballad

Their best without doubt.

Very lyrical

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2 Last Regret

I'm in love with this song. It's the best thing my ears ever heard.


3 Yearn for Change

Best upbeat song on Draconian

It's just one of the most energetic songs I've heard!
I wanna hear it again and again for a thousand timess!

4 Embers Fire

This or forever failure. A toughy. This just edges it for me.

Top Three at least! Come on!

Very nice piece of doom.

5 Faith Divide Us, Death Unite Us

A song reminiscent of bands like tool, Alice in chains and opeth easily demonstrating paradise lost's skill and solidifying their place as a metal Titan

Best depressive song ever

The Best. This should be #1

6 Shades of God
7 Hands of Reason
8 True Belief

This is by far the best for me then comes embers fire. It's a shame enchantment is not even on a list right now.

Anger Mixed with soaring vocals and epic musical work... What a song!

Pure Magic!

9 Hallowed Land

Best track ever

10 Say Just Words

Excellent melodic metal song. In my opinion, a bit underrated.

I didn't know there were others.

I like it very much.

The Newcomers

? Beneath Broken Earth

The Contenders

11 As I Die

Really!? I can't believe this song isn't on the top 10... Doom at it's best.

12 No Hope In Sight

Probably my favorite song of this amazing band


13 Enchantment

Paradise at their BEST! Should be in their top3 - WardyS1

How has this not even voted for by anyone yet?!

The first & fantastic

14 Gothic

One of please greatest tracks.

15 The Last Time

Great guitar riff and first song of there's I heard on a kerrang compilation album, just beats Forever Failure, just.

16 Isolate
17 Erased

BEST of the best! Song should be at 1 - WardyS1


18 Crucify

Their best so far. Such a powerful song, I can't get bored listening to it, and I have for a year.

19 Fallen Children

This is what their gothic sound means to me epic beginning, epic song - PsychoSandman33

Great dark feeling like I love from Paradise Lost one of my all time favorites

Absolutely brilliant! Nice gothic feel with the keys that I just love

I agree with the rest of these posts, one of the greatest gothic songs ever

20 One Second
21 Lydia
22 I See Your Face
23 Pity the Sadness
24 Cruel One
25 Believe in Nothing
26 In This We Dwell
27 Tragic Idol

Great title song to an amazing new album it's a nice blend of headbangability and melody in the vocals

28 Solitary One
29 Shattered
30 To the Darkness

Oh God! Nick Holmes on a crusade mission destroying everything in his way!

31 No Celebration

Amazingly simple yet, one of the best vocal performance by Nick, also one of the catchiest.

32 Fear of Impending Hell

Great song from their Tragic Idol album! Excellent chorus that sticks in your head like glue. Absolute masterpiece

33 Honesty In Death

Honesty until the end, Honesty in death!
Amazing song.

34 Theories From Another World
35 No Forgiveness

By far their best song but not on that list?

36 Once Solemn

Killer song

37 Remembrance

One of the best - rattlehead21

38 Return to the Sun

I can't believe no one thought of this song...

39 Rotting Misery
40 Permanent Solutions
41 Falling Forever

First song I heard by them and scarily underrated! It has a nice rhythm and great headbanging material. Best song of their death metal days

Catchy riffs and cool vocals love the beat of the song perfecto headbang to yadadadada

42 Deus Misereatur
43 Ordinary Days
44 As Horizons End
45 The Painless
46 Never for the Damned
47 Poison
48 Elusive Cure

All three eequally great

49 Disappear

One of the most underrated paradise lost. That's where gothic meets doom

50 Mortals Watch the Day
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