Best Paradise Lost Songs

What a musical metal archive they have...Excellence! So hard to chose only 10...

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21 I See Your Face
22 Cruel One
23 One Second
24 Believe in Nothing
25 Tragic Idol

Great title song to an amazing new album it's a nice blend of headbangability and melody in the vocals

26 Pity the Sadness
27 To the Darkness

Oh God! Nick Holmes on a crusade mission destroying everything in his way!

28 No Celebration

Amazingly simple yet, one of the best vocal performance by Nick, also one of the catchiest.

29 Fear of Impending Hell

Great song from their Tragic Idol album! Excellent chorus that sticks in your head like glue. Absolute masterpiece

30 Solitary One
31 Shattered
32 Honesty In Death

Honesty until the end, Honesty in death!
Amazing song.

33 Theories From Another World
34 No Forgiveness

By far their best song but not on that list?

35 Remembrance

One of the best - rattlehead21

36 Return to the Sun

I can't believe no one thought of this song...

37 Rotting Misery
38 Permanent Solutions
39 Falling Forever

First song I heard by them and scarily underrated! It has a nice rhythm and great headbanging material. Best song of their death metal days

Catchy riffs and cool vocals love the beat of the song perfecto headbang to yadadadada

40 Deus Misereatur
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